Thursday, March 25, 2010

I ♥ Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick +

This is a followup to my initial review on Maybelline Moisture Extreme lipstick in Sugar Plum Ice HERE.


Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick

Lipstick flash

No flash

No flash

I purchased these during the BOGO sale at Walgreens!

My collection now consists of: Sugar Plum Ice, Born with it, Windsor Rose, Sweet Ginger, & Peach Colada

Here are the swatches

Maybelline Moisture Extreme swatches

**And on the lips**

From my previous post, Sugar Plum Ice - shimmery, baby pink.

Maybelline Moisture Extreme A12 on


Born with it - Like its namesake, a very natural, subtle, sheer pinky color. YLBB

Born with it


Windsor Rose - a bright, cool-toned punchy pink. I didn't think I could pull off cooler toned pinks, but it actually looks really gorgeous & dolly on!

Windsor Rose


Sweet ginger - I like this color A LOT - a great color for the Fall or matched with an earth-toned outfit. I actually might still have a trace of Peach Colada on my lips (thus the kind of coral-y shimmer in the flash pic) Mmm...reminds me of chai tea for some reason.

Sweet Ginger


Peach Colada - This one looked super promising and bright in the tube! Maybe it was the base I was using or maybe it just isn't that pigmented... :/ Either way, it just did NOT want to stick to my lips. Even after swiping it a few times, still no dice. It's still a pretty subtle shade in the 'coral' family. I'd still use it on a nice Summer day! :)

Peach Colada


Ok. Feeling lazy, will swatch Peach Colada later. (Maybe in the Summer when I'll actually sport it!) ***UPDATED - added swatch above 3/28*** Nude blush was all sold out, but I'll be on the hunt for it next time I'm stalking the makeup aisle during sale time! Strange observation: I noticed they sell a wider range of colors at the drugstores over Target.

Pros: Super affordable, very moisturizing, SPF15, gorgeous colors, tastes yummy
Cons: Not very long wearing

I am completely taken by this line! It's no wonder other bloggettes have raved about these too - there is a reason! If you're a n00b at lipstick like I am, you'll appreciate the fact that again, these lipsticks don't feel like lipstick on the lips. As previously mentioned, I hate anything but Aquaphor sitting on my lips, so it's pretty amazing that I actually enjoy wearing these lipsticks!

Rating: (5/5)


Chronic dry-lippers REJOICE!!!


Although I have received this award previously, I would like to thank Sharlene for all her crazy thoughtfulness in bestowing the sunshine award on me again! :) Recently, I have needed more sunshine in my life, and it really made me feel all types of awesome inside.

In turn, I want to give this to everybody since you guys have also brought sunshine into my life too!

Thanks for the blog love Rachel, Chamorrita & pwincessanna



adin_22 (陳亞任) said...

I have this lippies when it was sold 9o%off at rite aid, I hadn't use it yet...gonna look for it now...I love the born with it on you....

Serenie S. said...

OOOH pretty! You have nice lipppps.
I love BOGO sales. I love sales period! Hahaha!

sophia said...

Aww haha I wanted to see peach colada,and that's the one you left out! lol. Hope you post it soon! Tastes yummy huh? hehe!

Yea, I find that the staying power of any brand l/s I've tried isn't that great after my breakfast and morning coffee, but I supposed that's not so bad b/c I'd be worried about what chemicals they use to make it stick to your lips!

I was actually gonna do a lipstick swatch post soon too ^_^

glitteryeyesxx said...

Wow, those colors look kinda neat. From my previous experiences with Maybelline, though, it does sound that it wouldn't be very long-lasting. It's kind of weird how much more different the lip color looks WITH flash (& w/out). So thanks for showing us both aspects!

And yes, I'm handling the panic attacks as best as I can. At least I'm trying to fake it until I make it, lol. You're sooo kind! Thanks for your words. I hope things are going GREAT for you, as well =)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Congrats on the award! This is totally tempting me....wah! They all look so gorgeous on you. =D

TKOmulatta said...

very pretty lippies.. i love the peach shade in particular!

LittoMokaa said...

Hye Irene! Thans for the comment on my blog! I like the Sugar plum shade but I don't really like the frosty finish =/ I've been looking for a baby pink lippie with a cream finish ;) Great review you have there sweetie!


For The Fierce said...

born with it, & sugar plum ice looks like my type of shades =]

Liana said...

i really want to try born with it!

Susie said...

You make me want to grab more lippies! I think I may need to get Born With It! Such a pretty color.

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I like Sweet Ginger! It's so pretty :D Maybelline lipsticks are really nice. I remember using the moisture extreme ones years ago :D

Stephanie said...

the look so pretty on you. it's making me want to try some especially since you liked it for dry lipped ladies. have you tried the rimmel moisture ones? i'm liking those so far except for the smell

Irene said...

@adin_22 - Lucky!!! You must have gotten a steal on it! :) I think Born with it would look great on anybody!

@Serenie - Yes yes yes! I love sales too...and thanks, I just am portraying lips from best possible angle ;)

@Sophia - Yessss, they do taste good! haha Can't wait for your swatches on your gorgeous lips!!!

@Glitteryeyesxx - Just take deep breaths and tackle one thing at a time - I've missed you on blogworld and I hope you do feel better soon. School is stressful enough as is!

@Lisa - Thank you! I'm still intimidated by Peach Colada (it's the loudest haha) but we'll see...and just in case, Walgreens has a great return policy on cosmetics!

@TKOmulatta :) Thank you! Are you talking about the peach one on the far right that I am too lazy to post lol?

@LittleMokaa - No problem! Good luck w/ your search! The sugar plum ice is very...silvery. :) If you aren't careful it can = porn star!!! :X

@FortheFierce - I can see those shades on you too!!! :D

@Liana - You should! It's a great everyday color!

@Susie - You were the lovely lady who introduced me to them in the first place...THANKS!!!! :D And def. try the Born with it, a great natural everyday color!

@Cydia - Hello beautiful! Yeah, the 5 years did suck...and my problem was I hung around too long afterwards when it should have been long over! Good luck w/ K hehe hope you had a good chat ;)

@Rainydays&Lattes - I love it too...I just wish I could wear it more in the Spring! :D Are you still getting good mileage out of them?

@Stephanie! Yes they are awesome for dry lips! I haven't tried the Rimmel Moisture ones - which colors do you recommend?

xbbkay said...

those lipsticks look like LOOVE! i cant wait to go check them out now. I'm really liking Windsor Rose.

Thanks for sharing!

loveamoretto said...

I totally want to try this now. I've always bought MAC lippies but they flake on me. Here's to hoping I'll like them as much as you do! :)

Sharlene Kay said...

sweeeeeet ginger!! so sparkly and pretty do u use anything as a base? the colors look so vibrant when i wear lipstick the color never shows up i gotta swipe it like 10x lol


LOLanne said...

i loooove maybelline lippies... theyre one of the few lip lines that im not allergic to sooo i have most of their lippies in pink/nude tones!


Irene said...

@xbbkay - No problem! I have to find special time to wear Windsor Rose, but I will make use of it I swear lol!

@Loveamoretto - I also can't wear MAC - they flake on my dry lips too and just leave white lines all over the place - yuck! :) I hope it works out for you!

@Sharlene - I just used some of the "ELF" therapeutic lip balm in strawberry cream! It worked out just fine - the Color fades quickly and I did swipe at least 2-3x across my lips to get the full color! However, at the end of the day, it still leaves a pinky stain that looks nice :)

@LOLanne - Glad to have fellow Maybelline Lippie fan!!! :D Which ones are your favorites? ;)

tina said...

Cute blog. I just found your blog out. Thanks for the review on the lippies. Now I want to go grab some for myself. They look so nice on you.

Ok take care...


Jess said...

Anything with SPF gets bonus points in my books :) great review, I've been looking for a natural looking coral tone and the one here seems like a good one!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I bought some the pink ones @ my local drug stores! :D

I am just moving a few streets from where I live but it's still a drag! =P

For The Fierce said...

Thank you hun for your comment on my last post, love the support <333

yumiko said...

hey hunni!
thanks for the comment. it's just been really rough for me. but i like the lipstick reviews! i like the first one. which one is your favorite?

Jo said...

I love your lips! They make all the lipsticks look good! I especially love sugarplum on you. I went to read your review on it and I also have very dry and chapped lips that keeps peeling no matter how much lip balm I apply. That's why I seldom wear lipstick too coz it's ugly to emphasise the cracked lines and I hate e feel of lippies on my lips. Maybe I should check out if our local drugstore carris this range of Maybelline.