Saturday, March 20, 2010

Review: ELF Waterproof eyeliner pen, swatches +

First of all - WHAT GIVES. Snow in Texas yet day it's like 70 degrees and t-shirt weather and then the next day, suddenly 30 degrees and snowing! Weather is seriously having an identity crisis. I can see it slowly building up on the front lawn again. *sigh*

As other lovely bloggers have already discovered, E.L.F (Eyes Lips Face) cosmetics are available for instantaneous purchase at TARGET. Love Target. Love their dollar section! Love their clothing! Love their Pro All-things-Hello Kitty-&-DOMO sponsorship!

Well, it's easy to get carried away, but I bought a reasonable 3 products to test out. Today's review features their Waterproof Eyeliner Pen.

The pen is sleek and ergonomic - the lid was a bit annoying (kind of hard to pop off) but I guess as long as it keeps the product from drying out, it might be worth the extra hassle. At only $1 it seemed too good to be true.

ELF waterproof eyeliner pen

The tip is akin to a felt-tip pen and has the ability to draw a thick or thin line

ELF waterproof pen tip

I got excited when I swatched the pen on my arm - the pigmentation seemed decent with only one swipe and was buildable. The swatch on the left has been built up a few strokes while the one on the right is just one swipe.

ELF waterproof eyeliner pen swatch

The real test though, was how well it works on the area intended! My lids are a bit wrinkly to begin with so eyeliner application (especially liquid liners) has always been difficult.

ELF waterproof eyeliner on

ELF waterproof eyeliner on 2 really was too good to be true! For a waterproof eyeliner, this stuff sure didn't stand a chance on or even near my waterline. Granted, some of my disappointment may be due to my lack of skill in precisely applying the liner -- that being said, I was none too impressed.

Pros: CHEAP, unique way to apply liner, supposedly waterproof (some people have said it works really well as a waterproof liner?), sleek design.

Cons: Has a bit of a 'scratchy' feel to it, takes a few applications to build pigment, not good on bottom lid (smudges and wears away lightning fast), might dry up quickly.

I don't recommend it overall - I don't think I'll be using it very much (though I might give it another chance on a rainy day for round 2!) - I much prefer my Revlor Colorstay eyeliner - so much easier to apply, darker, richer color and less hassle with the lid.

Rating: ♥ (2/5)


This Target purchase made me happy. Comes in xs - xxl and it's super cute and a bit western princess! Lovely for a warm Summer day (NOT a frigid winter-y nights such as tonight :( )

Target dress


10 honest facts about myself tag by the feisty & fabulous FortheFierce!

1. I FINALLY am comfortable in my own skin...Literally. After years of covering up my face in liquid/powder/xyz foundation, I have learned to go without and it feels GREAT. I still spot cover if needed and cover up completely on special occasions, but I feel like my skin has improved significantly since I stopped piling things on.

2. If there is one part of myself phsycially that I love, it's my LEGS. :D

3. I sometimes regret that I never had the guts to truly follow my dream - do something awesome like fashion design, graphic design...Creative stuff that I would wake up excited about everyday!

4. I believe in true love.

5. I have a weak spot for ramen noodles, anything with cheese, and spicy foods

6. I am kind of blind. I have the worst vision in the family even though I also was the number one consumer of carrots. If anyone can recommend a place that sells colored contacts for nearly blind people with astigmantism, please share! I have been searching forever! :(

7. I have a strong work ethic and believe that though life isn't always fair, hard work gets you places.

8. I have been burned so many times by 'friends' before - I think I may be a little scarred inside.

9. I play video games sporadically and get hooked quite easily. It's a little embarrassing to whip out my Nintendo DS lite at the airport, and see the 7 yaer old little boy across from me do the same. Oh well, I still rock at TETRIS (I can kick Bowser's A$$!)

10. I'm a natural introvert. I feel like the support here in blogworld and the general environment is so much more positive though, it is easy to open up and feel more like myself.

I'm interested in what everybody has to say, so you're all tagged! :)


Before bedtime, a sweet welcome to DOLL


Shop N' Chomp said...

Thanks for the review! From what I've read in the blogosphere, ELF seems to be hit and miss. =\ Fun tag...I believe in true love and heart ramen too! Love your cute new dress. =D

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Looks like you and I have something in common! I was JUST at Target and found that they had ELF products! :P I didn't buy the eyeliner but I bought a complexion brush from the studio line and a pair of false eyelashes. Most of their items were sold out! Including the waterproof liner.

Aw, the dress is so pretty! I definitely see the "western princess" :) It's very feminine and perfect for a warm day :)

I'm sorry to hear that it's snowing in Texas!! :( That must be a real bummer. I hope it gets warmer soon! Then you can rock out in your cute little dress!

Oh! Don't feel like an idiot with your DS Lite. I have one too!! And I play those games "diner dash" and "collapse" shamelessly! :D

Liana said...

omg i just went to target today and they had up their new e.l.f. display, i was so excited! i got the waterproof pen too, and it definitely is not waterproof bc i did a swatch on my hand and then washed it and it pretty much all came off! im thinking of maybe using it in combination with eyeshadow over it to set it. i also got a bunch of other items too, i'm going to a haul post shortly. Btw, many of your facts about yourself are the same for me too! :)

Anonymous said...

No mention me ME?? :) haha, I picked that dress out for you (it's amanda!) And yeah, I figured that wasn't a good eyeliner pen...I just layered over my studio eyeliner so it looked dark. Seriously, after a lot more experimentation, get the ELF studio eyeliner in black/smoke! It's VERY good, makes my eye color pop, and tracing over with a little black eyeshadow it sticks for a while AND to my waterline! :) And it's only 3 bucks!!

Katie Ngo said...

Awww I'm sure this will be the last of winter! Over here, were gonna have one last snow fall in Minnesota, just don't know when & I'm anxious because I just don't want it to snow as well. :( Thanks for your comment Irene! & yes, nothing better then packages to cheer up a bad week. :) Thanks love. You take care too, & be safe! Keep in touch.


Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

thanks for the review on ELF! seems like they have some great products and then some not so great products. i wish they were more consistent, but that's what you get for $1 products i guess!

i have a weakness for ramen too! i have a DS that i've now put away because when i first got it, i was so addicted to it and played it during all my freetime. i would totally play with you haha! i'm glad you're comfortable in your own skin now 'cause you're gorgeous girl <3

i've tagged you for the I Love Your Blog award. you don't have to do it if you don't want to, but just letting you know! xx

sophia said...

I totally have weakness for anything spicy too! If there's no tabasco or hot sauce to go with my food, sometimes I won't eat >.< Have you ever tried tabasco on fried rice or spaghetti? It's like magical ;p

Hmm that's too bad the eyeliner didn't work out, but at least it was only a buck! I've found that gel liner is the only thing that won't budge, and pretty much every brand of gel liner seems water and oil resistant!

And I have astigmatism too!! There are color contacts, but only in like 2 boring colors (brown and grey)... so I totally feel you on this. do you wear hard contacts? The hard contacts actually stopped my eyes from worsening, and my eyes are in better shape than when I was in high school. BUT, if I stop wearing them they will worsen >.<

anonimous beauty said...

aw man!! i was planning to go to target today, but got lazy at the end. i should've went! didn't know they sell e.l.f. now.. thank god cuz the shipping totally kills the cheapness of the products!

lol i happen to share #3, 4, 7, 9 and kind of 10 with you. when i meet people, i'm an introvert and don't like to talk as much, but once i know you, i'll be a blabbermouth for sure lol.

yumiko said...

thanks for the review. i've been wanting to leave a message on your blog to tell you. i really enjoy you reading my blog

Irene said...

@ShopnChomp - Thank you! I bought a few other "ELF" products so hopefully I can find one of those 'hit' products :)

@RainyDays&Lattes- You're so lucky you were able to get your hands on some brushes! They were completely sold out when I visited... :( I totally HATE snow now... :( And finally, I'm glad I have fellow DS-liters! I LOVE mine to pieces!

@Liana - Can't wait to see your haul/post review!!!

@Katie - I don't even know how you live in Minnesota and deal with the snow! It scares me so much :(

@Anita - aaaah :) That would be great if I could figure out how to connect it to Wi-Fi! I'm sooo electronic-illiterate ;_; Thank you sooo much - and the same goes for YOU!!! Thank you so much for the tag, it's very sweet of you! :)

@Sophia - hahaha unite fellow spicy-holics! Oooh which gel liners do you like? I have only tried MAC though I hear L'Oreal, Wet N' Wild and Maybelline have some version of it now. Also, I wish I could wear hard contacts, but I don't know if I could get used to them! My eyes are super sensitive, I rarely even wear contacts. :(

@Anonimous - I loooove Target! It's always a fun place to go and blow off some steam (and a few well-spent bucks!) I'm totally like you in that I'm shy at first, but open up later!

@Yumi - Thank you soooo much for the award!! I will do the tag soon, when I get my free day Thursday :) I love reading your blog as well, it is always so interesting and Kawaii! ;)

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