Monday, February 15, 2010

Tarina Tarantino Line from Sephora

I have had some $$$ on my Sephora Gift card that has just been sitting lately...I really want to try out the new Tarina Tarantino line from SEPHORA -- the items are so cute and girly and hime! ^__^ She was originally a jewelry designer -- some of her pieces were on display at the HELLO KITTY 3 Apples Exhibit in LA!

Tarina Tarantino

Take a look at all that pink -- and the little silver bows stamped on everything! So adorable!

I'm such a sucker for cute packaging. I'll see if the line has any claws with a visit before any purchases are made. (non impulsive side of the brain kicking in lol) :)


Big Welcome to *Maickou & Liana!*


Check out the Beautiful Katie Ngo's Giveaway! I've been wanting one of these "Coastal Scents" palettes since forever! :)

xoxoxoxoxo loooove it!


sophia said...

Oooh that IS really pretty packaging!! I'm totally a sucker for pink and bows too ^_^ I rarely buy makeup.. but I think I'll have to make an exception here!

Aren't Darkness lashes the best? I've tried Red Cherry (terrible!), Shisem (ok), Ardell (ick!), and Darkness really does make the best!

Labels And Love said...

Aww that is very adorable I love pink!!

lovelyviolet5 said...

I love pink!!!all of them soo cute!!

Nikki said...

Hey Irene!
Omg~ those are the cutest <3 I love pink :]

btw, about the MAC stuff. please be more specific. Vist to check for the exact names/ colors of certain products you want & give em to me and i'll see what we have. I'm pretty sure we have almost everything that the MAC website has.

my cousin will email me all the products we have today & i'll let you know ASAP ^-^

Nikki said...

Btw, as for a good blending brush... I really like MAC 222 brush. You can check the MAC website to see other blending brushes ^-^ btw, thanks for the info about the darkness lashes. I really would love to try em


Princesa Livia said...

The packaging is pretty! Hope the product quality's going to be good too :) x

anonimous beauty said...

hi there! i stumbled upon your blog from nikki's. i was browsing through some of your blogs and it's crazy how much we have in common! haha from being in the health care field to using aquaphor as chapstick (i thought i was the only one that did that till now). seems like we have similar tastes in clothes too =).

Irene said...

@Sophia - I loved your latest Anna Sui haul, it was so pretty & girly too! And YES - I am so in love with Darkness lashes! You're lucky you can find them locally...maybe if I search Korea town more, I might be able to find some!

@Labels & Love & Lovelyviolet5 - I can't wait to try it out! If it works out I can add more pink to the makeup counter lol

@Nikki - you are the beeesssst!!! I e-mailed you a mini list hehe. Also, thanks for the brush recommendations!

@Princess Livia - I hope so they have Sephora in London? O.o

@Anonimous beauty - That is so awesome! I love blogging b/c it connects me with lovely ladies such as yourself... joined your blog as well...looking forward to more posts! :)