Sunday, March 28, 2010

Review: ELF Plumping Lip Glaze in Baby Doll +

Lots of lip product reviews lately - Sorry if you're tired of staring at my lips, lol. I promise more diversity coming in the near future! ;) Also added Peach Colada review to my previous entry in case you were wondering about the color on the lips!

Onwards to the review!

ELF plumping lip glaze baby doll


*Description (from the E.L.F. site)*

Forget costly Collagen injections, or those painfully stinging glosses, stimulate your senses to a refreshed full perfect pout with e.l.f. Plumping Lip Glaze! e.l.f. proudly presents a revolutionary lip plumper, infusing natural ingredients that awaken your senses for fresh, volume enhanced, and moisturized lips. This dual sided Plumping Lip Glaze has a tinted color for a subtle plump or a clear gloss that power plumps your lips, use together and instantly feel the lip enlarging effects!


Still can't find deals like this anywhere! Again, $1!!! Drives me crazy with happiness. The double sided wand lets you select whether or not you want super plump lips or just semi-plump lips:

ELF plumping lip glaze wand

After reading the review on the site, I thought sure no problem! No painful stinging! I generously lathered some of the white plumper on my lips = instant STING! LOL. Albeit, it was nice and minty, but it kind of burns your lips a little. Nothing I couldn't handle and it wasn't painful, but if your lips are sensitive BE WARNED! Thankfully, it subsides in a bit and you are free to apply the other side of the gloss.

ELF plumping lip glaze in baby doll

I didn't notice major plumping; my lips are already kind of pillow-y so it was hard to tell for sure if they poofed up or not. After looking for awhile, I concluded that there was a minor plumping effect on both the top and bottom lips.

Baby Doll is a very pretty, subtle color with a hint of pink and tiny silver sparkles. Again, I'm the type of person that doesn't like things on her lips, and this was just fine -- it wasn't too sticky and it lasted a few hours!

Pros: Mild-moderate plumping effect, pretty & versatile color, wears for at least a few hours, not too sticky/tacky, very affordable
Cons: Definite stinging/possible irritation, not as pigmented
(but it isn't really meant to be very pigmented, as it is described as a tinted lip color), Applicator a little stiff

Rating: (4/5)

I'm not sure how often I'd actually wear the plumper side of the product, but the glaze itself is lovely and I will definitely repurchase. For this price, it is a STEAL!


For all you foodies out there, RESTAURANT.COM is running a promotion where you can buy some of their awesome gift certificates (save $25 off of a $45 meal after 18% gratuity automatically added - still a pretty sweet deal) - for only $2!!! Usually, they are like $10 for a $25 gift certificate. Just use the coupon code COOK at checkout! My family and I always stock up during these sales, hehe...


I love Dim Sum Sundays at home! My Mom is the BEST COOK EVER - homemade "Pei-Don Jook" with crunchy bread (I can't spell out the Chinese name, it translates something like "straight oil"?!)


Can't forget dash of Maggi & white pepper!
Sunday Dim Sum


Hello to MeiBelle, Ms. Viafara, Tina, Sweetfurr, AlyssaMae, Pak4U, Fashion Geek, Dramaramas, Candy & Jen!

Good night all you beauties ~ I wish you a wonderful week!



lovelyviolet5 said...

The pink lipstick looks gorgeous!!!!

Susie said...

I acutally can see that your lips did get a tiny bit more plump! I really like the color though =)

Wow dim sum Sundays!? I'm jealous! Hahaha.


wow, $2 restaurant certificates.. super cheap!! and i love that chinese donut stuff! ur making me hungry... ! ><

sophia said...

OMG I had that donut with porridge before, only once, and it was magical!! I'm so impressed that your mom can make all that! You're so lucky :)

And I've used like 10 times ~ I love that site! Haven't gotten any new coupons in awhile, so this is a good reminder!

I love ELF $1 stuff too.. have you tried the luscious liquid lipstick in the Bark color? It's like my fav product from them! I like the color of the plumping one you got, but my skin is ultrasensitive so I definitely couldn't use this >.<

xbbkay said...

you have pretty lips. LOL. and $1.00 lipgloss? i didn't know that even existed! GOOD bargin!

and the food looks good. I'm so craving DimSUM nOw... :( :(

now i'm hungry..

Missy Hii said...

I enjoy reading your blog!!<3 gonna add to my fav!xoxo

PetiteAsianGirl said...

WHAT - homemade dim sum Sundays? Those words go straight to my heart - I am cantonese and love, love dim sum. I make a pretty mean congee too : )

Love the review on a very affordable prodcut...I'm just starting to experiment with makeup so it definitely helps to see beauty bloggers review stuff that's so affordable! I love your blog and layout - so clean and professional looking.

misscindee said...

$1?? that's crazy! i used lip venom and that costs me $17. yikes!

tessatham said...

love the lip colour and omg pei dan !!! yumm

Pop Champagne said...

awww just checked too bad is only for US!! and yeah ELF is surprisingly cheap and not bad for $1 eh!? ;)

Kym said...

so don't be surprised if i drop by your house one sunday for dim sum sunday. hahaha!

boooooooo! has forgotten about us canadians. sniff :(

and yes... $1 items at ELF.. can't go wrong! Except.. again... they've neglected the canadians cus shipping to us is like triple the amount AND it takes forever!

Really Petite said... dim sum and that bread is DELISH!!! I can't believe the deal on that lipgloss...must have :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Jook and yau ja gway are soo yummers! Yay to Mom XD The ELF lippie looks really pretty on you. I love too...hehe!

tina said...

OOooh yummy..those bread or however you call it. I tried making them when we used to have a store but instead it turn out something else but still yummy. I love them. So good yet so fatty because of the oil. haha Did you mom made them?

I'm telling keep making me wanting to get my hand on those lippies review you keep on doing..hehehe I love it...!

Serena said...

You may think I'm a piggy but the first thing that caught my eye was... $2 coupon for!?!?! I hope it's still going on. HEAVEN!! I LOVE FOOD. Thank you for sharing. I am going to try to stock up on this. I think this site is great for trying out new restaurants. =]

I don't mind all your lip product reviews. It's kind of nice. I've never been much of a lip product person so reading/seeing reviews is making me more willing to try some. I think your lips look sexy.

I've always called the crunchy bread thing a Chinese doughnut. But it's straight and not a circle. It is kind of a doughnut though if you think about how its made. =P

<3 Serena.

xbbkay said...

the BLACK PEARl , My Beauty Diary mask is suppose to be really good. From the research i've done, it's one of the most popular. i WOULD tear that package apart now if i weree you. LOL

i don't exacly have hook up. I have to wait until my friend goes back to home (china) for summer vacation. I wont get the sheets until she comesback here to CAD, which is in SEPT. :( i guess i'l jus have to suffer heavy shipping cost for now. hehe

loveamoretto said...

That food is mad YUM! I want some now. :(

Jonesy said...

Great post. wow @ the results!! I really like your blog : ) I am a new follower.

Please check out my blog as well when you get a chance.

Sidney Son said...

OMG so yummy!!!!!!
My mom is a great cook too and I haven't had some of her cooking in like almost 6 months!! :(
I love congee and that oily bread thing. IDK what it's called.


Rock Georgia Roll said...

cute blog
u have amazing photos,
gonna follow u, follow me if you like mine, its realy new !!

Cyd said...

thanks for your comment girl. yes, you're right i do miss him and miss all those good memories ive been trying to keep myself busy but no matter how busy i keep myself there will always have this alone moment and thinking back because it's really bothering....if i start from next week for not talking to him till summer...i dunno if i can do it...its too ex and i we still wanna be friends. and im gonna see him this summer...i dunno man...ive been waiting for that day to see him for the passed 8 months now.....urrgggg

miss-sugarbunny said...

the porridge looooks delish!! im hungry now!! haha
by the way the lip colour looks so fab on you, lovely lips!

btw i love your blog, its so pink and girly, right up my alley!! haha <3 new follower here!

Stephanie said...

oh my gosh i've never had homemade crunchy bread. it's my favorite guilty pleasure. so friggin greasy, haha

aisyah De Cullen said...

If the ELF lip glaze makes my lips like yours, I'd buy it! XD
I didn't realised I was supposed to expect a certain plumping effect (physically) on the lips when using a lip plumper..LOL
Bought Etude House lip plumper which is pricier than ELF ones (U__U) but it doesn't work! Screw cute packaging that lures people.
I recommend Maybelline XL lip plumper (I'm not sure of the name. try google it). I tried my sis's once and it was love at first touch! Haha..

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