Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines dinner/Jury Duty/Giveaway!

*Super pic heavy!*

Ice rink

Back to the mall for Day 2 of Valentines Day Weekend

My bf took me to the Dallas version of The Oceanaire (there is also a restaurant in the Houston Galleria - we went there for our 1 year anniversary!)

It's a kind of fancy "seafood room" which supports *sustainable* seafood, which is nice :)

The Oceanaire



They had a special 4-course Valentines Day meal! Time to get my NOM on!

Foie gras

Appetizer - "I love you Foie ever!" I have NEVER tried foie gras before. Duck/Goose liver seems a little intimidating, but it was actually REALLY GOOD. It is mildly flavored and creamy. If I wasn't any the wiser, I might have mistook it for CHEESE...and I love cheese. Soooo good with the balsamic "caviar", toast points (why does fancy food have to have crazy names?) pistachio butter, and grapes!

Tuna Poke

Appetizer #2 - Hawaiian style Ahi poke on nori/wakame crips w/ seaweed salad. Fresh, delicious, tuna - but SAD, they failed to mention this dish contained CILANTRO. I HATE cilantro. I swear it tastes like dish soap! Whhhhyyyy???

Strawberry fields forever salad
Soup/Salad - "Strawberry Fields Forever" - Mmmmm...who can resist goat cheese, fresh sweet strawberries, spring mix salad & champagne vinagrette? Light & tangy! A+++++

Oh Honey
Entre - They had all types of cute names on the menu for all the dishes -- this one was called "Oh Honey" and was delicious black cod doused in honey soy & lemon ginger butter! It was sooooo soft and buttery -- and there was so freaking much of it!!! I never have gotten so full off of tasty fancy food, the portions are usually miniscule!!!

Valentines Day Dessert

Dessert - Chunky munky Creme brulee, Puff pastry w/ Strawberries & Grand Marnier, and a rich chocolate truffle cake with raspberry creme anglaise. It sounded soooo good, but it was actually a little disappointing. My boyfriend thought the Raspberry creme anglaise around the chocolate cake looked like a large intestine - How am I supposed to eat after that??? >:(

After dinner, we had to 'walk things off' -- the mall was closed, but it was still so fun to wander around! Felt like we had the whole mall to ourselves...Earlier that day, Darren was scoping things out and noticed all these bodyguards outside of Footlocker so I'm guessing there were some NBA 'celebrities' here after all!

Louis Vuitton had a small tribute to "NBA All Star Weekend!"
LV All Star Weekend

Louis Vuitton

I Juicy Couture -- but good to honest, their stuff is rather overpriced...but everything is super girly and pink and sparkly... *sigh*

Juicy Couture


Court house

Today I went to the imposing courthouse above for JURY DUTY. Reported at 8:30am to do my civic duty - they were scaring us with reports that some of the trials could involve the Death Penalty (Texas!!!) or cases involving billions! O_O It must be my lucky day because my name wasn't called & I was let out early!!!! *big sigh of relief* No more worries for the next 3 years!!!

** -- Hope my luck continues -- **

Nikki is sponsoring a B.B. Cream Giveaway! I've actually been curious about this Korean BB cream craze, I've heard a lot about it from my co-workers & now here in blogworld!

Check it out & Good luck!

*Hello* to new PRINCE & Princesses - Katarzyna (such a cool name!), LovelyViolet5, Jefferson (I love his letters from around the world page!), Jimin, & Sugarmizbunni


Nikki said...

Hi there Irene :)
OMG~ the food looks so delish~ i'm hungry now! lol

anyways, thanks for entering my giveaway. btw, please comment that you're also a follower for an extra entry :) thanks ^_^ (i mean if you havent already)


DSK Steph said...

It look slike you had a fantastic Valentine's Day weekend! The food looks sooo good! I love anything with those fancy baby carrots :)

Kym said...

*mmmm* on nom nom indeed! but not at that large intestine lookin' dessert! haha! re: my massage.. to be honest, it DID feel better after about 2 days! haha! The day after, it was still really painful but my body adjusted after that :) no pain, no gain! haha! ;P

RandomnessWithKhris said...

foood! omg lol ;) looks delicious though!

i agree with what you said about juicy - their stuff is rather cutesie/girly.. but for me overpriced =/

anyway hope you had a great time! Loved the pics!!

Katie Ngo said...

Irene :] Hello love wow a lot of good photos! And my goodness, yummy lookin' food! Your gorgeous as always. :]

Katie Ngo

Irene said...

@Nikki - thanks for the tip hehe...done! :)

@DSKSteph - I can't believe my boyfriend doesn't like the carrots! Mmm....I ate them all!

@Kym - lol...I couldn't finish the dessert after that comment! And's strange how that works isn't it?

@Khristine - thanks - I hope you get to enjoy a nice night out with your hubby soon!

@Katie - Thanks *^_^* I love getting dolled up since I never do for work...

jimin choe said...

hello to you too irene ;) i love your page girly!

by the way, i went to oceanaire a couple years ago for an anniversary and gosh i can't even tell you how blown i was by the end of the meal! me and my boyfriend read that this place had good seafood so we ordered two lobsters thinking they'd be $30 each but ended up being $60 (since we had to get at least 2 pounds) that ended up being burnt and with tip and all our bill came out to over $200... ugh.

the service was amazing tho and we talked to Val Kilmer there haha (old batman) so... not a total loss? looks like you had a WAAAY better time tho!! (gorgeous heels by the way)

happy late valentine's day and new following!


Irene said...

@Jimin - Man...I'm sorry your experience at The Oceanaire wasn't as great. That is AWESOME that you met Val Kilmer -- I don't think I've ever met anyone that famous :) The service there is always impeccable ... each time I went I always saw old rich guys milling around - I think Ross Perot frequents here in Dallas, lol!

I'm glad you had a *much better* Valentines Day this year!!! :) I'm still thinking about that blood orange ice cream you mentioned, makes me crave dessert soooo bad and it's almost midnight over here lol

sophia said...

Hey Irene! Yep - my sister handmade everything! She took these cake deco classes at the local Michael's store, and now she's at the level to make wedding cakes! Hehe for sure she is gonna make my wedding cake!

And yes! Funny you asked about a matching necklace, because I made one! I edited my post to include pics of it ^_^

Sharlene Kay said...

u look fantastic! lucky bf!! ur food looks sooo yummy omg im gaining calories just imagining what everything tastes like lol i agree juicy is overpriced +their quality isnt the bestt.. whoo hoo save up for the louis bag!!

happy belated valentines day, love!

<33 Sharlene

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