Sunday, January 31, 2010

Review of Somang makeup, Borders Haul, Grammys

**SUPER LONG picture heavy post!**

Product Description: BC lovely Q10 Makeup base moist - lavender
This silky smooth makeup base brightens your complexion leaving your skin revitalized and clear. Coenzyme Q10 of this high moisture makeup base keeps the skin firm and volumized all day long as well as more hydrated and gorgeous.
My favorite quote on the bottle: " Be careful, product contents are slippery." Lol.

Also, I know I like my hair volumized, but not so sure about the skin :)

It takes about 2-3 pumps to cover my entire face. The product smells very nice --faintly of lavender-- applied after cleansing my face in the morning.

The product feels similar to my Olay Regenerist SPF "DNA restructuring" moisturizer -- but it smells prettier! It is SPF 18, so I expected it to have this sunscreen-like quality to it.

After applying, it definitely makes my face look & feel more 'matte'. It helps fill in the pores nicely and does an excellent job as a base with the added bonus of Coenzyme Q10 (antioxidant quality) & SPF. I didn't experience any noticeable moisturizing effect, but my skin didn't feel dry after using it and it is winter after all. I'm not sure if it is the SPF quality of the base or something about the purple color, but I have a feeling this is better suited for fairer skinned beauties. I have more yellow-y undertones and don't have that lovely porcelain-doll asian skin and this makeup base made my face too light after applying my Shiseido powder foundation. Boo. I'll try to use it up but I don't think I'll repurchase b/c it doesn't suit my skin color!

Apologies for the cruddy bathroom skin hasn't been retouched so yeah, I think some of the products I'm using are working!!! :D Also, I'm working the DSK necklace -- I it but I think I might get a 16" chain next time since it might work better with lots of my outfits :)

After all my makeup & clothes - I love False lashes, the Ardell 109s (Christmas present from the little sis) are so light & natural. Also, Rimmel + Chanel brow pencil on my sparse brows and NARS blush duo in Sin/Casino (perfect for winter!)

I think the SPF in the base is uber-reflective as indicative with flash:

*UPDATE* (2/19/2010) - I retract my previous thoughts on the Somang Makeup base/primer. It might seem a little light going on, but it really does help smooth out my foundation applicaton (Shiseido powder foundation) -- when I wore it on Valentine's Day, my bf mentioned that my skin looked so "flawless"! It might not work in the Summer, but it has worked out wonderfully in the Winter so far :)

I'm lucky I haven't broken out/had a major skin freakout/had an allergic reaction to any product yet - at the rate I've been going at adding/trying out new products, it is a bit of a gamble. Still, the DHC Deep Cleansing oil has already been doing amazing things for me so far and I am seeing results combined with the Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel. My boyfriend -- who admittedly has little faith in skin care products for women -- told me that my skin looked brigther today. Woohoo! :D

So I have a Border's Reward card and they sent me this nice little 33% off any item so I not only found a STEAL on the organizer/calender/planner (ALL Calenders/planners are only $4!!!) but I also picked up "Chinese Cinderella" by Adeline Yen Mah. Apparently it's required reading for some schools, but I think it'll be an easy read that will probably result in me in tears. Also, I am still quite angry about "The Joy Luck Club" by Amy Tan being required reading in high school -- read the book and we never even discussed it in class. I liked the book okay, though it made me angry a lot for some reason. I do love Ming-Na though :)

So cute! The pineapples are in heart-shapes and it reminds me of Hawaii! I absolutely Hawaii. I seriously have to move there one day.

Finally, I caught a large part of the Grammys today. As much as I love Taylor Swift (she's adorable!) -- I'm not sure if she should of received 4 total Grammys. (aaaah, I feel a Kanye Moment coming on!) There was a lot of talent she was competing with...and her live performance with Stevie Nicks was woefully off key. *sigh* Plus I was kind of rooting for Gaga too, just to see her acceptance speech!

The showstopper of the night surprisingly wasn't Gaga though - it was PINK! She was amazing! I just couldn't beleive how talented she was spinning and singing "Glitter" (albeit half naked) She's so hot! And her voice is beautiful...and wow, it was like watching a Cirque du Soleil show. :)

Sweet dreams -_- -- So sleepy tonight...

Review: Catena Crystal Collagen Anti-wrinkle Eye mask

A little 26, I have a problem with fine lines under my eyes. They are especially pronounced when I smile BIG...not so much crows feet, just under the eyes. Sad. I wish I had my sister's genes, zero lines! Also, I am trying to drink more water as I find that decreases their appearance as well.

That aside, time for the Catena Crystal Collagen Anti-wrinkle Eye Mask! (6 pairs/box) Purchased from Easy as 1-2-3-4

1. There is a built in tear so no scissors needed...carefully open and pull out mini-tray. Just be careful to open foil-side up otherwise the serum will spill out! (Note serum on bathroom counter :( )

2. The pads feel like slippery jelly a sea slug perhaps? I think I picked one up once in a touch-pool at the aquarium. Anyway, place these little suckers underneath your eyes and adjust accordingly. can see every pore & bump on my unshopped face :( Ah well, we are all trying to restore our faces to their very best so we won't have to shop/photoedit/heavily conceal in the future, no?

3. *Relax* for 20-30 minutes. Great thing about these gel pads is they stick to your face quite well so you can stay upright, just enough time to catch your favorite show!

4. Remove pads and discard!


Overall, a nice cooling effect which I found very therapeutic! They smell nice too (slight sweetness but not too strong...very gentle and clean) which adds to the at-home-spa quality. You will notice some tightness once the serum has absorbed. I didn't expect these pads to get rid of my lines, just thought they would be something to help nourish the area and maybe diminish their apperance temporarily. With continued use, perhaps it might do some good, I will update! (I'll probably use 2x/week)

Goodnight! What my skin probably needs most now is beauty rest...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Review: DHC Deep Cleansing oil

So I have been reading up on good cleansers and came across something called "double cleansing" -- basically, it is when you first, wash off all the gunk on your face (mascara, eyeliner, foundation, etc.) with an oil-based cleanser. Although it sounds counter-intuitive, oil actually dissolves oil and not only helps with makeup removal, but also eventually helps get rid of pesky whiteheads/blackheads. Yay!

The second part is basically follow up cleanser -- I just wash with my regular Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser.

DHC Deep Cleansing oil seems to come highly recommended. I wanted to try out the Shu Uemura brand (SUPER CUTE, see pics below), but also super expensive. ;_; So maybe if DHC works out, I'll try SU next. (Also, after all my student loans are paid off -- eep!)

Shu Uemura Oil Cleansers $62-72 for a 15.2 oz bottle ;_;
Prices from, photo from

Directions: Use just a few pumps on dry hands (make sure your face and hands are dry otherwise you'll end up with a mess!) -- massage onto dry face for a few minutes.

*Initial impressions*: It basically feels as you would expect it to feel -- slathering oil onto your face. However, after getting over the initial strange sensation, massaging it into your face is quite relaxing. It smells like olive oil, but it is a subtle scent. My face doesn't look any different, but it feels super soft! :)

*Will update continuing results in a week*

Sasa Haul

Goodies in the mail make me feel spoiled! :D My Sasa haul made it here today, despite the bone-chilling weather!

The packages were tightly secured in tape and each box was stuffed to the brim with packing peanuts. Just about every item was individually wrapped in bubble-wrap.

I finally wrangled out each and every item...I can't wait to try everything out!

Reviews will be posted as products are tested. :)

I just wanted to briefly rave abot the Somang makeup base packaging -- it is absolutely lovely and princess-y. I took a comparison picture of the lid:

Why can't all American products be packaged like this? *sigh* ;)

DSK order - Happy necklace!

I was so excited when I returned home from work today to a pretty package waiting for me on the counter! Straight from the loving hands of Steph of DSK jewelry!

It even had this little cute cinnabon stamp on it!

I have no patience for these things so I quickly ripped it open thus revealing the sparkling contents:

So absolutely cute! She even included a little Disney Princess Valentine complete with heart-shaped lollipop! I liked the tiffany-blue jewelry box -- nice & classy.

Of course, THE best part of the package was inside the little box. WOW. When I popped open the cover--like a junkie ready for her glittery fix--I was immediately enraptured with the sparkle and glitz beaming and glistening in my dim bedroom lighting:

You can see the beautiful assortment of colors which change in different lighting. Against the fluffy white jewelry cotton, you can see some breathtaking blues.

Against my (unfortunately dry) skin, you can see some purples and yellows. I was really impressed with the quality & workmanship of this necklace. (I purchased "Happy" on an 18" silver fine helix) Not only do the pendants have a lovely diamond-like iridescence to them, but the silver helix chain catches the light and shimmers brilliantly whenever you move.

I this necklace. And yes, it is aptly named as it most definitely makes me incredibly HAPPY!

*sigh* Now I can sleep happy. :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Today's theme is things I enjoyed (maybe a little too enthusiastically) as a child!

Lisa Frank & Lisa Frank stickers.
I recently saw glitter Lisa Frank stickers in the Target $1 section -- and couldn't resist. :D I would attempt to replicate them over and over, especially the cloud unicorns drinking from a crystal blue reflecting pond!

Disney's The Lion King
I watched this movie over 100 times probably since it was released. (Twice in theaters and then every year afterwords for my b-day, on various occasions, etc.). I also collected the cards, toys, & POGs, played the video game on my SEGA Genesis.

Cup Noodles
Man, all of my sisters and I craved this stuff ALL THE TIME. I would request this for my birthday dinner every year for a significant portion of my childhood (while watching The Lion King). I vividly remember the self-fulfilling prophecy by the 20-something grocery bagger after a trip one year to pick up my birthday meal: Just wait until you get to college. So true.

What were your favorite childhood obsessions? :)

How to make delicious food and impress people

As much as I'd love to be an executive chef at a 5-star restaurant, it is not practical for everyday life. In order to impress people (including yourself, friends, family, significant other etc) with your domestic prowess, you must have an arsenal of go-to recipes! Good sources include:

My bf bought me a starter cook book which includes a lot of the basics including terminology, cookware, and some simple recipes to try. To be honest, I usually just google something if I am unsure, but this book looks pretty in your kitchen!

In my first year of cooking on my own, I was able to produce some edible meals, and some (dare I say) tasty niblets:

Super tasty and easy (but time consuming) California rolls with crab stick, avacado, cucumber, and a touch of mayo. You can make this spicy too, using the spicy Japanese Mayo recipe (Kewpie or Cho-jang mayo mixed with siracha mmmmm)

15 minute appetizers - using pillsbury crescent rolls, wilted spinach, pesto, sundried tomato and goat cheese

Special pork rice, egg & seaweed rice seasoned with additional Nori Fumi Rice seasoning

You don't have to be an expert or even a perfectionist to cook good food. Cooking shouldn't be a chore, it should be a joy! Well...I guess I'm blessed enough to actually enjoy cooking -- it is a therapeutic way to unwind after a hectic day at work. Good luck shakin' and bakin'! ;)

Tea cups & girl time

I had the pleasure of joining my manager for dinner at her house today. She lives in a cute & compact yet open and lush house nestled in the suburbs. We enjoyed some delicious pan-fried, flaky white halibut with plump scallops and shrimp. The seafood was lightly seasoned and browned on both sides with olive oil and french butter.

I love the fancy china and the big white modern dishes!

I forgot to mention the crazy looking broccolinis! Such long stems!

It's always very eye-opening to spend some time with somebody who has worked in the field for over 20+ years...that's almost as long as I have been alive...crazy! Their perspective is unique and intriguing. Pharmacy is changing so very rapidly...what was once a very in-demand field is now becoming super saturated. Gone are sign-on bonuses and having the luxury to even decide your location of choice! I definitely am thankful I am where I am now...

After a indulgent night of seafood, Vietnamese Kareoke, purse ogling, artichoke hummus, Chopin's Nocturne in E flat major, and green tea laced with rock candy, I returned home, happy, content, and inspired. :)

~ ♥ ~

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Review: Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel, Part I

I'm so excited! My Cellnique package is already HERE!!! I am so pleased, the shipping was so fast. I ordered from the site during their 20% off sale on January 18th and already, my package has been shipped halfway across the world to my door-step!

When I say package, I actually mean product. They sent me the lovely and much raved about Cellnique "Skin Action Sebum Gel." You can see other reviews by the lovely Eki here, Ms. Angela of here, and Singaporean blogger Xia Xue here.

Description on packaging: A gentle formula designed for comedogenic, oily and combination skin types to reduce both blackheads and whiteheads. This daily maintenance gel also reduces oil secretion, leaving the skin clean and clear.

Directions: Use 2 – 3 pumps and apply on oily or T-zone area with upwards and outwards circular movement. (I find that just one pump is enough to start out, especially since the Winter is more drying and oil production isn't as rampant! Also, my cheeks and nose tend to be the most congested, so those are the areas I focus on)

After cleansing with my usual Cetaphil face wash, I applied a tiny amount (small-pea-size) onto my finger tips and gently patted over my cheeks (heavy congested area - lots of little bumps and whiteheads) and nose (blackheads, whiteheads, enlarged pores). Initially, I felt nothing -- it was a bit sticky to the touch (not surprisingly, it being a serum), but nothing that stung. It also has a faint 'medicinal' smell, which was tolerable. After applying moisturizer (Olay's Night Regenerist moisturizing cream) I sat down to write this post.

...Suddenly my face feels a little tighter and cooler...not sure if it is pyschological or the real deal. They claim to see visible results in 10 days! Let's see if this works. Will update with face before/after in about 10 days!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

DSK jewelry & internet shopping!

Just purchased an end-of-week gift to myself! I was going to wait for my boyfriend to buy it for me as a V-day gift, but well...I couldn't wait! :)

It looks stunning! This is why I need to get off the internet...there are so many things that I never even knew I wanted!

You can find more pretty sparkle-y-ness here:

I'll update with pic when it arrives in the mail!

Ooooh! Also, exciting news! Zac Posen will be designing the next GO! International line for Target! I am in love with this skirt (though not too crazy about the top half)

More Hotness HERE! As much as I ♥ Winter clothes, I'm getting kind of excited about the freshness and pastels of Spring.

Time for a haircut too!

How I waste time on the internet

Sometimes I wonder what people did before the internet... Before the dawning of e-mail, blogs, online shopping. I think those days were slightly more wholesome -- times when families actually spent quality time with each other, where men asked women on dates via (clunky, land-line) phone and not text, where people had to look each other in the eye when having a conversation! It's easy to believe our predecessors of the internet age were more well-rounded, talented, self-sufficient, and socially adept.

**Side note** This article in the Onion made me chuckle, mainly because it is absolutely positively 100% true. (sadly)

That being said, here are the glowing rectangles -er- sites, that I frequent regularly:
  • Celebrity Gossip - I swore off the really habit forming sites like & ONTD. You could read until your eyeballs fell out and there would still be more wonderfully salacious material to feed upon, just press "refresh"! Akin to reality television, these sites were my guilty pleasures until I realized how much time I spent enraptured by the glitz of those that I--in actuality-- was really pretty revoltedby. I limit myself now only to -- mainly because the 5 posts a day keep me informed but not engulfed.
  • - it may sound like an intellectual choice but I mainly visit to get a kick out of Obama's facebook feed and read "Dear Prudence." :P She's a hoot!
  • - Ever since graduating, this has been a means of keeping abreast of the latest from old friends
  • - For anybody with any amount of nerd in them...this place never fails to make me LOL at least once. The robot apocolypse, anything gaming related, Star Wars, geeky science-y stuff. Yup.
  • Blogspot. Of course!
  • Beauty blogs: Asian beauty, the many lovelies on Blogspot, Youtube
  • Gmail. Yahoo! E-mail. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.
Total time wastage: 4+ hours/day.

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to go join a GYM! I will be checking one out shortly.

Also to come: Reveiw on a few skin care products! :D I'm experimenting with the largest organ of the body this year...sounds scary (and as the pictures go up, it will be... ;_;) but hopefully it will be somewhat useful!

Good night Moon...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Big Dreams

Lately, I have been having bouts of late night internet-ing -- I really should be sleeping hours earlier, but my mind is full of ideas which make it impossible to just relax. I can't wait to throw myself into projects of all kinds, namely, those involving my favorite Christmas present from the previous year:

Do I know how to use it? Yes. I've been teaching myself the basics so far. And when I say basics, I mean loading the bobbin and sewing in a straight line. ;_; It looks like a toy, but this particular sewing machine actually has claws!

Working this weekend so no time for fun yet, but SOON!!!

...Which reminds me of LOLcats...this is also adorable:

Gaaaaah!!! Love it. I wish my eyeballs didn't swell up like melons around kitties.

Good night! Off to (hopefully) draem peacefully before another full day!


Friday, January 22, 2010

First post!

Just about to jet off to work...decided in a nanosecond to start up the blog and get the ball rolling on things.

I am just a regular girl working a regular job after way too many years in school. -_- My mind is constantly churning and the mediocrity of the 40 hour week has led me to pursue other creative outlets in my spare time.

The third part of my online journey begins here.