Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Photoshoot + love!

Hi beauties! Just thought I would share some pics from a previous photoshoot with Christine Chang aka CC of Christine Chang Photography!

I absolutely LOVE her work - she does lots and lots of weddings & events and shot everything from rich kiddies b-day parties to Nick Lachey's Halloween party this past year! (Lucky girl! Always rubbing shoulders with the stars hehe) She also shot my sister's wedding in Boston last June ~ the pictures turned out so beautifully that I asked if she would partake in a mini-session with me during my trip out to LA this past October. Lucky for me, she obliged. :)

Leopard couch 2

I had never done a photoshoot before and had absolutely no idea what to expect. CC told me to pick a few outfits out and we both decided what would work best the day of the actual shoot.

At first it felt kind of awkward...actually really awkward. I am definitely not a natural, so it took some time to 'warm up'

Leopard couch


After awhile it got much easier. I also found that props helped a lot because it got my mind off of the task at hand. Not only props, but familiar props - such as my computer, Diary, and most of all, my beloved stuffed Eeyore. I felt most comfortable with these things and I think it shows in the pictures!



Domo eye


My favorite set was the "princess" set - of course haha. I like the bright pops of color and overall girly-ness...no surprise there. :D The banner for my blog came from this set!

Hello kitty

Glam kitty


Diary 2

It was interesting to move from the cozy indoors to the vast outdoors - it made me a bit anxious to start shooting outside in plain view of complete strangers, but CC kept cracking me up the whole time which made things much MUCH easier...



The whole process took about 3 hours including outfit/makeup changes and getting set up. However, it felt like it was over much quicker!

Colorful wall

CC is truly an amazing, friendly and super talented person - although I was totally and shy, she helped me ease up and relax which made the overall experience enjoyable and FUN!


I think every girl should have the opportunity to star in her very own photoshoot. I'm quite familiar with taking pictures of myself for reviews and am pretty picky when it comes to selecting ones for viewing. From that perspective, it was difficult to relinquish control of the camera's eye and trust that the photographer wouldn't enhance my flaws, capture my double chin, or present me as unattractive in any way!

After the proofs came out, I'll admit I wasn't 100% happy with what seemed like a ton of the pictures - however, like any pics, there are going to be duds! The great thing about the photoshoot was that there were some pics that I absolutely LOVED - which is a very rare thing. :D

So yes, if you know a friend with a great camera (it seems like a lot of lovely ladies on blogger own pretty sweet cameras!) or any digital camera for that matter - go out, enjoy the nice weather, and have an inspired Spring photoshoot! :D It'll be fun to showcase your current sense of style in clothing/hair/makeup and explore your own city as you scour for good locations. Who knows, you might end up with a pretty new profile pic for blogger/fb/ms etc. and some great memories!


Since I have been busy with dealing with the mess in my room that is this (Spring cleaning mega closet wipeout extravaganza!), I haven't been able to dig out some of my products for reviews!!! :(


However, this Thursday, look forward to my first review in awhile :D I think I will have extracted the necessary objects by that point!


A MILLION HUGS TO SOPHIA for the sweetest and most random surprise ever!!! I haven't devoured the kit kats yet since I am waiting to share with boyfriend & sisters, but SOON.

Kit Kat milk coffee

Kit Kat Sakura Matcha

I loved the note so much too on the hilarious engrishy stationary!

Sophia love


Muchos Besos to Penelope, icitea, Vernz, Me, Mimi, Makeup&more, Christina, Tann, xiong-c, Iyah, Andrea, Ria, Samy, Daya, fionaa, kshuttle, Kat, dovile, mitchteryosa, sugar princess, i luv contests and more, mommy rubz, Zoe, joanne, Me7a, Beka, and Jo Tee!!! Spoiled yet again. *^_^*

Almost the weekend = Excited!!!!!!!



Sharlene Kay said...

love ur photoshoot! Your stuffed animal collection is too cute and You are so gorgeouss=)
Spring cleaning already? There are a bunch of clothes I need to donate to goodwill, but I just cant part with em lol Good luck!

<33 Sharlene

sophia said...

Whoa so cool thanks for sharing those pics Irene!! The photos came out awesome!! I especially like the last few. I love your eyes! They almost look like a marble grey! And OMG you have a pink laptop!! Who makes it?

And how neat that your sister's wedding was in Boston. I'm going there in May for 10 days!

Christina said...

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Jen said...

cuuuute! love the pink+purple of your header. you should do more shoots in the future. They are lots of fun. ^.^

Rachel said...

you look so amazing in all of the pictures! lucky you got a personal shoot and made the best of it, for sure! :)

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Wow I love the photos. Esp the one of you lying in the grass and the pic used for your banner. I like how they aren't typical Asian glamour shots where thy Photoshop the crap outta the pics and you end up looking not like yourself at all.

Susie said...

So cute! You have so many cute plush toys! I love the giant Domo :D You look gorgeous in all of them! You've got lots of clothes :O & those Kit Kats look so yummy!

Susie said...

Oh! & the blending brush I use is is from Studio Tools? I think I picked it up at Target & it just said blending brush on it, aha. It works really well though =)

DSK said...

The photoshoots look like so much fun! lol@spring cleaning..I'm trying to tackle that. PS. I LOVE JOSH GROBAN!

naturalnchicmakeup said...

Just stumbled onto your blog. What a cute photoshoot. The photographer did a great job of capturing you. Thanks for sharing.

LittoMokaa said...

You are drop dead gorgeous in your pictures! Whoaaa! :D And omg those kit kat looks so good!! ;D

Angelique said...

Beautiful photo shoot! I would be too awkward if I ever did a shoot. haha

glitteryeyesxx said...

You look so pretty & natural in your photos! If you hadn't told us how you felt awkward, I WOULD HAVE NEVER even known. You're definitely photogenic. Love your smile, hun =)

Oh, and your closet looks just like my mess, hahaha. I haven't done my Spring cleaning. I just kinda pushed aside all of my clothes to one corner of my room, to make way for the NEW clothes. Not such a bright idea, because now there's mini-mountains everywhere in my room. Lol, I've been tripping over things, left and right. Good luck with your cleaning! :]

Miss♥Nikka said...

Lovely pictures!..all of them! The plushies..soo cute and i want your DOMO! haha.

I was just spring cleaning 2 weeks ago and i made such a big mess and i had to kick out my boyfriend from the closet we share. I have too much clothes. He was sweet enough to let me take over..but i miss my own room and my own closet..just having my own space.

sunniipinky said...

You look so gorgeous in all of your photos, Irene! :) But I agree with you, I like the "princess" set the most too. ^___^

Definitely show eki some support! She's so super sweet all the time...just remember to grab them quickly, she sells out SO fast. xD I'm always telling her I missed her update by 2 hours and everything I wanted was sold out!

Andy Lau, been around for so long but still so super hot in my opinion! Hahaha. Strange since he's 48, but he has just that charisma where girls from 10 to 80 would probably fall for, hehe.

- susy - said...

I agree with Jen, do more shoots in the future!! I absolutely adore your princess set. It looks as though you had the most fun doing that one. Love love love that compact you're holding, it takes me back to my childhood <3

Also, Sophia is a TOTAL sweetie. Strange how she and I are living in the same city but have never run into each yet.. yet we know mutual people! Hhahahaha one day, one day...

Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures girl! You look super happy and I love pictures that are filled with great big smiles (:

--->aaah the spring cleaning...I don't even want to bring out my clothes from my closet LOL but I was good this year and made sure to have everything organized!

keke loving the song as well ^_^

Serena said...

The photoshoot looked like it was a lot of fun. It doesn't even look like you were nervous.

The pictures of you holding Eeyore above you is so cute.
And you do look very princess-y in your "princess" set.

That is some crazy Spring cleaning. I can't even see the top of your bed. {*LOL} I think the number of items on your bed are the number of items I have in my entire closet. How big was your wardrobe before you started spring cleaning?! You must have a crazy amount of clothing.

KIT KATs!! What flavor is the one with the green? is that Matcha?! OoOooOO!! Nice.

<3 Serena.

Yumeko said...

u look totally FAB!

Rachel said...

Those photos are so beutiful!! Love the ones with Eeyore ^.^ Super cute! I love teddies he he that eeyore is adorable! =)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Irene, you made me laugh when you mentioned loading up on seafood. Totally reminded me of my crazy dad and his hogging of the king crab legs....hahaha! XD

And seriously, could you be any cuter?! Not to mention naturally photogenic. =D So now we know where your awesomely cute banner comes from!

Engrish and Japanese Kit Kats. Can't beat it! ;)

Pop Champagne said...

aww you have a very lovely smile. You're so cute! hehe I agree with you every girl should participate in a photoshoot at least once in their life! it's super fun :D and yummm love all the exotic kit kats

DiWiMakeup said...

Amazing pictures! You look stunning. Hooray for kitkats =D I was actually craving them today.

xo, Diana

Jessica Mai : said...

You are too Cauuute!

I love all the photos. My personal fav is the laying on the grass, and the princess set. :)

Though Im mojor cam whore, I have never gotten my picture taken professionally(aside from awkward school photos) hahaa

mmm Kit-Kat...droooools!

Sassy J'adore said...

Hey girl,

I just came across your blog.

Fabulous and fun photoshoot you had. You look pretty and cute in the photos. =)

Great blog!!! I'll be following. =)

tina said...

you're a natural with the camera. Love the photoshoot and the stuff animal is so cute..

I heard much good thing about the Mary Kay MU eye remover but never tried it. How do you like it? Does it work pretty well?

Shop N' Chomp said...

Hey babe! I bought my sunnies at Nordstrom. Hope you have a fab weekend!! =D

glitteryeyesxx said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments! Not only are you beautiful on the outside, but you are just as lovely on the inside as well! =)

Caroline :] said...

I TOTALLY know what you're talking about when you say that it can be awkward...very awkward! haha so SO true. When my bf bought his dslr, he was taking pics of the places we went to just for fun, and then he turned to me and told me he wanted to take some photos of me too, but I felt SO weird and awkward! Posing for someone or trying to 'act natural' in front of a photographer is definitely NOT the same as camerawhoring by yourself or asking someone to snap a quick photo of you and a friend on a point+shoot! The are 2 TOTALLY different thing! Well, for me at least, and I guess for you, too, in the beginning of your shoot! hehe I'd need a TON of warming up if I ever have my own shoot. lol xD

But it appears that by the middle of your shoot, you're a complete natural!! My favorites include the photo of you on the bed with all your stuffed buddies and the one where you look as though you're pondering what to write in your diary. But OH MY GOODNESS...I am absolutely ENAMORED with the one of you against the blue brick wall and the one where you're lying on the grass. YOUR EYES!!!! They just really POP OUT like no other! WHOA!! SOO SOO PRETTY!!<33 haha I bet you're sick of me trying to tell you how pretty I think your eyes are, but I can't help it esp. when I see them in these pics! I love how the eyeliner really helps to bring out and emphasize your gorgeous brown eyes! You are BEAUTIFUL, Irene--just like a doll (really! esp. in the last 2 pics)!! hehe ^__^

♥ caroline