Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kim Kardashian-esque look - light edition

Happy September everybody! The last month or so has been a whirlwind of uncertainty, job changes, and LIFE getting in the way of everything...

Despite all the turmoil, it really does feel like God has been watching over me - I feel so blessed & very lucky. It feels like another chapter is opening in my life and I am just brimming with anxiety and excitement!

I am glad to be back - so much to catch up on! I missed the blogging community, but I can't reiterate how difficult it is to jump back into things after a period of (my self-inflicted) blog famine.


After a good week or so of junk television, I have concluded that Kim Kardashian (and by extension, her full-blooded sisters & Mother) wears too much makeup. She looks fabulous - a sex Bob-bomb! but she also looks equally, if not more, gorgeous without.

I decided to do a "lite" version of her look...smoky & smoldering purples, charcoals and pinks with a light lip and false lashes.

I used my favorite NYX Caribbean Collection palette in "I dream of Barbados" - these colors are smooth and pigmented with some gentle non-overpowering shimmer. Also, be pretty with a clean conscience as all NYX products do not test on animals! :)

One of the keys to Kim's look is a strong, sculpted brow. One of my favorite brow pencils is N.Y.C. - the kind you can pick up at just about any drugstore for ~99 cents. They come in tons of shades - I chose a 922A, "Dark Brown"

After the eye makeup, I dusted bronzer on my temples and underneath the cheekbones. (Fresh, here comes the sun palette) A pop of pinky gold blush on the apples of the cheeks and a sweep of highlighter (Tokidoki in Kabuki) later...

Finished with NYX black label lipstick in "Nude". (LOVE these lippies by the way, will have to review soon)

Tip: Don't forget comically large sunglasses & body-hugging ensemble!

Hope everyone had a lovely labor-day weekend! See you soon ~ promise ;)


**Side note - I swear the wind/rain combo outside is going to bust the windows out my house right now. O_O