Sunday, January 31, 2010

Review: Catena Crystal Collagen Anti-wrinkle Eye mask

A little 26, I have a problem with fine lines under my eyes. They are especially pronounced when I smile BIG...not so much crows feet, just under the eyes. Sad. I wish I had my sister's genes, zero lines! Also, I am trying to drink more water as I find that decreases their appearance as well.

That aside, time for the Catena Crystal Collagen Anti-wrinkle Eye Mask! (6 pairs/box) Purchased from Easy as 1-2-3-4

1. There is a built in tear so no scissors needed...carefully open and pull out mini-tray. Just be careful to open foil-side up otherwise the serum will spill out! (Note serum on bathroom counter :( )

2. The pads feel like slippery jelly a sea slug perhaps? I think I picked one up once in a touch-pool at the aquarium. Anyway, place these little suckers underneath your eyes and adjust accordingly. can see every pore & bump on my unshopped face :( Ah well, we are all trying to restore our faces to their very best so we won't have to shop/photoedit/heavily conceal in the future, no?

3. *Relax* for 20-30 minutes. Great thing about these gel pads is they stick to your face quite well so you can stay upright, just enough time to catch your favorite show!

4. Remove pads and discard!


Overall, a nice cooling effect which I found very therapeutic! They smell nice too (slight sweetness but not too strong...very gentle and clean) which adds to the at-home-spa quality. You will notice some tightness once the serum has absorbed. I didn't expect these pads to get rid of my lines, just thought they would be something to help nourish the area and maybe diminish their apperance temporarily. With continued use, perhaps it might do some good, I will update! (I'll probably use 2x/week)

Goodnight! What my skin probably needs most now is beauty rest...

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