Friday, March 5, 2010

Sushi Robata & KidRobot!

*Pic heavy post*

I have been way too busy lately...I love those days where I can rest knowing that everything is well and taken care of -- just had to wrap up a few loose ends before being able to relax this week!

My boyfriend surprised me yesterday by planning a little outing for us! Normally we just lounge around on our days off (which is actually really great too in its own right!) - but today, he had a whole game plan!

We started off a little late since I was rushing around trying to get things done before we went out. When we finally left, we headed out for sushi ~ Sushi Robata! I thought the name was really cool -- apparently, Robata is a special Japanese charcoal grill. :)

What a pleasant surprise! Domo welcomed us at the entrance

Domo lunch

I loved the decor inside - it is kind of hip with nice touches like the cherry blossoms painted on the wall in one area and the unique lighting fixtures

Sushi robata interior 1

Glass privacy wall

Sushi robata glass wall

Cool fan shaped light!

Sushi robata lighting

The sushi bar

Robata sushi bar

We got there for early lunch and started off with salad & Miso like most Japanese set lunch. I ordered a sushi combo & my bf ordered the Chirashi sushi.


We also ordered one spicy tuna roll - I LOVE spicy tuna, one of my indulgence rolls!!! This one was really melt-in-your mouth delicious with creamy avocado.

Spicy tuna roll

Sushi combo - so many choices of Nigirizushi! The waitress was kind enough to explain what each one was -- I had no idea it came with squid sushi! She instructed us to eat the Tamago last since it is sweet, almost like a dessert! Also comes with Tuna & cucumber Hosomaki.

Sushi combo B
From top L-R: White fish (flounder?), Salmon, Yellow tail, Tuna.
Bottom L-R: Surf clam (YUM), squid, shrimp, tamago

Darren had a tasty looking Chirashi bowl heaping with different types of sashimi! I liked the sweet little shitake mushrooms in the rice

Chirashi sushi

We recognized most of the sashimi in the bowl until we ran into this:

Sushi Scallop

We didn't know what it was and were curious so we asked - apparently it is raw scallop! We never had it before, so Darren cautiously bit into it - he says the taste is actually delicious (a tiny bit sweet) but the texture is like raw chicken!!! O_O

We finished with a nice little green tea throat drop (too full for dessert!)

Green tea throat drop

I must admit, this place had some of the best tasting sushi I have had so far in Dallas! It is fresh and reasonably priced + guaranteed you will be full!!! Next time I will try out their specialty Udon bowl!


Next we headed to Mockingbird station - they have a train stop there along with a lot of nice trendy shopping. It is a really wealthy area...

Mockingbird street

Mockingbird area

It was such a nice day today with big blue clear skies and relatively warm weather! We did some light shopping at Urban Outfitters and KidRobot!

is a specialty store that sells a lot of vinyl toys in special 'blind boxes' - since you never know what you are going to get, the items are huge collector's items!

Kid Robot

Kid Robot love tofu

Tofu Strawberry gum

These bunny-like toys look vaguely like "Miffy" the bunny

Miffy lookalikes

Image from

They like to stick mustaches on everything! For example, these sticky buns:

Kid Robot buns

The Simpsons series

Kid Robot Simpsons

Expensive but very collectible Storm Trooper

Kid Robot Storm Trooper

Darren checking things out

Kid Robot Darren

My first visit to the store!

Kid Robot Irene

Darren got me the kitty version of the DIY Munny for Christmas - Trikky! (He bought himself the Munny) We'll be painting these together soon! (haha it would be fun to DECO-Den one too!)

KidRobot DIY


I had a really great day - I feel so lucky and blessed to be alive and well and completely spoiled by the poeple that love me. :) Will post the second part later (Dallas Museum of Art and my attempt at Sophia's pancakes!!) but now I have to get back to work (also workin' this weekend!) Plans next weekend maybe to visit the Rodeo in Houston, not sure yet though!


Thank you for everybody's super sweet comments! I admit I have been bad and lazy and haven't replied ASAP as I should, but I promise I will be better! ;_;

NQNJU is such a crazy super sleuth and actually knew the Pho restaurant I went to based on the bowls alone. Hello to another Dallas beauty! :)

Also LOL @ Jessica Mai - I would love to get my ears pierced but now I am feeling too lazy to wear earrings. My parents said I couldn't get them pierced until somebody could afford to put real diamond studs in them! :P

@ Vanillabeanlatte - Oh goodness, the camera is lying because my lips are usually so gray. I actually don't have anythhing but Aquaphor ointment on my lips, that stuff is the best! Keeps your lips protected & hydrated all day!

Finally, a hello to Ms. Nikka (check out her blog, I love the name NERDORK!), Dandelion Pastime (love her layout!), Prrfect girl, Stephanie (her latest post made me sooo hungry!), PeachPoison, Charlotte C, asndivana, Vivien Y, and Mindy C :)

TGIF to everybody, hope you all have an awesome weekend!!! :D


sophia said...

Irene!! That's so sweet how your honey planned a whole day for you ~~ looks like you had a blast!

That hotate (scallop) is my FAVORITE sashimi!!!! Looks so good I'm jealous you got to eat it! I used to hate it as a kid, but nowadays a adore the sweetness and texture.

And your HK necklace - can you say jealous?!? Are those ANGEL WINGS on it too!? O.O!! So cute and unique! Hehe speaking of HK, my coworker gave me this yesterday:
It's large HK like yours! Can't wait to wear ^o^

Susie said...

Hahah, they have Domo on there! How cute. The design of the restaurant is super cute! Mmm, spicy tuna is my favorite sushi :P I wish there was a KidRobot shop here :( They're all so cute!!!!

anonimous beauty said...

aww i always hint, wink, nudge my bf to plan a day for us but that never happened lol. good for you! yea relaxing is a luxury nowadays. i remember in the hs/college days, i would always look for things to do so i don't have to be home and now all i wanna do is be able to relax at home! oh how times have changed. glad you had an awesome time! your pics made me drool.

For The Fierce said...

ugh i fucking looove sushi. oh & i luv that you put up the peanuts theme song ahaha

yumiko said...

wow sushi robata looks so oishii!
i wanna go eat sushi now. but that's so nice of him to plan a whole day for you. busy ppl need to teak breaks! i love the cute boxed toys.
so kawaii!

yumiko said...

btw. that picture was taken in brasil in lagoa de conceicao in florianopolis! it's a paradise city! i stayed there for two months

Mary said...

hi! the foodie pics! sushi is my fave!


Serena said...

SUSHI!! Looks like you had a wonderful day off. Great food, nice shopping weather and got to spend time with your bf. <3
I love going to KidRobot. My roommate in college collected Dunnys [I think she still does]. Her desk would be covered with them.

Please show us how your DIY Munny comes out! I've never seen a personalized one before [by someone I know that is. That makes sense right?]

Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well! =] Looks like it started off great already.

yoli said...

nice blog!

Kym said...

*mmmmm* chirashi.. i just had that yesterday! hehe! what a nice day he planned out for you guys!! :)

p.s - regarding your super old comment about neeenja tee in silver... yes! it comes in silver... but just to be sure you're aware, its not like silver silver... jewelry kind of silver.. haha! some ppl get confused by that... its just more of a light grey :)

hope you're having a happy saturday!

Anonymous said...

Hey beautiful! I'm glad you and your bf had a great day (: I love KidRobot and often buy their hoodies online. No I'm not married I just like calling my bf my hubby haha (;

Liana said...

yum, that sushi looks so good! oh those toys are so cute too!

Alyssamae. said...

That apron is absolutely adorable!

NQNJU said...

I love sushi!! I recognized Saigon's block b/c I live 2 main streets down from the place so I used to go there a lot. I will try this place one day, it looks good.

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