Monday, February 8, 2010

REVIEW: Kuan Yuan Lian paper moisturizing mask

So this is officially THE first time I have ever used a paper face mask -- the only other mask I think I have used in my 26 years is the Queen Helene mint mask (classic green mask clasically paired with robe & hair rollers!)

The box looks like this and costs around $9.60 for a box of 10.

Kuan Yuan Lian moisturizing mask

Kuan Yuan Lian packet

Kuan Yuan Lian NATURAL CARE Moisture Mask contains some natural botanical extracts like rose, orange blossom, lily, aloe vera, chamomile, and even hyaluronic acid. Skin is immediately replenished. White Rose extract enhances skin's resistance to help form a water-binding mechanism to prevent the loss of skin moisture. Leaving skin moist, supple and radiant. Recommend for the dehydrated and dry skin.

1. After cleansing face, take the mask out and put it on face
2. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Take it off and gently massage face by fingertips to promote further essence absorption
3. Use it 1-3 times weekly.

Open Mask

Kuan Yuan Lian opened

Anyways, after some minor confusion, I was able to successful apply the mask. Basically, just stick to face and remove plastic backing!

Mask off

I tried to smooth it out as best as I could...the serum is quite slick and the mask itself is slippery and drenched! After a few minutes sitting on my face, I could feel the mask getting tighter. It also kind of itches...hmmm...I think it might be the hyaluronic acid? The itching doesn't last too long. The smell was decent, but not anything particularly impressive. :P

Mask on

After about 25 minutes, the mask *still* felt pretty moist. I didn't want to waste any of it, but even if I had waited another 15 minutes, it would still probably be wet to the touch!

Off it goes!

Peeling off mask

After massaging the serum into my face, I felt like my face itself was a little plumper. (hopefully not swelling lol) It did feel a little 'tight' so I just applied my regular Olay night moisturizer over everything. My skin admittedly is not so great right now due to a certain time of the month. So far, nothing has agitated my skin and caused a break out...hopefully this mask won't either! Will update with thoughts in the AM!


And just for kicks, here is DOMO-KUN! He gives a big Domo welcome to .maitai (so jealous, Hawaiian princess!!!), randomnesswithKhris (lol, love this name!) & abcgrrrl! (holla!!!)

Good night!

**(2/9/10)Morning update: Skin feels "plumper" & quite soft. Nothing extraordinary, guess I have to try a few more times this week until I start noticing more differences.


Jessica Mai : said...

Oh yes. My bag is full of maxi pads too LOL

I LOVE asian paper masks!
& Domo!

Great review. The only negative to asian masks are its so hard to find a particular brand.

-Jess Mai

Jessica Mai : said...

In Vancouver*

Kate Gene said...

I look forward to hearing an update! These masks are all over Blogger. I need to get my hands on one!

Domo looks upset that he doesn't get a paper mask! LOL!


Nikki said...

Hi there!
I'm a new follower! :) I use Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask too, I've also tried those paper face masks... but I used a different brand. It's from The Face Shop, & it's really good, made my face feel soft & moisturized. heh!

Anyways, I noticed that you LOVE hello kitty too! *hi5* I mean who doesn't, she's just the most cutest thing ever <333 hehe!!

Btw, feel free to visit my blog too:


Irene said...

@Kate Gene - LOL Domo really does need a paper mask. And probably a good waxing too, but I don't think I want to know what's underneath all that fuzz...

@Nikki - Welcome and thanks for following! Also, I don't think I have ever heard of The Face Shop -- wish they had them around where I live!!!