Friday, December 31, 2010

Do the Pretty Girl Rock!

All you ladies should sing this song!

This video is so cute & fun :)

Happy New Year Lovelies!

* A toast to a glamorous New Year!


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hello Kitty for Sephora - Review and Comparison

Hello Kitty for Sephora - Review & Eyeliner Comparison

My package from Sephora arrived right before Christmas last week! Amidst all the hustle & bustle of the holiday season, I didn't get around until opening anything...until today!

Hello Kitty Sephora

The packaging -as expected- is SUPER adorable...the perfume box is topped with a silver bow sticker...

HK bow

...and the "sweet gloss" packaging is imprinted with Hello Kitty's famous mug

Hello Kitty packaging

Cuteness aside, here is my review.

Hello Kitty perfume


This 1.7 oz perfume is decently sized - but I definitely took a gamble on ordering it without ever sniffing. The description sounded just perfect for me! The mysterious unnamed Japanese fruits and green apple made it sound like this would be a fresh & sweet scent.

I was disappointed - it doesn't smell BAD - just extremely generic. The "wink" of vanilla is more than just that and the apple scent is nonexistent. That or my nose might be a little stuffy. The pretty bottle is now doing just that - prettying up my vanity.



*Sweet gloss*

Hello Kitty sweet gloss

Hello Kitty sweet gloss tube

Equally sweet blogger Rina also purchased this and has some good swatches of Peachy up on her blog

I purchased "Peachy" for my sister and kept "Pink Bow" for myself.

The fruity scent is really nice and the consistency is more of a balm than a gloss in my opinion. I like the color, though it is just a tint.

Hello Kitty pink bow

The packaging is nice, sturdy, and cute!

I was overall very pleased with this purchase, though I'm not sure I would shell out $16 for another one.


*Penpal Eyeliner*

Hello Kitty Good night dreams

I am always on the hunt for a great eyeliner. I have tried different felt-tip liners before, without much success. I just recently opened my Dolly Wink Deep Black eyeliner and was pleased with the precise tip and the staying power!

As Rina mentioned, the cap on the Hello Kitty Pen-pal eyeliner is super tight - which I suppose is nice because it will prolong the life of the product. This cap is a bit too tight though, and you have to put a little bit of muscle into tugging it off. :P The problem with felt-tip eyeliners is their tendency to dry out quickly, so I'm hoping the cap at least keeps it fresh. For all that work, it'd better! :O

The tip itself is not nearly as fine as the Dolly Wink tip...

Eyeliner comparison

Here are my swatches of the liners - see the whiskers on the Hello Kitty heart-shaped swatch? :3 (Don't ask about the Dolly Wink one, it was supposed to be winking with a bow T_T)

Hello Kitty comparison swatch

The eyeliner isn't disappointing...but it definitely is NOT waterproof so save this one for a sunny day! The pigmentation is decent, but I would use it over regular pencil liner for more contrast. I don't think it would be dark enough for my liking on its own! That or it might have to be layered on.


All in all, I bought into the hype! The novelty of this line is reason enough to get excited but the quality of the makeup itself is nothing to write home about. I still might browse again mid-January when the line officially launches - if anything, I *might* pick up the brushes or the mirror. Maybe.

My LOTD was decidedly Princess-y. :)

Pink fuzzy top from

Princess LOTD

Sparkly "tiara" headband

Princess Hair


The Yesstyle model rocking it

Rhinestone long sweater


I can't believe the year is about to END!!!

I'm so excited to start another year- thank you all so much for your continued love & support throughout all of 2010. I really and truly feel so blessed - and I have a nice way of thanking you coming up next month!!! :D

I hope the new year holds bigger and brighter things for all of you! Take care and have a safe & Happy New Year!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

My, what big ears you have!

Christmas came early this year! :)

My bf decided to drop off my gift ahead of time since we will be apart with our respective families for the holidays. Upon opening and discovering a snow leopard spirit hood, I did a little dance - more for the fact that he also bought the wolf version for himself! :D (The present was curiously unveiled outside and underneath the full moon right before the lunar Eclipse - Arooo!)

So why do I love Spirit Hoods?
  • A portion of the sales go towards protecting certain animals (Product Blue label)
  • Their hoods are so absolutely cuddly, adorable, and warm!
  • Relatively hypoallergenic :P
  • I love the fact that I can rock ears! :D

Spirit hood 2

Spirit hood 1

Spirit hood 3

Eat your heart out Tai-lung! lol. :)

Picture from

Snow Leopard

Silent » Mindful » Independent

The Snow Leopard has a presence unlike any animal, its spirit is full of beauty and grace. Always attentive and aware in it’s surroundings, people with the snow leopard spirit tend to be empathic and wise. It is a solitary animal that still loves to play!

Hmmm...I like to think of myself as those things but alas, I think I can only qualify for 1.5 of these qualities T_T


My hood with silky white lining

Spirit hood

The hood itself keeps your head nice and toasty - the long flaps double as a scarf and mittens (complete with padded paws!) A tiny little zipper pouch is hidden alongside the lining of the flaps to stash away credit cards & cash on the go! The hood is well constructed and the FAUX fur is super-soft!

Wearing anything with ears may seem a little ridiculous Halloween aside - but I really don't care. I've joined the tribe and am MADLY in love! :)


**A few other ear-lovers...**


Spirit hood likeness on the Tokyo Girls Collection Runway


Photos below from
Vanessa Hudgens in her Red Wolf Spirit hood

Vanessa Hudgens Spirit Hood


Fergie in her Brown Bear Spirit hood

Fergie Spirit hood


Khloe Kardashian in her Spirit hood

Khloe Kardashian Spirit hood


Last year on - bear accent hoodies

playsuit pink


Thanks for visiting & happy holidays!

Snow leopard snow

Next post: Hello Kitty for Sephora collection swatches & Christmas cheer! :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hello Kitty Sephora Event - last day!

Hey Ladies,

The blogworld has been abuzz with the Hello Kitty collaboration with Sephora - anything with Hello Kitty actually MADE for adults (such as previous collaboration with MAC) is just plain awesomeness in my opinion. :D I'm going to cling to my semi-adulthood as long as possible!

*My haul*


Hello Kitty Perfume

I was suckered into buying the perfume - how could I resist? Something that looks like THIS...

HK perfume

...and is pink, sparkly, and smells of green apples & Japanese fruits with "rich floral accords and a wink of warn vanilla" - I hope I'm not wrong about this one, I only wear sweet & semi-fruity scents. I also love the pink atomizer and crystalline bow!!! Even if I end up hating the scent, I'll keep that bottle forever!

It was out of stock Saturday, but is now back in stock (10:04 am in Dallas)

Cassis Sorbet, Italian Mandarin, Apple, Magnolia Blossom, Freesia, Orange Flower, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Musk.


Pen-pal liquid eyeliner

HK eyeliner

I liked the novel idea of the pen-pal eyeliner - it is a liquid in pen form housed in an adorable, sleek Hello Kitty-stamped case. According to the site:

"The Pen Pal liquid eyeliner marker contains an inventive formula with pure pigments that dry quickly and allow extreme, all-day wear with no stain effect. The expert marker tip ensures tremendous precision and intensity in one stoke"

The words "ultra-precise" helped, as I am a helpless klutz when it comes to application of liquid eyeliner. I still have yet to try out the DollyWink liquid eyeliner, but from what I have heard, I hope this compares! I purchased in "Goodnight Dreams"


Sweet Gloss

I really adore the packaging - it looks adult, not "kiddie" - All these glosses were back in stock after being out of stock on Saturday.

HK sweet gloss

I love the look of "peachy" and "pink bow" - these promise to provide long-lasting hydration (must have, especially in the Winter!) with a hint of color.

I would have purchased these items, but all sold out ;_;

Bling Mirror

HK mirror bling

Brush set with collectible case

HK brush set


All the makeup seems to be infused with "apple, grapeseed and strawberry oil" which promotes hydration, softer skin, and powerful antioxidants


SUNDAY (today), December 19th is the last day to get your paws on this collection until its official release in mid-January - so pounce on over if you haven't already :) - If you're not a "Beauty Insider" just sign up online to get access to the private event! This would also make a fabulous gift for the Hello Kitty enthusiast in your life (read: Purrrfect Christmas gift!)

There is a 2-day shipping deal too, so guaranteed Christmas delivery - Couponcode - UPS2DAY

HK private event

Finally, had a rare opportunity to go out a little while ago - my LOTD + my new favorite Betsey Johnson jewelry (I know, time to clean the mirror!)


Hope you all have a fabulous weekend filled with adventure, glamour, charity, & last-minute holiday shopping!!! Aaaaah!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dolly Wink Lower Lash Review - No. 5 Real Nude

Feeling rather lazy today, but thought I would share something I have been meaning to post for awhile...


I think I would have never even known lower lash falsies existed if it weren't for the lovely ladies of the blogging world! (i.e Malaysian Blogger Cheesie, the always beautiful Eki, and Fuzkittie just to name a few!)

It's one thing if you have lower lashes. It's another if you have absolutely ZERO. Zilch. None! Okay, maybe I have a few stray lashes here and there, but it's pretty desolate. [insert picture of desert]

Enter - DOLLY WINK to the rescue!

Dolly Wink pure nude



Dolly wink back


Up close

Dolly wink Real Nude close


Of course, first spread a thin layer of glue on the backside - all the lashes come with a cute little tube or you can buy it separate on if you run out.

Use tweezers to place as close to the lashline as comfortable ~ gently use fingers or tweezers to press into place!

Dolly wink adjust


Clean the area gently with cotton swab

Dolly Wink clean


Please don't laugh, I know it's amateur! Also, don't be like me, please use an eyelash curler on upper lashes! T_T

Dolly wink close


Both eyes!

Dolly wink both eyes


Verdict - It does wonders!!! Subtle wonders at least - it is nice for girls who have zero bottom lashes and even nicer for girls who have plush lower lashes.

Dolly wink wonder


Dolly-wink style

Dolly wink cute


I'm surprised that I didn't end up looking silly - the Real nude lives up to its name - not fake-y but makes an impact!

I just really REALLY love the glue too - it is gentle enough, has a non-offensive smell and lasts and lasts.

Thank you Dolly Wink! ;)

Rating: ♥♥♥♥ (5/5)


If you need these lashes STAT and live in Dallas, Super 99 Ranch has them in a variety of styles for $16.99 - has the best price but they are oftentimes sold out of the popular styles.

Dolly Wink Dallas

They also sell My Beauty Diary & a variety of asian and Japanese skincare/beauty products


I also used...

Red Cherry Lashes - A favorite of Kim Kardashian's and apparently quite popular in Hawaii - the shelves were stocked with hundreds! I used the #1s - very good for everyday wear!

Red Cherry Lashes


Some of the eye-makeup trends
Military style

Girly Folklore - lol

Naturally Jessica-Alba-like pretty


Sweet & Dolly

I'm going to try to get my paws on some Diamond lashes too - apparently they are of high quality as well and come in packs of 5! :D


Hope you enjoyed - almost the weekend again! Time for some Christmas shopping!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Winter LOTD for A Charlie Brown Christmas in ICE

Happy December to you all! :)

I thought I would share the lovely time I had at the Gaylord Texan this past week - since I am a huge fan of Snoopy & the Peanuts gang, my boyfriend took me to see the Charlie Brown Christmas in Ice exhibit.

I never miss an opportunity to get dolled up in new cute winterwear - nevermind that it was 65 degrees outside!


My outfit in layers:

Outfit of the day


With the Juicy vest on

Juicy hood on

...Purchased last year from

LOVE sweater dress heart


With the Juicy hood on!



Juicy Mittens

Juicy couture mittens


Close up of the logo button - which decided to fall off and get itself lost *grumble grumble*

Juicy Couture button


After getting ripped off with the $12 event parking, we wandered around like lost lambs for at least 20 minutes on foot. My coworker said it was off in a separate tent, I had no idea it was inside the hotel itself!

The complex is HUGE - it sits aside a decently sized lake and has a ton of different hiking/jogging trails.

View of the Lake


I wanted to model my outfit some more :)



The staff did a great job of getting the place jazzed up for the holidays - tons of decorations both inside & out

Santa in Texas

Santa & Co

My boyfriend said these were Juniper berries - I had never seen them in person. They look like mini-blueberries to me :)

Juniper berries


The Gaylord is a string of hotels that features an indoor arboretum - tons of trees, plants, and a little mini-creek that runs throughout

The Gaylord Texan - Christmas style


Finally found the exhibit - it usually is super busy but since we went on a weekday in the middle of the day, we almost had the whole place to ourselves. :)

Christmas lights

ICE movie

They shower you with snow after the film is over!

Real snow falling


I like how the entrance features yellow & black draping - just like Charlie Brown's classic shirt!

ICE entrance


It's super cold inside the exhibit tent so they make you put on these parkas that make you look 150 lbs heavier. ;_; So much for dressing cute! I begrudgingly put mine on, but turns out it was quite useful...(9 freaking degrees inside)

A Charlie Brown Christmas


Very first display was Charlie Brown & SNOOPY! I was so excited ~ Love his giant pile of bones next to the house, all in ICE!

My favorite puppy

Charlie Brown's usual chat w/ Linus on the fence - love the bright colors & the pink fence :)

Charlie Brown & Linus


Ice skating

Peek-a-boo view through an ice wreath

Peek-a-boo view

Snoopy getting ready to decorate

Snoopy setting up shop


What could be in here?

On to the auditorium

...The Auditorium where the Christmas play took place & a giant ICE SLIDE!

Ice slide

(We rode it, lots of fun - the parka came in handy)


Charlie Brown picking out his famous Christmas tree

The perfect Christmas tree


Snoopy's House - First place!

Winner winner

I thought Snoopy would be inside - no such luck :(

Snoopy's house


Singing around the Christmas Tree!

CB Christmas

Lots of amazing work and pretty neat that it was all done in ice - it went too quickly!

Time to go :(


Afterwards, we wandered around the hotel - and marveled at how ginormous it was. Lots of decorations, tons of families walking around, and at night the whole place lights up! It smelled like gingerbread everywhere too

Gingerbread house - real life


They used old gun casings for the Chrismtas lights - so very Texan :P

Gun shell lights


The carpet also has a decidedly Texan theme

Carpet at the Gaylord


So basically saved you guys $20 USD/person ticket and $12 parking lol. (plane ticket too for those outside of TX) You can thank me later, early Merry Christmas :D

Hope you guys had a great weekend!