Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day & Happy Asian New Year!

Hope you all have a very Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day

...and maybe more importantly, a very HAPPY ASIAN NEW YEAR!!!!

Hope all of you get to enjoy some good food & good company!

I am having a pretty good Valentines Day weekend so far...No more snow, but still cold so just a big cozy sweater and skinny jeans today:

Cozy sweater

I braved The Galleria Mall here in Dallas yesterday to see if I could spot any celebrities thanks to the "All Star Weekend" Game in town. I wasn't able to spot any stars but MAN there were A TON of people at the mall. Maybe everyone had the same idea?

I liked how they put up tons of pink, red, and white balloons to celebrate Valentines Day! You can see the 3 levels of shopping insanity and the ice rink on the bottom floor complete with pink & red lights in heart shapes!

Galleria Ice rink

Galleria food court upper level

After checking out a few stores, we decided to pop into Hot Topic to check out the cool gamer t-shirts.

I saw this t-shirt and LOLed - it's kind of rude!

Funny tshirt

I never knew how much Hello Kitty stuff Hot Topic sells! It's not just any Hello Kitty stuff -- it's unique and exclusive stuff! For example, they seem to stock a TON of Hello Kitty NERD items, which I love:

Lip gloss with her boyfriend, Dear Daniel - also in nerd form! Love how Hello Kitty is blushing!
Hello kitty nerd lipgloss

Glitter Wallet w/ cute backside

Hello Kitty nerd glitter wallet

Hello kitty nerd glitter wallet back

Cute necklace I couldn't pass up -- It actually is two separate necklaces that connect so she can wear the glasses! Darren spoils me too much...

Hello kitty necklace separate

Hello kitty necklace flash

Darren tends to be a little claustrophobic so we did a little light shopping before bolting home.

Oh! And btw, if you are ever looking for an AWESOME BLUSH, check out NARS in Deep Throat. If the name doesn't make you blush, at least the product will haha. I like it much more than Orgasm, much more pigment and less crazy glitter everywhere.

NARs deep throat

As for the real Valentines Day, Darren and I have a deal -- no crazy expensive jewelry or even flowers this time around -- we're both trying to pay off BIG student loans from school so we're taking it easy with gift exchange -- well -- kind of. I splurged on his gift this year because I was a horrible girlfriend and didn't get him a birthday OR Christmas present this year. For some reason, Valentines Day has always been my "makeup" day. :(

So for the rest of the night, we played with his new toy! A Wii + Zelda Twilight Princess. We may be 4 years late on the bandwagon, but 3 hours of gameplay feels like nothing! I love RPGs. :) For all the Wii fans, the Official Nintendo Wii-mote + MotionPlus comes out in limited edition PINK today!


Piiiiiink remote! From

Sleeeepy Hello to Ann, Martha, Jessica & Nikki :) So much for sleeping earlier hehe...


Katie Ngo said...

aww it looks like you had tons of fun Irene! The Galleria Mall in Dallas looks nice! I wish our mall would have something similar. lols! & about the Hello Kitty things selling @ Hot Topic, I seriously never knew that! I will definitely check it out next time, & hopefully, HOPEFULLY they have hello kitty. :] & your pictures are gorgeous. Lovin' the blush on your cheeks. Perfect shade for winter.

Katie Ngo

sophia said...

Omg Irene I just love how much Hello Kitty you have on your blog!! I haven't bought any HK stuff recently, except for a tissue pack from Forever21 so that I could make the minimum free shipping $ amount haha. I'm planning on wearing fake lashes today too ^_^

yumiko said...

hello kitty, my favorite. the necklace is just so cute with the geeky glasses! aww.the mall is so pretty in pink, i haven't been to the mall in ages.

Edna said...

Is it me or is there an ice skating rink in the mall? Thats so cute! :)

martha ; said...

that necklace is way too cute! i love it!

Dirty Hair Halo said...

I love how comfy AND pretty your cardigan looks. i'll trade you for my frumpy and old used one. Ya right.

Happy Vday and Chinese New Year.

Jessica Mai : said...

Oh My !

I absolutely adore that neclace! way too cute!

NARS deep throat gives you the perfect flush. I must look into purchasing NARS blushes.
I have way too many MAC blushes, as is, that I must use up.
Happy New Year & Valentines girl!

Sharlene Kay said...

oooh im in love w/that wii remote we dont even have a wii and im thinkin abt adding that baby to virtual shopping cart lol the hello kitty is too adorable omg it even has tape on the glasses! whatd u end up getting the bf? i just got mine shoes (like every other year) hah! i need some new ideas!

oh an thank u so much for the award tag!

<33 Sharlene

Irene said...

@Katie - LOL - don't you have mall of America in Minnesota? :) They have an indoor rollercoaster!!! I wish I could visit one day, it seems awesome! And thanks...I'm sure it would look lovely on your cheeks if not lovelier hehe

@Sophia - You will have to tell me how the lashes work out!!! :) I am having a mini lash addiction, my new order should be coming in this week!

@Yumi - hard at work again! Malls are alright, but you have to pay taxes - that is why I love internet shopping so much, especially when you meet free shipping hehe

@Edna - Haha it is cool, but they charge you like $12 to go skating!!!

@Martha - Thanks *^_^* Didn't get a chance to wear it quite yet, but will update when I do :)

@Dirtyhairhalo - thanks! may look nice but it also happens to be super itchy :(

@Jessica - aaaah I know how that goes! I LOVE MAC and had a little bit of a MAC addiction earlier. However, I'm trying different brands out and they seem to be treating me well -- I really like NARS, they hold up well too - I've had this one for a few years now and it's as good as new!

@Sharlene - I bought my bf a Wii for V-day since he is such a Nintendo Fanboy. I like how you got your man shoes! Are they for performance or for show? :)

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