Monday, March 1, 2010

Review: Tarina Tarantino Dollskin blush in Parasol and blush comparison

I think I need to join blushaolics anonymous - I just realized that I have a ton of blush, most of which have been neglected underneath the bathroom sink. Upon the sad realization that my 6-year old NARS Orgasm blush had been reduced to a strange rock-like substance, I also have acquired the title of Sad-girl-that-can't-bring-herself-to-throw-away-ancient-makeup. ;_;

...A moment of silence for this wondrous yet now defunct product...


Now onto the younger, sexier (can it get any sexier?), PINKer, replacement

Tarina Tarantino blush

Tarina Tarantino compact

Tarina Tarantino blush Parasol

So how does this beautifully packaged & sinfully soft wannabe measure up?

Lets compare in chart-form (Descriptions from respective companies)

Blush review
Okay, maybe Nuance doesn't really fit in here, but it's still nice to compare! :)

Swatch form in natural lighting w/o flash

Blush natural light

And with flash in "indoor" lighting

Blush Swatch

Blush swatch 2

I guess you could say that I am missing the "coral" part of the description - I do see the bright pink. As you can see, it is the HOT-PINKest of the batch, making it quite unique. (The yellow-toned lights in my bathroom definitely tone down the bright pinky color) I LOVE my NARS Deep Throat and this color probably is most similar to it - but with a little more pink. It also lacks the strong gold undertones of TheBalm's Hot Mama which makes it more versatile.

Side note: At Sephora, Parasol was the most popular color...only 2 more left on the shelf!

Comparison of blushes in pan form - Still looks like you get more product with the NARS blushes, but the oval compact is still so pretty & girly...


Final verdict: On cheeks!

Parasol blush on

Pretty pink flush! Not too overpowering at all if applied with a light hand...


So yes, I think the purchase was worth every penny. I can see myself reaching for this blush multiple times!


A big pinkhearted welcome to Anita of swtexcape (she has a very lovely blog, check it out!) and the lovely Gaby (fellow beauty enthusiast!)


Liana said...

omg that is so pretty! i will definitely think about getting this now, the packaging is gorgeous!

Sharlene Kay said...

ooh pretty! damn can the case be any cuter? i dont use blush (bronzer obsessed lol) but would def get that just to have that aahhhh-dorable compact in my purse=)


LittoMokaa said...

OMG the color is beautifuuul! The case even more <3 LOL =P Thanks for sharing! :D

ipehishere said...

LOL i dont hv any blush right now! just lost my blush lastweek ! :(

thanks for sharing.. ^^

sophia said...

Irene OMG I thought i was the only one with non-pierced ears!! I wear clip-ons :p

For the pancake - no salt. If you use kimchee, it will already have a lot of flavor in it. For dipping sauce to make more flavorul, you can mix soy sauce, sesame oil, white vinegar, crushed red pepper, sesame seed and chopped green onion :) Let me know how it turns out if you make it!!

Susie said...

Omg that case is too cute! Hahaha :) I really like NARS Deepthroat! Such a pretty color.

アイ said...

i must confess another blush-aholic here. thanks for the swatch comparisons, i will definitely pay this one a visit the next time i visit sephora :)

adin_22 (陳亞任) said...

I'm a blush addict too...and I'm not suppose to get a new blush but I so want the tarina tarantino blush & gloss mainly for the packaging...

Miss Nikka said...

I love your blog more XD

Thanks for following and leaving a comment<3

Anyways, I love all those blushes you swatched! I only have Nars Deep Throat and I love it. Thats blush looks natural on you<3 I will check out the Tarina Tarantino line, the packaging is just sooo glamorous! :)

Anonymous said...

wow this is amazzing!

vivien said...

I just randomly came across your blog and I wanted to let you know that I <3 it!! Thanks for all the swatches!
The packaging on the TT Blush is to dieee for! Too cute T_T.

Following now! :)
Oh and hello from a fellow Texan! hehe

Serena said...

This is a crazy blush collection. such a variety.
I recently started liking blush. Never had much interest in it before. Funny how the first blush I got recently was NARS Orgasm blush. =P
I think the oval shape does look more pretty and girly. I like the overall packaging of your Tarina Tarantino blush. Thanks for the swatches/review.

RandomnessWithKhris said...

i am loving your blush collection! i think i'm slowly turning into a blush addict! yikes!

i saw this the other day when i went to sephora but wasn't too sureif i should get another blush lol.. but after seeing this - i just might!!!!!! :)

sophia said...

Irene... THANK YOU.

Gonna send you email cuz too personal to post for all!

Jessica Mai : said...

verrrry purrrrty!

I have an addiction/obsession with blushes.
Im always attracted to pink blush with glitters.
Mac dainty, Mac Springsheen, Nars Orgasm, Nars Deepthroat...the list goes on & on

Im trying sooo hard to stop myself from expanding the collection...but Im loving the look of this Tarina T blush :)

Do it!! & Ill send you some pretty earrings :)
I promise! :)

Jess Mai

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

aw thanks for the shoutout girl! xx

i love this post of yours! it's funny b/c i have many of the same shades as you.. like Deep Throat, Orgasm, Hot Mama to name a few! looks like we have the same taste in colours hehe <3

For The Fierce said...

It's really pretty!


yumiko said...

the blush matches you perfectly. and the casing is so pretty!

sophia said...

speaking of yesstyle.. i think i will wear my chiffon blouse from them tomorrow..

I can't visit their site anymore b/c it always ends badly... as in $250 out my pocket each time >_< no bueno!

Serena said...

In my previous post I wish it was my own lashes. {*tear} I'm wearing falsies. Ones that are just meant to be worn on the outer corner. I wish I found a mascara that did that to my lashes. I'm thinking about buying Fiber Wig. Have you tried it before?

YES! I am Canto! whoa... How did you find out my last name? [my email addy huh?] I'm trying to make a new email specifically for blogging. Feels weird having my full name everywhere. {*heehee} It is a rare last name. Some people ask if I'm Korean. Supposedly it's a Korean last name too. Do you get that often?

Oh and thanks for all the sweet compliments. I wish my skin was glowing everywhere. I've been having a mini break out on my forehead [covered by my bangs] and my chin. =/ Luckily I used my Laneige strawberry peeling gel last night and it helped a lot.

hiewman said...

love your blog :D!

augustalolita said...

i love her!! i didnt know she had a make up line!! i love it!! its such a pretty color!!

Susie said...

I have a Canon Rebel XT :)

StuddedLilly said...

pretty color!! 'lovely blog :)


vanillabeanlatte said...

your blog is so informative! :) the colour on your lips is gorgeous! what lip product are you using?

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