Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dolly Wink Lower Lash Review - No. 5 Real Nude

Feeling rather lazy today, but thought I would share something I have been meaning to post for awhile...


I think I would have never even known lower lash falsies existed if it weren't for the lovely ladies of the blogging world! (i.e Malaysian Blogger Cheesie, the always beautiful Eki, and Fuzkittie just to name a few!)

It's one thing if you have lower lashes. It's another if you have absolutely ZERO. Zilch. None! Okay, maybe I have a few stray lashes here and there, but it's pretty desolate. [insert picture of desert]

Enter - DOLLY WINK to the rescue!

Dolly Wink pure nude



Dolly wink back


Up close

Dolly wink Real Nude close


Of course, first spread a thin layer of glue on the backside - all the lashes come with a cute little tube or you can buy it separate on if you run out.

Use tweezers to place as close to the lashline as comfortable ~ gently use fingers or tweezers to press into place!

Dolly wink adjust


Clean the area gently with cotton swab

Dolly Wink clean


Please don't laugh, I know it's amateur! Also, don't be like me, please use an eyelash curler on upper lashes! T_T

Dolly wink close


Both eyes!

Dolly wink both eyes


Verdict - It does wonders!!! Subtle wonders at least - it is nice for girls who have zero bottom lashes and even nicer for girls who have plush lower lashes.

Dolly wink wonder


Dolly-wink style

Dolly wink cute


I'm surprised that I didn't end up looking silly - the Real nude lives up to its name - not fake-y but makes an impact!

I just really REALLY love the glue too - it is gentle enough, has a non-offensive smell and lasts and lasts.

Thank you Dolly Wink! ;)

Rating: ♥♥♥♥ (5/5)


If you need these lashes STAT and live in Dallas, Super 99 Ranch has them in a variety of styles for $16.99 - has the best price but they are oftentimes sold out of the popular styles.

Dolly Wink Dallas

They also sell My Beauty Diary & a variety of asian and Japanese skincare/beauty products


I also used...

Red Cherry Lashes - A favorite of Kim Kardashian's and apparently quite popular in Hawaii - the shelves were stocked with hundreds! I used the #1s - very good for everyday wear!

Red Cherry Lashes


Some of the eye-makeup trends
Military style

Girly Folklore - lol

Naturally Jessica-Alba-like pretty


Sweet & Dolly

I'm going to try to get my paws on some Diamond lashes too - apparently they are of high quality as well and come in packs of 5! :D


Hope you enjoyed - almost the weekend again! Time for some Christmas shopping!


Susie said...

So pretty! :D I can't find any place here that sells Dolly Wink OR Red Cherry lashes T___T

Oh yeah! I've always wanted to shop on but I was kind of skeptical? I love their clothes though~ SO CUTE!!!

DSK Steph! said...

Dolly wink lashes are so nice! You tempt me!

April said...

OMG I want to buy them! You look amazing!

April said...

I love your sense of music! I love Josh Groban and John Mayer! OMG!

dodo said...

wow. they actually look very natural. looks so good on you!

Shop N' Chomp said...

I love this on you! =D I'm such a newb with falsies that I can't even comprehend trying lower ones right Ok and what?! There's a *Super* 99 Ranch? How is it different from a normal 99 Ranch? Our 99 Ranch markets here don't carry Dolly Wink. =(

vnikali said...

i love the lady military look!!!
thanks for sharing

Rinny said...

The lower lashes are really pretty! And they really do very natural, not very fake and obvious like some other ones I have seen. Too bad Dollywink lashes are so expensive :(

Irene said...

Thanks for all the love ladies :) I love the natural look - it really is a shame they are so pricey but sometimes you are lucky and can snag them for a steal in Sasa (additional 10% off) or Apopofkawaii!

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