Friday, March 5, 2010

Retro Tag, Blog Award & Surprise gift!

The gorgeous Ms. Kate Gene's posted this on her recent blog and tagged all of her following readers!

** Retro Tag! **

1. Post a picture from your childhood (less than 13 yrs old).
2. Write about the picture.
3. Tag your friends and readers.

I actually found a few photos that brought back some really good memories:

Apple picking
Apple orchards - a Fall standard in Michigan. The apple trees in this orchard were so low to the ground! This is right before we ran into a huge dog that freaked me out. (I'm in the pink & older sis is in blue!)

Bikini buddies
My older sis & I having a blast in the kiddie pool! I love how we are rocking "side-tie" string bikinis!!! The nice thing about Michigan was the change of seasons.

Artsy Irene
I always LOVED "Art Castle" - a pottery painting place back in MI - always had a creative side! This particular visit was for my b-day party! I painted a silver cat on a pink pillow and followed with a glitter gloss coating. Things really don't change that much lol!

Sometimes I really miss being a kid - life was so worry-free, not a care in the world!


So happy!!! The beautiful & talented Nikki passed on this lovely award to me - thanks again hun, what a nice surprise after a long day at work! :)

1. Post the logo on your Blog
2. Pass it to 12 bloggers that inspire you!
3. Link the bloggers and let them know!!

Everyone of these ladies here is equally deserving as they have all inspired me! (I didn't re-tag a lot of the other ladies that inspire me, though they deserve it all the same! (aka Sophia, Sharlene, Nikki, etc...)

1. Yumiko aka "Yumi"
2. Khristine aka "Khris"
3. Saaamage
Jessica Mai
5. DSK Steph
6. KoreanSushi
7. Glitteryeyesxx
9. For the Fierce
11. Anita
12. Kate Gene


I was so surprised to see a random & unexpected package on my doorstep today! My Houston friend Le-Minh had sent me a very special love package from out of the blue! She claims it is a much belated b-day present (at this rate, it is more of an early b-day present than a belated one lol) but it was so sweet & thoughtful!!!

I love all the pink stuffing! Easter came early this year ;)

Love package 1

My heart melted when I saw the card (and even more when I read message inside!)

Aloha Hello Kitty

Adorable magnets!

Cute magnets

I'm actually kind of obsessed with stickers. These are super kawaii!

Kawaii stickers

Sweet, girly half-apron!


I am so excited for our girls trip in April -- Girly movies, Spa trip, Skiing, Hot Springs & pigging out are on the itinerary so far...


Another warm hello to Molly Tamale (love the name!!)


Samantha said...

The magnets are soooo CUTE!

The pictures of your childhood are sooo awesome. Amazing quality, it's like I'm there... lol

Thanks for tagging me love!
You rock my socks ;) haha

RandomnessWithKhris said...

i always love reading your blog! i didn't even know you had tagged me :) You're too sweet!

and i looove those stickers you got! they are SOOOO kawaii! my daughter's were like so cutte!! lol :) i love getting suprises!

totally loving that apron too! :)

ipehishere said...

aww soo cute pictures :)

yumiko said...

awww. thanks irene! you are so sweet and lovely. and your baby pics are cute as well...i wish i was a kid again! =)

LittoMokaa said...

Hahaha love your bikini! XD Cute pictures! :D

For The Fierce said...

awww thanx luv <3 will try try to get to it soon

Jo said...

I love the cute as a button magnet and the kawaii pop up stickers!

Did you add on any effect to your childhood photos? I love the colour contrast of them. A little of a lomo feel!

Susie said...

You look so cute in that pink goodie, aha. So small! Thanks for the tag :D Those magnets & stickers are so cute! & of course the Hello Kitty card!

Serena said...

{*AwwWw} You look so adorable in your pink coat.
I remember those kiddie pools!! It was just a big bathtub but the water level in those kiddie pools were usually always lower than in a tub. Can't really swim in those kiddie pools. I don't know why I thought they were so much fun back then. Maybe it's because you get to take a bath [with a swim suit] outside [?].

The stickies and magnets are too cute. I love those bubble stickers. Funny thing is whenever I buy stickers, I like them so much that I usually never use them.

Oh and thanks for the award! =]

Jessica Mai : said...

What a cute idea!
& thanks for the tag m'dear :)
I have a little award for you on my blog.

eeep! You are sooo cute! Love your orange string bikini grrrrl :)

& I too, always wish to go back to being a carefree kid. Oh well, gotta remember not take life so serious it will keep us young at heart.

Jess Mai

Rachel said...

Those pics are SO cute!! I also really love those stickers you got! So kawaii!!

Btw, I tagged you in my most recent post! I hope you can check it out! <3

LittoMokaa said...

Hey Irene~!
Thanks for the lovely comment! You may find Laneige's water sleeping pack on too ^_^ I think there is one left. They have free shipping! :D

Good Luck!

Irene said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Irene said...

@Samantha - Thank YOU for all the inspiration - I love your videos & tutorials and your fun attitude!

@Khristine - My Hot Mama! So amazed at how you take care of a whole family and still look so amazing!

@Yumi - Thank you so much! :) Although we cannot go back in time, at least we can remain young at heart!

@LittleMokaa - Thanks & Thanks (hehe) for the tip on the Laniege water pack. I am really looking forward to using it though I might wait until Sasa restocks the Dolly Wink so I can save on shipping ;)

@FortheFierce - love your don't-mess-with-me confident attitude! I could use a page from your handbook every now and then ;)

@Jo - Thank you dear! No photoshop effects - just old pics lol!

@Susie - Thank you for all your awesome makeup inspirations & your fun

@Serena - You are always so sweet! And you are so like me - I had a sticker collection which I would refuse to actually 'use' -- now I feel a little more liberated and stick them on everything though lol!

@Jessica Mai - Thank you so much for the tag!!! :D I am in LOVE with your sense of humor - so spunky & fun!

@Rachel - You are so incredibly SWEET! Thanks for the tag! Keep on with your jewelry, it is gorgeous!

DiWiMakeup said...

Fun tag! Definitely a nostalgic feel to it. Also diggin' the cute stickers-- I probably wouldn't want to use 'em, for fear of running out. lol

xo, Diana

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

AW your photos are adorable!! i love the one with you and your sister, you two look so happy and cute! :D

thanks for the tag girl! <33

Irene said...

@Diana - I am going to have a hard time using them, but I will convince myself that it is necessary!!!

@Anita - Those were good times ^_^ And you deserve it!!! :)

Kate Gene said...

Thank you so, so, so much for including me on your list. That means a lot to me. :) BTW, I love that you did the retro tag! How cute are your pictures? You and your sister were bathing suit models in the making! LOL!