Friday, March 12, 2010

Houston Rodeo and Japanese dollar store bling

Caution: Just viewing pictures from post may cause your arteries to spontaneously combust. Ugh. :( I promised myself this is the last food 'splurge' for a very very long time. Seriously bad for me.

**SUPER Pic heavy**

The Houston Rodeo is a yearly event with big headlining country, non-country, and teen sensation type musical acts (Black Eyed Peas, Lady Antebellum, The Jonas Bros, Mary J. Blige, etc.), a carnival, crazy amounts of artery-clogging food, and of course, real-life Rodeo events (horse/pig/cattle show & auction, roping, bull riding, barrel-racing, mutton-busting etc.)

Houston Rodeoscape

Texas Rodeo Skillet

Houston rodeo

We got down to business immediately! FOOD!!!

Here is a list of the sampled goods:
  • Deep fried OREOS
  • Deep fried Cookie dough
  • Deep fried Tiramisu
  • Deep fried Moon Pie
  • Chicken fried bacon (you heard that right!)
  • Alligator on a stick (tasted like chicken)
  • Deep fried frog legs (tasted like chicken)
  • Deep fried bloomin' onion
  • Sausage on a stick
  • Funnel cake
  • Turkey leg
  • Roasted corn with butter & cayenne pepper
Chicken Fried Bacon
Chicken fried bacon

A selection of fried goodies
Fried foods

Fried Oreos
Fried oreos

My thoughts exactly

Funnel cake


I guess it is what you would call a semi-risky experience? (at least to me, this is what qualifies as 'risky') I'll probably never do this again though. Made me all types of sick afterwards. :(


The petting zoo was kind of lame compared to last year. I have a strange fascination with petting zoos, probably because I never was allowed to have a pet as a child. As my sister described it, all my pictures are of me 'excitedly petting seemingly indifferent animals' LOL! Truth. These are last year's pics just b/c it was so crazy crowded and I didn't want to wait in line this year.

Petting zoo

This goat was interested in the leaf-shaped tassles on my purse

Goat attack

This chick looked like she had some major eyelashes going on
Eyelash chick


My favorite part of the Rodeo was not the food, but the ambiance - all the bright, cheerful colors and pretty lights (please ignore my dorkiness :P)


Rodeo games

My BF thinks that these stuffed carnival toys are impregnated with bug eggs
Kitty toys

Colorful condiments

Colorful lights

Funnel cake love


Finally, there is a relatively new store in the Bellaire area of Houston that stocks tons of cute Japanese products for reasonable prices! (It's called FIT - they have an online store too with products ranging from $2-$10 (soooo many cute Bento boxes!), discount code 5555 for 5% off your order! ^_^)

I picked up a few things to bling out my gear:

I Stitch!!!

Stitch bling

Very Spring-ish ~ Flowers & hearts
Hearts and flowers


XoXo to Carmen, My-My (she's super artistic!), samebrightsky, Kimmi, KayCee, lanenatraviesa2, pdlauj, Shelly-Ann, and Charlotte!



Liana said...

omg i think i just gained 10 lbs. looking at that food list! looks like you had fun though! :)

sophia said...

I just ate dinner... but my mouth is watering looking at the food pics! I love fried food!! And a lot of those items are really unique, and you can't find them in SF! I always hear about funnel cake, and I want to try it one day. Hmmm.. I think I'm gonna go rummage for a [not as tasty as your fried foods!] snack now..

Hehe and you look so cute with the hot pink guitar! Oh that reminds me - the l/s I'm wearing in my recent post is Rimmel "Pink Champagne" - it's VERY bright, and is only suitable for weekends haha. I don't think I could even wear it out the house in daylight actually..

Serena said...

Food that jumped out at me: deep fried TIRAMISU, Alligator on a stick, and Funnel cake [cause they are just so yummy]. I've never heard of deep fried tiramisu before. Sounds so bad but yummy at the same time. I heard Alligator meat is a must try.

random comment: Alligator meat at Disney World, Florida is like the turkey leg at Disneyland in CA.

I wish there were fairs in Northern California. Feels like there is nothing ever in this area. >=I Or maybe I'm just not looking hard enough. I enjoy the lights, the atmosphere and the food. Looks like you had a lot of fun. [Even though the petting zoo pictures were from last year.]

What are you petting in the first picture at the petting zoo? It looks like a baby kangaroo. So cute. I want to pet one.

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

This is something I would see on food network or travel channel! :) The foods look outrageously crazy! Deep fried everything to the masses :D It must be a fun experience. I've once traveled to San Antonio for the Fiesta festival?! :p It's around April or May and it was crazy too! Fried foods and all :p

misscindee said...

Hi Irene,

Thx for the comment =) Im luving ur blog too and all the food you posted on this entry. Looks like you had a lot of fun! We also have something like that every year in July. Have you heard of the Calgary Stampede? Its the only time of the year that this damn city becomes alive. lol*
Did you win any prizes? =D

Susie said...

I wish had that type of thing here! :( I heard that deep fried twinkies are really good? Hahahah. I want to try the deep fried cookie dough! Mmmm, sounds so fattening & yummy :) Bahahah. That little chick is tooooooo cute! I'd stick one in my pocket & take it home, ahah.

Nikki said...

Hiiii Irene!
Omg~ I absolutely agree with Liana 100% hehe! YUMMMY!

that looks so fun! we actually kinda have those here in Cali. Except it's called like CalExpo. hehe! btw, I'm hella loving the blings.. sooo adorable!

ohhh before i forget to tell you. I picked up the MAC stuff that i'll be selling & i have mostly e/s, blushes & a couple of lipglass


Carmen said...

haha that's Texas for ya. Did you goto the State Fair? I ate so much crap there and got really sick afterwards (so I feel your pain). I know how hard it is to resist too crazy about the "fried butter". I just felt like I was eating dough with butter splattered on it. btw did you just go to Houston for vacation? I thought you lived in Dallas.

Carmen said...

I meant I wasn't too crazy about the "fried butter". Eh.. my lack of typing skills..

Timeless Fashionista said...

Funnel Cakes?! I looove those. Unfortunately they only have them at ihop in the summer or of course at fairs. Cute blog!


For The Fierce said...

Hey mama, tagged you for something on my blog.


For The Fierce said...

hey, I tagged you on something, check it out my latest post <3

glitteryeyesxx said...

Hey babe!

Wow, those food look soo delicious. I'm actually salivating just a bit. Your page makes me feel so happy!!! Food and pink! *sighs in bliss* =)

Ohhh man, I'm SOOOO PISSSSSED. I can't believe that I fell for all that "hype" about Cutesygirl. It's cuz I saw it on EVERY YouTube guru's channel, how they just kept praising and raving about it. So I decided for myself to make a purchase. I guess this is what I get for trusting in other ppl to HONESTLY give their opinion about a company. I'm going to be REALLY weary from now on, if I hear/see reviews on companies that they were sent FREE stuff to. Nobody in their right mind can truthfully be honest in that sort of circumstance!!!

I miss the on-line blogging world, siiigh. I went PRIVATE for awhile because I had some major stalker issues. Apparently, somebody I know (or don't? But he/she knows me a lot about me??) kept pestering me on my Formspring box.

Kym said...

i wish we had rodeos here... i'd love me some chicken fried bacon (i didn't even know there was such a thing! haha) and some deep fried oreos...... then do a body cleansing for the next 5 years. hahaha! ;P

oh and yes, i've been to my mom is a fob, as well as my dad is a fob, as well as asian poses (i submitted a collage there once hahaha)

ko0ty said...

That looks fun! I wish they had that kinda stuff here too. I've been tryig to convince my BF to go to Texas with me the past year because I've been obsessing with the place lately. I've never been down south too... you guys seem to have the best FOOD! nomnomnom.

Irene said...

@Liana - Thank you so much :)

@Sophia - aaaaah no late night rummaging!!! :( I think SF is super health conscious (if I can recall) - if you ever want to visit Texas, I will take you to all the fatty food hot spots and I swear you probably will never want to take another bite of it again lol. Thanks for sharing your lippie secret - it does look so pretty in pics!

@Serena - surely you must be joking - California is the most happenin' place in the US!!! :D These events in TX are usually only once a year and there aren't really too many others I can think of that draw as huge of a crowd. I really have no idea what I am petting lol.

@Rainy Days - I've only been to San Antonio once - that does sound like fun, I think every major city in Texas has at least one 'big event' every year!

@MissCindee - I don't think I have heard of the Calgary Stampede, but it sounds equally as fun! :) I didn't win any prizes, but I saw a ton of kids dragging around stuffed animals twice their size!

@Susie - YES, the deep fried cookie dough was good, but I'm still with the Oreos. They had Twinkies but I really had to pass this year.

@Nikki - Thanks so much for the link! :) California really has guys have it made!

@Carmen - You got to try the fried butter???? Aaaah! Lucky gal! I did go to the State Fair, but it was kind of rainy that day...sad. :( Do you like in Dallas?

@Timeless Fashionista - thanks!!!

@For the Fierce - Thank you so much for the tag!!! I'll get to it soon, I just have to think up a few interesting things lol

@glitteryeyesxx - I missed you!!!! I still can't believe you had to put up with crappy service, that is my nightmare - ordering something and then having to deal with the company if things don't go smoothly or they sell me a crap product. Ugh. Even worse, stalker! I hope that's all cleared up now though, and it's nice to see you back!

@Kym - Lol I would send you some, but it would be one nasty soggy mess haha I've never checked out 'asian poses' I need to do that stat!

@ko0ty - lol COME to Texas! Actually, only if you do have plans to eat and shop. I still haven't seen the best my state has to offer!

Carmen said...

I like Dallas, it's a good place to live. I actually live in Fort Worth though because of school (TCU).

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