Thursday, January 28, 2010


Today's theme is things I enjoyed (maybe a little too enthusiastically) as a child!

Lisa Frank & Lisa Frank stickers.
I recently saw glitter Lisa Frank stickers in the Target $1 section -- and couldn't resist. :D I would attempt to replicate them over and over, especially the cloud unicorns drinking from a crystal blue reflecting pond!

Disney's The Lion King
I watched this movie over 100 times probably since it was released. (Twice in theaters and then every year afterwords for my b-day, on various occasions, etc.). I also collected the cards, toys, & POGs, played the video game on my SEGA Genesis.

Cup Noodles
Man, all of my sisters and I craved this stuff ALL THE TIME. I would request this for my birthday dinner every year for a significant portion of my childhood (while watching The Lion King). I vividly remember the self-fulfilling prophecy by the 20-something grocery bagger after a trip one year to pick up my birthday meal: Just wait until you get to college. So true.

What were your favorite childhood obsessions? :)

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