Thursday, March 18, 2010

Review: Silk Whitia moisturizing mask and Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel Update

So I've had these Silk Whitia masks for awhile, but haven't gotten around to trying them until just recently! These particular masks are from the "Deeply Moisturizing" line, which is appropriate for my skin. They are still Buy-one-get-one on

Silk Whitia

The masks claim to "Quickly replenish moisture and improve ability of cuticle to restore moisture. Ginseng extracted effectively removes fine lines, nourishes into the deep skin, prevents aging and promotes a radiant and energetic appearance"

Contains: Collagen, ginseng essence, hydrated protein, vitamin E, ascorbate N.M.F., propylene glycol, C.M.C., methyl paraben, de-ionized water.


The masks are of superb quality - they are heavier than the My Beauty Diary and Kuan Yuan Lian masks = TONS of serum. I felt like I was wasting so much of it after opening the package ~ I could have bathed in all of the excess from the package if I wanted to, lol!

The masks are BIG. Maybe I just have a small face - or maybe the masks are just humongous. I had to adjust quite a bit to get the mask to sit properly on my face. It didn't really 'stick' to my face very well. The flaps on the sides kept sliding off too. :( The smell is ok - a lot like ginseng, which I don't particularly care for.

I am skeptical of the "improving ability of cuticle to restore moisture" part of the claim, but overall, the mask did its job = more moisture!!! My skin felt kind of plump & refreshed afterwards!

Here is a look at my face after the mask (after that time of the month, still searching for miracle product to get rid of bumps and redness! Any suggestions are welcome :D)

After Silk Whitia mask

Overall, I would love to use this mask again, especially in the Winter months when my skin is especially parched. It didn't irritate my otherwise sensitive skin & I can see myself using these an hour or so before bedtime. You don't have to wash your face aftewards so really hassle free, just peel off after an hour and right to bed!



UPDATE - speaking of skincare, I just wanted to quickly update on the Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel that I have been using for a month or so now. It might not have smoothed out the little bumps that I had mentioned before, but I still LOVE it because I have been about 99.9% blemish free since using it. You know when you get that feeling that a giant pimple is preparing to bust out and ruin your entire week? Like you can feel it right under the surface, but it's not quite ripe yet? (sorry for the graphic-ness, but I am trying to illustrate a point!) Well, this happened just a few days ago...I just dabbed a little bit on the area on my nose before bed, and the pimple never came to a head. It just *poof* - disappeared! The day/week is saved again!!!

(btw, I am NOT getting any type of sponsorship or free stuff from Cellnique, I just want to share my experience. I'm kind of hooked on this stuff)

I thought of this suddenly because I commented on Sparklemidori's post awhile back about getting a free sample of the stuff (travel-size, great for trips!) - and just received my sample in the mail...

Baby Cellnique



Korean pancakes

OMG Sophia's Pancakes! I gave them a test run last week - they turned out pretty good though I might have added too much flour. I love this dish because I was able to use all the leftovers in the fridge!!! (green onions, kimchee, sliced yellow onions & imitation crab!)


Extra post-St. Patty's day for Sue, Timeless Fashionista, Dunia Anak-Anak!


Still so many things to do! I just got the following in the mail so I will be reviewing soon:

Amazon haul

I'm such a klutz, I hope I don't end up burning my eyeballs. :(

I have mail to send out, a giveaway coming up, tags, projects & goals, and a vacation around the corner! See you all soon & sweet dreams!



Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Hello! :)

I know how the Beauty Diary masks have so much product and I can imagine how much more product is in the silk whitia. It looks very moisturizing. I love how masks can "replenish" your skin in minutes. Best way to pamper oneself :)

Cool reviews! I look forward to your Coastal Scents one! :D

anonimous beauty said...

oOo lala so many goodies! i'm too lazy to use masks ;x

yumiko said...

irene! wow seems like you got a lot to post! i can't wait to read them. great reviews on the mask. and where did you order the eyelash curler from?

btw. you asked if that's my face after using the product. well. not immediately, but my skin is smooth and very soft/white looking. many ppl ask me what i use on daily bases.

Susie said...

You have such nice skin! The Cellnique Gel sounds so good! I may need to get my hands on it! I have suuuch acne prone oily nasty skin :( HAHA. I hope your eye is doing okay, hahaha! <3

sophia said...

OH! Imitation crab that's such a great idea!!!! I'm totally gonna use that next time.

I've been so curious about the heated lash curler, so I can't wait for your review on it!

I have never ordered from, but it looks like they have a lot of nice products! That mask sounds good .. silly me when I first looked at it I thought it was $16.50 for ONE mask! LOL. For 5, and one that works so well, that's a pretty good price :) I think I read somewhere that excess liquid from the mask can be used on your entire body! So there won't be any waste ^_^

Irene said...

@Rainy Days - I still have to try out the Beauty Diary masks!!! Oooh and yes, it is so fun to pamper when I'm not feeling so lazy. Which Beauty Diary masks have you tried?

@Anonimous Beauty - LOL I am most of the time, but when I am feeling like I want some special treatment, I just plop one on - it's easier than you think ;)

@Yumiko - Thank you much, the masks are super high quality, very pleased with the results! I still have to try out some of the LUSH products you love so much! Also, I got the eyelash curler from - super cheap and FREE SHIPPING!

@Susie - Your skin always looks super good! And LOL I haven't burned my eye yet, but I am predicting that I might :(

@Sophia - Mmmm your pancakes are so good! I still am trying to figure out how you made your pancakes so crispy, what type of flour did you use? :) LOL and noooo I would never pay that much for one mask! With the BOGO you end up getting 10 masks for $16.50 which is quite reasonable!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Hi Irene! :D Thank you for following! I'm so glad I found your adorable blog. No, I did not wear a hat at the horse race...hee hee. I use the same Silk Whitia mask and love the ton of serum it comes in too! ;) I still haven't tried Cellnique yet though. Want to! Thx for the yummy food porn...

Carmen said...

I use the masks from Komart (korean market) in Dallas. I don't really know what brand they are but they work pretty well.

I also use Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturizer SPF 20 and Even Better Skin Tone Corrector. Thanks for the post! I hope everything is well.

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