Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hello Kitty Sephora Event - last day!

Hey Ladies,

The blogworld has been abuzz with the Hello Kitty collaboration with Sephora - anything with Hello Kitty actually MADE for adults (such as previous collaboration with MAC) is just plain awesomeness in my opinion. :D I'm going to cling to my semi-adulthood as long as possible!

*My haul*


Hello Kitty Perfume

I was suckered into buying the perfume - how could I resist? Something that looks like THIS...

HK perfume

...and is pink, sparkly, and smells of green apples & Japanese fruits with "rich floral accords and a wink of warn vanilla" - I hope I'm not wrong about this one, I only wear sweet & semi-fruity scents. I also love the pink atomizer and crystalline bow!!! Even if I end up hating the scent, I'll keep that bottle forever!

It was out of stock Saturday, but is now back in stock (10:04 am in Dallas)

Cassis Sorbet, Italian Mandarin, Apple, Magnolia Blossom, Freesia, Orange Flower, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Musk.


Pen-pal liquid eyeliner

HK eyeliner

I liked the novel idea of the pen-pal eyeliner - it is a liquid in pen form housed in an adorable, sleek Hello Kitty-stamped case. According to the site:

"The Pen Pal liquid eyeliner marker contains an inventive formula with pure pigments that dry quickly and allow extreme, all-day wear with no stain effect. The expert marker tip ensures tremendous precision and intensity in one stoke"

The words "ultra-precise" helped, as I am a helpless klutz when it comes to application of liquid eyeliner. I still have yet to try out the DollyWink liquid eyeliner, but from what I have heard, I hope this compares! I purchased in "Goodnight Dreams"


Sweet Gloss

I really adore the packaging - it looks adult, not "kiddie" - All these glosses were back in stock after being out of stock on Saturday.

HK sweet gloss

I love the look of "peachy" and "pink bow" - these promise to provide long-lasting hydration (must have, especially in the Winter!) with a hint of color.

I would have purchased these items, but all sold out ;_;

Bling Mirror

HK mirror bling

Brush set with collectible case

HK brush set


All the makeup seems to be infused with "apple, grapeseed and strawberry oil" which promotes hydration, softer skin, and powerful antioxidants


SUNDAY (today), December 19th is the last day to get your paws on this collection until its official release in mid-January - so pounce on over if you haven't already :) - If you're not a "Beauty Insider" just sign up online to get access to the private event! This would also make a fabulous gift for the Hello Kitty enthusiast in your life (read: Purrrfect Christmas gift!)

There is a 2-day shipping deal too, so guaranteed Christmas delivery - Couponcode - UPS2DAY

HK private event

Finally, had a rare opportunity to go out a little while ago - my LOTD + my new favorite Betsey Johnson jewelry (I know, time to clean the mirror!)


Hope you all have a fabulous weekend filled with adventure, glamour, charity, & last-minute holiday shopping!!! Aaaaah!


Susie said...

I wanted to buy the perfume too! But I was scared I wouldn't like the scent, LOL. I hope you like it !! ^___^

Winnie* said...

Haha I was really tempted to get that perfume too. It's too cute! I hope you like the scent! and cute OOTD!

A Shine Bunny said...

Everything looks so cute and I like your outfit!!

Elle said...

I really wanted to try the apple balm but that was sold out yesterday...literally an hour after I got the email notification. Can't wait to see what you think about the perfume...the design is adorable.

LittoMokaa said...

Looking forward to your reviews & swatches for the HK products! Sadly the VIB event isnt availableto Canadians >_<" So I have to wait until mid-january :(

I.B.G. said...

Nice blog. I liked it! You should visit and follow my blogs. Thanks..

Irene said...

Thanks for the blog love!

Susie, Winnie & Elle - will give you an update on scent and swatches!

A shine bunny & IBG - Thanks :)

LittleMokaa - I am waiting patiently for the launch too - didn't get the purchase the shades I wanted ;_;

I will do a review on the items when I receive them this week :D said...

I want it all, everything is SO cute!!

sweetness xx
hope to hear from you*!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Early Merry Christmas to you too, Irene!! =D I am with you on your guilty pleasures list but what the heck is Winter White Cheddar Cheetos?! I'm drooling even though I don't know what it

I did manage to order the brush set and the eyeliner from this collection. I just hope it doesn't suck. XP I love your perfume buy! If I could wear perfume (I have crazy sensitive skin), I'd buy it too...hee hee. =D

Your OOTD's are always so cute! Love your Betsey Johnson jewelry. =D I'm always checking it out at the store but still haven't bought myself a piece.

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