Friday, February 5, 2010

Review: Kma8 lashes & tutorial + More excitement + gourmet burgers

**Kind of long post -- lots of pics!**

Starting off with exciting news: ♥Welcome my 2 new princesses - Rena & gliteryeyesxx -- who by the way, is a sexy pharmacist in the making! Loves it. Best. career. ever. :D

Darkness Kma8

Darkness lashes are seriously AWESOME -- if you like dramatic lashes, they are exactly that. No au naturale look here. You can find them if you have Korean stores around, but if not YAY for internet -- I buy mine from -- they sell Korean cosmetics and skincare and have a *HUGE* collection of false eyelashes to choose from. Also, their customer service is top notch -- once they mailed me the wrong pair of lashes, and sent me the correct one free of charge! (Got to keep the other pair!!!)

I have *just recently* gotten into wearing falsies used to be such a hassle with the glue all up in my eye sockets and I was worried all the rubbing would = wrinkles. However, you have to do it the right way! It all comes down to the technique...everyone has their own way, but I will share mine with you because I the results.

Tip: Always put on eyeliner'll help blend the line of your real lashes with your fake lashes -- it is virtually impossible to do this easily once you have applied the falsies!

First you have to trim them down pretty substantially otherwise they don't blend well or look even somewhat believable.

Darkness Kma8 snipped

I can't read Korean so my friend's Mom translated for me -- the yellow-capped tube is the SUPER STRONG glue and the white-capped tube is a weaker glue that does nada for me. If you want a good all-day hold, use the yellow-capped tube! Here is what my brand new spare set looks like -- goop free :D

Darkness Kma8 new

Since the lashes are pretty stiff, bend them back and forth a few times so they'll sit more comfortably on your lids. Then spread a thin layer of glue on the back of the lashes. Let the glue sit for at least 20 seconds so it can get slightly tacky.

Lash glue on

Then point falsies straight out at 90 degree angle from your open eye, slightly turning upwards to get extra 'lift'. Close your eyes slightly and gently press the lashes onto your eyelid, as close as you can get to your real lashes without actually touching your real lashes. Hold for a few seconds, then release!

Lash application

Adjust lashes accordingly. Add glue at corners if necessary (I had to add my glue to inner corners) Excuse crazy eyebrows.

Lash on

Before -- new haircut, no makeup, bald eyes :(

New Hair

After: Voila! From zero lashes to va-va-voom flirt-with-me lashes!

Final look

So overall, these lashes might take some getting used to -- they are a bit heavier than a lot of standard lashes and they definitely aren't natural. I like the slightly spiky look since they come out nicely in pics :) They are about $5 for two pairs, are FDA approved (haha) and you can reuse them without having them lose their shape! However, you really have to use the special glue they come with -- my other lash glue (DUO) doesn't work at all. The band is a bit thicker and must be flexed a few times to sit on the eye comfortably. Definitely worth the money -- if you take care of them, they last quite awhile.

Also, just wanted to share my look of the day -- comfy cable-knit Abercrombie sweater from the local outlet ONLY $12!!! Also, skinny jeans by American Rag from Macy's.

outfit 1

My new Miss Sixty peacoat -- LOVE it. Do not underestimate the power of a nice coat -- makes you look put together somewhat, even if you aren't always dressed to the 9s.

Miss Sixty coat

Finally, I went to Red Robin for lunch today -- MAN, are their gourmet burgers tasty! I'll have to Yelp them later. I am a huge cheese fan, so I tried the delicious Bleu Ribbon Burger...mmmm onion straws!

Cute kitty on the wall wearing kitty-shaped sunglasses!

Kitty cat

Can't decide what to get? Use their handy dandy food dice!

Red Robin dice

I always love the Hawaiian Heartthrob Smoothie - Not just because I Hawaii.

Hawaiian Heartthrob

*Gumball machine!*


Workin' tomorrow -- good night... :)


Sharlene Kay said...

ooh great lashes!! They don't look too dramatic u could def pull them off for a casual lunch date=) Do u wear foundation? ur skin looks amazing no flaws whatso ever!


Irene said...

Sharlene!!! I love how your name rhymes with mine!

You're the one that should be talkin', your skin is GORGEOUS. My skin is lying to you. It actually has lots of little bumps and redness that the camera doens't pick up! :( I use foundation only on special occasions, Shiseido powder foundation + SPF :)

Life of Temptation said...

Thosee lashesss are amazinggg<3

I love themm!

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