Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hello Kitty - Three Apples Exhibit

I know this is a bit late in coming (back in October!!!), but for those that weren't able to make it to Los Angeles for Hello Kitty's 35th Anniversary, The Three Apples Exhibit was a huge tribute to the world's most famous mouthless kitty! It was called "Three Apples" because it is said that Hello Kitty is about the same weight as about 3 apples...cute!

There was such a crazy long line on Opening weekend that well...I wasn't able to spend 3 hours in line just to get in with my less-than-thrilled brother in law. I ended up going on a slower weekday...it was like I had the place to myself!

There was a ton of HK inspired art, a video room, displays of a collection of products, and even HK clothes worn by celebrities like Paris Hilton (left), Lady Gaga (center), and Katie Perry (far right).

Some of my favorite pieces of artwork are below.

The one below is my favorite of the group. It reads: "I Haz Mouth!"

This sculpture was titled: Hellooooo Kitty. I thought it was scandalous!

This art gallery normally hosts other exhibits and has a permanent store and a "Maid Cafe" -- for this occasion they were serving Hello-Kitty themed everything. I snapped a shot with one of the waitresses...so cute!

I was impressed with this sparkly number worn by Britney Spears -- love the pink crystals in the bow!

Cute sign on the way out

Almost time for a day off, can't wait to try out my moisturizing masks! :)


Sharlene Kay said...


i love that huge hello kitty statue is that make of swarovski crystals?? WOW!! you look too cute in ur hot pink bow and matching bag.. U fit right in=)

<33 Sharlene

Rena said...

OOHH! i love hello kitty! i recently bought myself a hello kitty flash drive! 8)

<33 rena

Irene said...

@Sharlene - Thanks Ms. Hottie! :) I wanted that statue in pink for my room -- except it's probably a bazillion dollars. *sigh*

@Rena -- haha Hello Kitty will never get old to me. I think it scares my bf a little bit, but he will have to get used to it. Hello Kitty flash drive sounds cute, you should post pics!

kechiko said...

OMG I wish I had been there!!! I absolutely love HK (hehe what girl doesn't?)!! The huge necklace that Britney wore looks amazing!

Irene said...

@Kechiko - :) It was lots of fun! I might post another round of pictures later. I was lucky I was in town at the town, it was just by accident that I found out!!!