Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Review: Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel, Part I

I'm so excited! My Cellnique package is already HERE!!! I am so pleased, the shipping was so fast. I ordered from the site during their 20% off sale on January 18th and already, my package has been shipped halfway across the world to my door-step!

When I say package, I actually mean product. They sent me the lovely and much raved about Cellnique "Skin Action Sebum Gel." You can see other reviews by the lovely Eki here, Ms. Angela of sparklemidori.com here, and Singaporean blogger Xia Xue here.

Description on packaging: A gentle formula designed for comedogenic, oily and combination skin types to reduce both blackheads and whiteheads. This daily maintenance gel also reduces oil secretion, leaving the skin clean and clear.

Directions: Use 2 – 3 pumps and apply on oily or T-zone area with upwards and outwards circular movement. (I find that just one pump is enough to start out, especially since the Winter is more drying and oil production isn't as rampant! Also, my cheeks and nose tend to be the most congested, so those are the areas I focus on)

After cleansing with my usual Cetaphil face wash, I applied a tiny amount (small-pea-size) onto my finger tips and gently patted over my cheeks (heavy congested area - lots of little bumps and whiteheads) and nose (blackheads, whiteheads, enlarged pores). Initially, I felt nothing -- it was a bit sticky to the touch (not surprisingly, it being a serum), but nothing that stung. It also has a faint 'medicinal' smell, which was tolerable. After applying moisturizer (Olay's Night Regenerist moisturizing cream) I sat down to write this post.

...Suddenly my face feels a little tighter and cooler...not sure if it is pyschological or the real deal. They claim to see visible results in 10 days! Let's see if this works. Will update with face before/after in about 10 days!


DSK Steph said...

baller! :P

Irene said...

LOL...it was seriously the week of internet hauls! I swear I don't shop like this all the time ;)

Rena said...

Hey Irene!

Your statement/comment about Cellnique is in their email newletter!

<33 Rena