Monday, April 26, 2010

Bridal shower LOTD, Dolly Wink SALE, Kit Kats +

What a busy weekend...went to my first bridal shower of the year! I felt a little shy since the only person I actually knew was the bride-to-be...but the girls there were very nice as was the family so it was a pleasant all around experience! No toilet-paper dresses were constructed, but we still had a good time and a few laughs. :)

Makeup was natural - just some MAC Shroom & Moth brown (all time favorite MAC color - so sad that it was LE!!!) on eyes. Also, Darkness Kma9 lashes and a light sweeping of bronzer.

Bridal shower Makeup

Bridal brunch table

Bridal brunch food

E.L.F. Products are now being sold at KROGER (a grocery store chain in the US) - that means more access to $1 products - not too many people know about this, so I'm sure the selection will be great. :) I saw makeup palettes there and TONS of brushes - so if you have had a hard time locating a Target that sells in-stock ELF brushes, check out your local Kroger! (I'm not sure if they are at ALL Kroger stores, but it was shocking enough for me to find them there at all!) They also stock the eyelashes.

*** is having a special promotion on Koji products - INCLUDING DOLLY WINK!!! All Dolly Wink products are 10% off - they currently have a decent stock of the products (lots of the lower lashes), the case, glue, and liquid eyeliner pen!

If you really want to try Dolly Wink, this is most likely the cheapest place you will find it on the web!!!

Promotion ends April 30th so hop to it to take advantage of some savings!


I finally was able to try the Sakura Matcha Kit Kat sent to me by the infinitely kind Sophia!

Japanese Kit Kats

Matcha Sakura

Matcha Kit Kat

Inside Matcha Kit Kat

OH MY GOODNESS...this had to have been seriously the best Kit Kat I have ever tasted in my life! (Not saying much - I've had the milk & white chocolate Kit Kats of the states to!)

The WHITE chocolate is imbued with delicious & sweet matcha green tea flavor! The "sakura" part is actually a tiny hint of cherry flavoring. The wafer inside is thin, delicate, crispy and sweet. My mouth was craving more! Seriously, why can't Nestle be more creative here in the states???

*wistful sigh*


for Adeline, Eve, kmm0607, ko0ty, Crissy, & Kaylena


Last but definitely not least, Ann from The Real Deal Reviews is having a lovely giveaway - the winner will receive 2 MAC lippies! (ANY 2!)

Fabulous giveaway


Have a great week! Look out for more reviews soon! ^_^


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Review: Maybelline Colossal Mascara Review (diamonds) and Sinful Colors Purple Diamond Polish +

Happy Saturday everybody! :)

Thought I would share my thoughts on a few products that I have been meaning to review for awhile. :)


First, Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Mascara - This one in particular is Limited Edition and includes "diamond sparkle"!
With the included $1 coupon, it was about $6-7 after tax

Maybelline Colossal Diamonds

I usually prefer falsies over mascara most days, but this looked like a fun one to try out (diamonds? sparkle? I'm there!) plus Maybelline is pretty well known for their mascaras.

First, I had to use the usual tools


Revlon Colorstay eyeliner (for lining and "tightlining"), Sonia Kashuk lash brush and separator, Shiseido The Makeup eyelash primer, Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express mascara, Shiseido lash curler


Here is the brush with and without flash

You can see hints of *sparkle* without flash
Maybelline Colossal brush

And you can *definitely* see the sparkle with flash!
Maybelline Colossal Diamonds brush flash

My naked eyes w/o mascara
Naked eye

And after 1, 2, & 3 coats!

Maybelline Colossal Diamonds coats

Side profile
...You can really see the sparkle up close...
Maybelline Colossal Diamonds side view

Finally, a comparison
Maybelline Colossal Diamonds comparison

Being a volumizing mascara, the formula is quite thick. My lashes, however, are kind of thin & sparse so it's hard to build volume without getting too clumpy or spidery! I had to give my eyelash brush a workout between coats otherwise I would have ended up with a big clumpy mess! :( You can still tell it makes a difference though AND it held a curl for well over 6 hours!

Overall, I felt like the mascara was OK - definitely not HG material. The formula might have been a bit dry since my lashes felt kind of stiff. The sparkle? Well. Unless people are standing THISCLOSE to your face, it really wasn't all that noticeable. People even might think you have lash-druff if they didn't know any better LOL!

Pros: Cheap, big fat brush, holds a curl well, builds volume/length easily
Cons: Requires lots of combing/separating, a bit drying, sparkle is barely noticeable, time consuming process.

Rating: (3/5)


2nd Review is Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish in PURPLE DIAMOND. Purchased at Walgreens for $1.50!

Here it is in natural lighting
Purple diamond natural

And with/without flash
Sinful colors purple diamond

I really don't think pictures do it justice. You have to see it glimmering & shimmering in person to really appreciate how pretty the polish is! It really feels like I am wearing diamonds on my nails! The glitter is superfine and catches the light in the prettiest way - I couldn't stop admiring my nails lol!

It's pretty, princess-y and subtle enough to wear at work - or anywhere for that matter! The perfect pastel-y spring-time color!

The pigmentation in this whole line is so-so, it really depends on the color you purchase. (The Neons apparently don't have any color payoff though they look nice in the bottle) I'm a bigger fan of more subtle colors, so this line works well for me. No problems with chipping yet, usually with a good top coat, this polish will last for weeks!

Pros: Smooth application, gorgeous shimmer/sparkle, CHEAP, lasts at least a week
Cons: Pigmentation isn't like the bottle color, requires around 3 thin coats for the best results, careful with the brush (picks up a lot of polish at a time and can be goopy if you don't wipe the excess off!)

Rating: (4/5)


Katie Ngo's Giveaway(s)!!!

Finally, the lovely Katie Ngo is having an AWESOME giveaway with not only one, but TWO winners! This includes either the items below OR a $40 MAC giftcard!

Maybelline Colossal Diamonds

Also thought I would try out this headband from my aunt. Initially, I secretly thought it was kinda fug - but after trying it on, I really like it!




Had the best BEST catfish I have ever had in my life!!! This Vietnamese place in Dallas is DELICIOUS ~ their signature dish is catfish - surprisingly, not even a hint of fishiness - super fresh and sooooo tasty!

You take fresh veggies...

Fresh veggies

...Add them to DIY Spring rolls + special fish sauce...


And then pile on tender, flaky, delicious pieces of fish, green onions, and fried shallots


The Vietnamese style "Fish Taco" lol


Lots of blogger love for Marissa, luckyfinds, Surge, Edwina, Sassy J'adore, Amasiah, & Cornelio!

Have a great weekend, enjoy the fresh spring air (smells like grass and flowers outside!) & stay safe!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Photoshoot + love!

Hi beauties! Just thought I would share some pics from a previous photoshoot with Christine Chang aka CC of Christine Chang Photography!

I absolutely LOVE her work - she does lots and lots of weddings & events and shot everything from rich kiddies b-day parties to Nick Lachey's Halloween party this past year! (Lucky girl! Always rubbing shoulders with the stars hehe) She also shot my sister's wedding in Boston last June ~ the pictures turned out so beautifully that I asked if she would partake in a mini-session with me during my trip out to LA this past October. Lucky for me, she obliged. :)

Leopard couch 2

I had never done a photoshoot before and had absolutely no idea what to expect. CC told me to pick a few outfits out and we both decided what would work best the day of the actual shoot.

At first it felt kind of awkward...actually really awkward. I am definitely not a natural, so it took some time to 'warm up'

Leopard couch


After awhile it got much easier. I also found that props helped a lot because it got my mind off of the task at hand. Not only props, but familiar props - such as my computer, Diary, and most of all, my beloved stuffed Eeyore. I felt most comfortable with these things and I think it shows in the pictures!



Domo eye


My favorite set was the "princess" set - of course haha. I like the bright pops of color and overall surprise there. :D The banner for my blog came from this set!

Hello kitty

Glam kitty


Diary 2

It was interesting to move from the cozy indoors to the vast outdoors - it made me a bit anxious to start shooting outside in plain view of complete strangers, but CC kept cracking me up the whole time which made things much MUCH easier...



The whole process took about 3 hours including outfit/makeup changes and getting set up. However, it felt like it was over much quicker!

Colorful wall

CC is truly an amazing, friendly and super talented person - although I was totally and shy, she helped me ease up and relax which made the overall experience enjoyable and FUN!


I think every girl should have the opportunity to star in her very own photoshoot. I'm quite familiar with taking pictures of myself for reviews and am pretty picky when it comes to selecting ones for viewing. From that perspective, it was difficult to relinquish control of the camera's eye and trust that the photographer wouldn't enhance my flaws, capture my double chin, or present me as unattractive in any way!

After the proofs came out, I'll admit I wasn't 100% happy with what seemed like a ton of the pictures - however, like any pics, there are going to be duds! The great thing about the photoshoot was that there were some pics that I absolutely LOVED - which is a very rare thing. :D

So yes, if you know a friend with a great camera (it seems like a lot of lovely ladies on blogger own pretty sweet cameras!) or any digital camera for that matter - go out, enjoy the nice weather, and have an inspired Spring photoshoot! :D It'll be fun to showcase your current sense of style in clothing/hair/makeup and explore your own city as you scour for good locations. Who knows, you might end up with a pretty new profile pic for blogger/fb/ms etc. and some great memories!


Since I have been busy with dealing with the mess in my room that is this (Spring cleaning mega closet wipeout extravaganza!), I haven't been able to dig out some of my products for reviews!!! :(


However, this Thursday, look forward to my first review in awhile :D I think I will have extracted the necessary objects by that point!


A MILLION HUGS TO SOPHIA for the sweetest and most random surprise ever!!! I haven't devoured the kit kats yet since I am waiting to share with boyfriend & sisters, but SOON.

Kit Kat milk coffee

Kit Kat Sakura Matcha

I loved the note so much too on the hilarious engrishy stationary!

Sophia love


Muchos Besos to Penelope, icitea, Vernz, Me, Mimi, Makeup&more, Christina, Tann, xiong-c, Iyah, Andrea, Ria, Samy, Daya, fionaa, kshuttle, Kat, dovile, mitchteryosa, sugar princess, i luv contests and more, mommy rubz, Zoe, joanne, Me7a, Beka, and Jo Tee!!! Spoiled yet again. *^_^*

Almost the weekend = Excited!!!!!!!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

NorthPark Mall hauls, Shiseido, tokidoki, gelato +

*Very Pic Heavy Post!*

*~Happy Friday!~*

North Park Mall

To celebrate a day off after and in anticipation of a busy work week, Darren and I spent some quality time together -- at the mall. :) It was actually a joint trip since we were also on the hunt for a pair of good frames for his much needed eyewear update...(unsuccessful T_T)

NorthPark is a higher-end mall in Dallas. Lots of new shops opened up in the past few years to attract a younger crowd so basically it has something for everybody now!


~ Food court has a nice airy feel ~

North Park Food Court

I don't understand why they have CACTUS Gardens everywhere. Seems so dangerous!!! Darren thinks they are real. :(

Cactus garden

I actually like this cactus - pretty & pink!

Pink petite cactus


Paciugo gelato

I like Fruity flavors more than milky flavors ♥

Paciugo gelato flavors

Flavors: Papaya (Creamy & Smooth), Pineapple (Refreshing & Tart), Orange Grand Marnier (YUM)

Paciugo gelato sorbet




I started off my journey at the Shiseido counter at Macy's they were advertising for their bi-annual gift with purchase (GWP)! With the purchase of 2 items (one being a skin care treatment product) you get a free bag with 5 additional skincare samples tailored to your specific skin type!

Free skincare gift

The lady at the counter, Yujin, was super sweet - unlike many other sales ladies, she WASN'T pushy and was attentive & super thorough. She even took out this crazy machine to test my "skin-type" -- which surprisingly was healthy and not super dehydrated as I had suspected it to be -- I just have some redness in my cheeks that has been present since I was young:

Skin machine

Here she is with the skin-scanner pretending to Kareoke lol!

Shiseido MUA Yujin

After talking about skincare for awhile, she mentioned that she had worked for SK-II for a a few years, but has worked for Shiseido for more than 14 years - she really trusts their products as the line has been around since it was started by a Japanese Pharmacist in 1872! :D

Total haul: 2 items + Free Gift with Purchase
  • White Lucent Brightening & Moisturizing gel (for nighttime use)
  • My STAPLE - 34 Sun Compact Protection Foundation refill
Shiseido haul




I wanted the Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar, but decided against it last minute. I'm going to try to use up some of my regular lotions before trying out the solid type. Also, I was disappointed in being able to select things in person while inside of the store -- if you're ever trying to decide on products here based on smell, GOOD LUCK as the store is overwhelmingly saturated in one big scent! (they need more coffee beans)

Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar

Still went with the two other purchases, but was able to get one as a free sample!

T for Toes

Total haul: 1 item + Free Sample
  • T for Toes - Dusting powder
  • Free sample of Fresh Farmacy Cleanser




I remember tokidoki did a special collaboration with Smashbox awhile ago...didn't know they came back recently with a NEW LINE altogether until I heard a few other blogettes raving about it!

Tokidoki display header

Everything comes in a dizzying array of colors & of course, *adorable* packaging

Tokidoki display

Tokidoki display angle

I especially the design of the lipglosses. Very unique, sturdy & CUTE. This one is called "Strawberry Latte" and smells of strawberry syrup.

Tokidoki lipgloss

The top of each lipgloss comes with a cute character topper suspended in liquid and showered in sparkly cutout confetti

Tokidoki snowglobe lipgloss

The applicator wand is unconventional - a flexible silicone paddle-wand replaces the standard brush or sponge applicator

Tokidoki lipgloss applicator wand

The packaging was so darn cute but all the gloss colors are designed to be sheer - since I'm not a gloss person to begin with, it can go on hold for awhile. :) I regret not at least testing it out, but I already was making a big enough dent in my wallet...

Instead, I opted for something I would use more often. The Tokidoki Luminosa Powder in "Kabuki" was calling my name! Kabuki is a pretty, buildable, subtle highlighter. It was very much an impulse buy and probably a product that is easily 'dupable' - but alas, it was on sale!

Tokidoki luminosa powder in Kabuki
Anybody notice that the design in stores is slightly different than one featured on the website?

Sephora Brand

Sephora ColorPlay sign

One thing I wasn't expecting to purchase was the Sephora Collection Color Play 5-in-1 palette - a large sign caught my eye in the front of the store and the display looked so pretty - the color selection was ginormous!

Image from

What got me though was the POP OUT PALETTE design...unlike the Coastal Scents 88 palette (which I own but would never dream of traveling with) - the individual 'sets' of shadows/blush/liner pop out of the case and fit snuggly in a travel-sized case with mirror:

I love the fact that each set of 10 eyeshadows, blush & 2 lippies has a "story"

- Dinner in Paris: Grays and blacks
-Coffee in New York: Browns
-Shopping in Milan: Purples and pinks
-Tango in Buenos Aires: Blues and greens
-Clubbing in Tokyo: Baby blues, pinks, and yellows

Novelty aside, when the MUA applied some of the shadows to my skin, the results were actually impressive! The trick to these shadows is using a good primer - we used Urban Decay Primer Potion! The shadows she applied were pigmented, buttery smooth, and all around gorgeous! I know people have complained about the quality of the Sephora palettes in the past - but I was thoroughly impressed with the eyeshadow quality! (The blushes are more sheer and kind of hit-or-miss)

Sephora Colorplay sample

Sephora Collection Color Play palette

Total haul: 4 items @ 15% off
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion (I know it's 30% off F&F, but instant gratification + no shipping)
  • Korres Lip Saver - 3 for the price of 2! (Guava, Mango, Pomegranate)
  • Tokidoki Luminosa Powder in Kabuki
  • Sephora Color Play 5-in-1
Sephora haul

Maul haul 2


I am officially putting a hold on any further self-indulgent purchases (on behalf of myself and my super selfless boyfriend) until May!!! XD


More to Lisa Cristina & Wendycakes!


For some reason I am craving gummy bears. :P Have a great Friday! :)