Saturday, February 20, 2010

Review: Hard Candy Kaleyedescope Baked mineral eye shadow duos

I love browsing waaaay too much. This includes Target, Wal*Mart, The grocery store, drugstores, wherever! It gets me in trouble sometimes ;_;

Exhibit A: Purchasing not just one, but TWO Hard Candy "KalEYEdescope" Baked mineral eyeshadow duos in Rock n roll (light lavender/plum) & High Maintenance (champagne/pastel mink brown)

Hard candy Kaleyedescope

:"Popped open":

Hard Candy Kaleyedescope open

Here are some swatches:

Without flash:

Hard Candy Kaleyedescope swatches no flash

*With flash*

Hard Candy Kaleyedescope swatches

I couldn't get these sparkly shadows to show up on me! I had to use primer (MAC paints in "Untitled") in order to get the swatches to stick. :( Am I using the wrong brushes? Maybe I need to try them "wet" as suggested by glowing reviews on ...

Alas, I tried them today without primer and they were soft and glow-y without being too glittery. I think the "High Maintenance" makes for a pretty yet subtle work appropriate shadow. I didn't take pictures on my eyes today, but might update later when I get my paws on some nicer tools. :)

Overall, I wasn't blown away by these shadows. I am not clamoring to try out the other colors nor am I impressed enough to repurchase. One good thing is there is A TON of product, so you will probably never run out haha. I'm actually debating whether to bring these back to Wal*Mart! (They have the best return policy in the world!) Maybe I can save up to buy some Dior palettes/MAC/Coastal Scents which might have better staying power/color payoff. These are definitely fun and a good diversion...maybe I'll hold onto them. At the very least, I'll have them for awhile longer so I can give them a second try.


Today was my last day working at one of my favorite stores -- it's so hard to leave a good staff, especially after you have been there for over 2 months and you get to know all the employees well! They surprised me today with some Bright almost fake-looking Flowers (but they were real!!!), Cookie cake & a Card signed by everybody! Aaaaaah...makes me even more sad.


Pink flower

Still, you guys brighten my day! Thanks for the love from Irene (another Irene!!! So rare nowadays...) & Serena (who has some AWESOME reviews on her blog!!!)

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RandomnessWithKhris said...

the eyeshadows look so cute in their little containers!

i hate when you buy an eyeshadow and you think it's gonna be very nice and pigmented, but then i put it on and it's like nothing LOL i hate that!

but i'm sure it looks good on you - everything does! :)

hope you have a great weekend! enjoy your cookie cake! i know what you mean when you say hard to leave good staff! *sigh* lol.. hubby just left his department for (same company) a different location.. (funny thing is i worked there too!).. and he's worked there for 4 years! so it'll be a big change :( .. anyway ttyl! <3

adin_22 (陳亞任) said...

when I saw hard candy at walmart i couldn't pass it up because of the cute packaging...Luckily I didn't get the e/s I got the blush which is pretty nice...

so nice of your'll sure gonna miss them...

Serena said...

AwWW... I'm happy I brightened your day! Your comment about my boyfriend made me laugh. =]

I think it's the asianess inside of me talking but I think you should hold onto these shadows if you want to try them out again. [Like you said Walmart definitely has an awesome return policy.]

If you really don't like theses shadows in the end, definitely save up for Dior/MAC/Coastal Scents. Chances are you'd use whatever you get from those three brands more than these two shadows. I went to Sephora today and I'm lusting for this one Dior palette but I'm waiting a bit longer to get it. Some reviews say the shadows aren't that pigmented. If you find any info on how good Dior shadows are could you let me know? =P

glitteryeyesxx said...

Thank you so much, hun, for the "Happy Birthday" well-wishing. My mom definitely enjoyed her b-day dinner with me. Lol, that's why she's cheesin' so hard in the pic!

And yesss, I agree with you. I swatched Hard Candy eyeshadow in the store (sshhh, don't tell anybody! I opened up one of the shadows real quick) and was amazed at the color pay-off. But then when I took it home and tried to apply it on my eyes, the eyeshadow was so CRUMBLY and was so flake-y. Definitely a bummer! Their blushes are much better, though. So I would recommend those to you! =D

Sharlene Kay said...

i tried these too the blue and brown on and found it wasnt very pigmented either=/ REALLY DISSAPOINTING but at $6 i guess u get what u pay for lol

awww im sorry u had to leave but u can always go back and visit esp. if it was a clothing store hehe=)

<33 Sharlene

priincess said...

those shadow colours are so niiceeee! : )

Irene said...

@Khristine - I really need to take better hints from ladies -such as your lovely self- that know how to do eye makeup right lol! The shadows you use are so pigmented! About big change in company - it is so difficult! That is so neat that you and honey work at the same company!!!

@adin_22 - I do need to check out the blushes - what color did you like?

@Serena - I think you're right! I should stick it out...I know at least I like the high maintenance shadows since they are easy to wear and will literally last me forever :) I'll definitely let you know if I like any of the Dior palettes!

@Glitteryeyesxx - Cheesin! LOL - I just love your all around style! I totally know what you're saying about the shadows being crumbly/flakey. I thought it was just my wrinkly eyelids! Maybe I will return the eyeshadows in exchange for the blush?

@Sharlene - Yessss....I am disappointed! Boo. But yeah, I will be visiting soon since I ordered yummy girl scout cookies from some of the employees. Plus I'm buddies with the manager so we are planning to go out for hibachi grill food!!!

@Priincess - I wissshhh! They look better in swatches just b/c I cheated and used primer! :(

adin_22 (陳亞任) said...

If you like pink blushes..I got the pink one..I think it's called Living Doll....

Nikki said...

Hey Irene!
Sorry those didn't work well for you. But hmm.. Have you tried applying em WET? you can probably foil with those. hehe! Let me know how that works