Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hello Kitty for Sephora - Review and Comparison

Hello Kitty for Sephora - Review & Eyeliner Comparison

My package from Sephora arrived right before Christmas last week! Amidst all the hustle & bustle of the holiday season, I didn't get around until opening anything...until today!

Hello Kitty Sephora

The packaging -as expected- is SUPER adorable...the perfume box is topped with a silver bow sticker...

HK bow

...and the "sweet gloss" packaging is imprinted with Hello Kitty's famous mug

Hello Kitty packaging

Cuteness aside, here is my review.

Hello Kitty perfume


This 1.7 oz perfume is decently sized - but I definitely took a gamble on ordering it without ever sniffing. The description sounded just perfect for me! The mysterious unnamed Japanese fruits and green apple made it sound like this would be a fresh & sweet scent.

I was disappointed - it doesn't smell BAD - just extremely generic. The "wink" of vanilla is more than just that and the apple scent is nonexistent. That or my nose might be a little stuffy. The pretty bottle is now doing just that - prettying up my vanity.



*Sweet gloss*

Hello Kitty sweet gloss

Hello Kitty sweet gloss tube

Equally sweet blogger Rina also purchased this and has some good swatches of Peachy up on her blog

I purchased "Peachy" for my sister and kept "Pink Bow" for myself.

The fruity scent is really nice and the consistency is more of a balm than a gloss in my opinion. I like the color, though it is just a tint.

Hello Kitty pink bow

The packaging is nice, sturdy, and cute!

I was overall very pleased with this purchase, though I'm not sure I would shell out $16 for another one.


*Penpal Eyeliner*

Hello Kitty Good night dreams

I am always on the hunt for a great eyeliner. I have tried different felt-tip liners before, without much success. I just recently opened my Dolly Wink Deep Black eyeliner and was pleased with the precise tip and the staying power!

As Rina mentioned, the cap on the Hello Kitty Pen-pal eyeliner is super tight - which I suppose is nice because it will prolong the life of the product. This cap is a bit too tight though, and you have to put a little bit of muscle into tugging it off. :P The problem with felt-tip eyeliners is their tendency to dry out quickly, so I'm hoping the cap at least keeps it fresh. For all that work, it'd better! :O

The tip itself is not nearly as fine as the Dolly Wink tip...

Eyeliner comparison

Here are my swatches of the liners - see the whiskers on the Hello Kitty heart-shaped swatch? :3 (Don't ask about the Dolly Wink one, it was supposed to be winking with a bow T_T)

Hello Kitty comparison swatch

The eyeliner isn't disappointing...but it definitely is NOT waterproof so save this one for a sunny day! The pigmentation is decent, but I would use it over regular pencil liner for more contrast. I don't think it would be dark enough for my liking on its own! That or it might have to be layered on.


All in all, I bought into the hype! The novelty of this line is reason enough to get excited but the quality of the makeup itself is nothing to write home about. I still might browse again mid-January when the line officially launches - if anything, I *might* pick up the brushes or the mirror. Maybe.

My LOTD was decidedly Princess-y. :)

Pink fuzzy top from

Princess LOTD

Sparkly "tiara" headband

Princess Hair


The Yesstyle model rocking it

Rhinestone long sweater


I can't believe the year is about to END!!!

I'm so excited to start another year- thank you all so much for your continued love & support throughout all of 2010. I really and truly feel so blessed - and I have a nice way of thanking you coming up next month!!! :D

I hope the new year holds bigger and brighter things for all of you! Take care and have a safe & Happy New Year!



♥ Starryxuan said...

The sweet gloss look pretty on your lips! :) thanks for reviewing :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Girl, they should have you modeling that top b/c you look better in it than that model! <3 the sparkly headband.

Props to you for taking your HK pics and sharing them with us! I'm so lazy…haha. Maybe next week. :P I just noticed how different the packaging on the perfume bottle is compared to the brush set I got. I think yours is cuter. (Can't go wrong with a big fat bow! :) Hmmm…so the gloss is more of a balm? I'm glad you shared that! Not sure I'd plunk down $16 for it knowing that.

Hope you have an awesome New Years! =D

Miss ♥ Nikka said...

That's an adorable top! Awww, that sux! I wanted to order some HK during the VIB preview for Sephora, good thing I held back coz I want to read reviews like this first. Thanks for sharing!

Iyah said...

OMGOSH!! I squealed looking at your pictures!! Hello Kitty is so gorgeous!! hahahah!! I love the perfume!! will be getting that for sure when it comes out! :P I don't mind if some of my friends says the smell is not too nice. The HK perfume still will look gorge on any vanity table :P

Happy New Year!

Elle said...

Love the headband! It looks great for the New Year =D and the perfume is toooo cute.

Cherry Wu said...

You look great with the sweater too. And I have yet to pick up the hello kitty stuff, maybe I will get some when it officially releases.^0^ Happy new year to you too!^0^

sugar sugar said...

thanks for the honest review. :3
the top looks fab on you!
happy new year!

A Shine Bunny said...

OMG, soooo cute!!

siwing said...

omg that perfume is gorgeousssssssss !! =DDDDD that sucks that it does not smell so good.. i'm very sensitive when it comes to scent.. i will have to take a wiff at sephora once it comes out..

i wanted the nail polishes but they were all sold out online already..

Silkybow said...

I normally don't like Hello Kitty but all the stuff are so cute! Especially the perfume :)
I like your pink sweater hehe

xbbkay said...

the perfume bottle is so adorable, i can imagine how pretty it would look on your vainity. It's a shame that it didn't smell like you thought it would have. But then again, it's hard ordering perfume before smelling it. hahaha.

i think the shirt looks good on you. The models tend to be so tiny, that everything looks baggy-ish on them.

20 York Street said...

These products are so pretty and dainty! Suits you perfectly!


Happy, Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

gorgeous look there! the top looks very fitted and comfy, looks really good on you! the HK goodies are so cute - thanks for the review... i haven't seen these products on japan i doubt they'll be putting it out here any time soon!

Jenn said...

I'm always on the hunt for a great eyeliner too =) Good to know the HK eyeliner isn't waterproof. I ordered one but haven't tested it out yet.

Your LOTD is super cute!

Fabulous Fashion Finds said...

OMG, you are so pretty. Can't wait to meet you too.

Michelle said...

I want the hello kitty set too!!!