Friday, February 5, 2010

GO RED Day, randomness, and procrastination before work

I still don't know what to think about my short(er) hair. It's so much lighter and it doesn't get all horrible and tangly like it did when it was longer...but I miss those extra 3 inches! My hair texture is super fine and gets tangled in giant knots and is tinged with random gray, but I still it. I just miss my hot mess longish hair...made me feel sexier. ;_;

My hair looks better today than it did yesterday -- I love the long layers and side-bangs!

With Flash -- Aaah, super thick glasses, I'm so blind -_-


Contrary to what Ms. Sharlene thinks, my skin is far from perfect! I don't wear foundation to work, just very basic -- eyeliner, brows, & lip gloss and I'm out the door! (~5 minutes) You can see I have redness on my cheeks and pores-o-plenty. :P I think the Cellnique has been helping, I haven't broken out since starting it. My period--which should be starting any minute now--will be true testament to its powers, LOL!

ISO setting

Work natural light

I was supposed to wear Red in support of the Fight against Heart Disease. It really is the #1 health threat out there for women. Unfortunately, I don't own a single piece of red clothing, so I wore the closest to it...bright pink. I'll be more prepared next year. But seriously, if there is a woman in your life that you love and care about dearly, please talk to her about the importance of living a heart healthy could save her life! (Or his life...even though this campaign is aimed at women, men are also very much at risk) If you yourself are over the age of 20 and haven't gotten your cholesterol levels drawn, please get checked ASAP! Prevention starts now for most if not all of us -- plus the better we feel inside, the more we can shine on the outside! :D

**Now more randomness**

Totally bummed this from one of my favorite sites, Hello Kitty has a freaky side!

I am a huuuuuge Sonic the Hedgehog fan. I was a SEGA girl growing up and ever since the first Sonic the Hedgehog, I was hooked! I stopped after all the 3-D stuff came out, but they used to call me the Sonic "whiz" in elementary school...haha. Soooo excited that it's coming out for download on the Xbox now! (I don't have one, but the bf does)

Can't wait!

Finally, YAY to who joined today! :) *blush*


DSK Steph said...

I think your hair is adorable! :) I've had short hair for a while now, and I used to dislike it but I think I save money on the shampoo! lol



glitteryeyesxx said...

You look so cute! Especially with those glasses on! I see that you have a white lab coat on...hmm, lemme conjure up a guess. Perchance, do you work in the pharmacy or hospital setting? I used to have to wear mine every day, and it was SUCH a hassle! Even if I did dress up, it would be covered in that ugly cotton thing!

Irene said...

@DSK Steph - Thanks! I'm still getting used to it, but I have to admit it is so much easier to manage! You definitely rock the short hair -- I don't think I've even seen a picture of you with longer hair?

@Glitteryeyesxx - Thank you! I hated my glasses for so long, but now I wear them 90% of the time. :) And yep...I am a pharmacist in the retail setting. If you ever want to know anything about retail, I'll be more than happy to give you the 411. :)

Jessica Mai : said...

I think your hair looks great!
Ive been wanting to cut my hair since summer, but I always chicken out.

I have super thick glasses too ><
I rarely wear them though, because I prefer to be seen in my contacts 8)

Its my second yr of uni, and Im planning to go into pharmacy too. Any advice for this little youngin'? LOL

btw, you have gained a follower:)
Jessica Mai

Irene said...

@Jessica - *big hug* thanks for joining hun! :) Thanks about the hair...I was kind of guilted into it by Mom (STILL at 26!!! Aiya...)

Good move for choosing pharmacy! I admit I don't know much at all about pharmacy in Canada -- you might be able to enlighten me on how different it is North of the US! I do know that stateside, it is a very rewarding career with many choices -- you can work in all types of settings. My best advice is to try your hand out by working at a pharmacy as an intern or a technician early - it will expose you and prepare you better for your career down the road and is great for networking ;)

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