Saturday, February 20, 2010

I ♥ Princess style (Hime)

The New York Times ran an interesting piece a few days ago on Japanese fashion titled "Cult of the Living Doll in Tokyo."

“I get bored if I'm not made up,” said Naoko. She gets up at 5 a.m. and spends at least two hours applying false eyelashes, false hair extensions, layers of foundation and other complicated makeup procedures."
One example of EXTREME Princess/Hime Style

For some reason, the picture of her with a beer cracked me up!!! I really do love pink, but her room secretly freaks me out a little bit. Just a little. O_O Still, she looks so happy - she's just having fun & enjoying life!!!

So what happens to these girls when they grow up? This is an interesting news clip from the Wall Street Journal about 36-year old Mayumi Yamamoto

She is still so adorable!!! I like how the reporter differentiates hime style from other forms of Japanese fashion, describing it as more sophisticated and polished -- a style popular among women in their 20s and 30s! Woohoo! That means I still get to live quite a few more years of princess-y goodness!

For cheap-y finds, there is always Forever 21. They have a lot of hime-type fashion if you look hard enough -

For some reason, this season's attire is extra-hime-style with big bows, ruffles, lace, floral, and all around girly-ness! :) As always, there is always too - I especially like Yumi & Tokyo Fashion lines.

The following is the real deal style Japanese Hime Paradise:

Definitely must visit during my future Japan trip!

A sweet hime hello to Lisa & Iris :)


lovelyviolet5 said...

sooo girly!!!

Susie said...

Those cardigans are too cute!!

RandomnessWithKhris said...

lol the girl on the video does not look 36! :) she's still so cute! lol..

love their style though! i guess i gotta look harder at f21.. cause i never find anything good! lol

Katie Ngo said...

Omg cute! Love pink too. :] oh btw girl, thanks for the sweet comment. I can't wait to show my haul, I'll do that when I find the time. <3

Katie Ngo

LOLanne said...

that girl definitely does not look 36 AT ALL! she doesnt look a day over 30 lol. i like lookign at hime girls (does that sound lesbian? lol) buuut i can't see myself wearign some of the things they wear... im a neutral (aka boring) type of girl haha


inked said...

That purse is super adorable

anatanoting said...
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yumiko said...

aww. i haven't been to your site in forever! the pink lace bra look so cute! btw, it looks like you had an awesome dinner date on vday. LOL. keep posting!

<3 yumi

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I never thought that Forever 21 would have hime-type fasion! :D It's interesting. :)

Haha yeah, we definitely learn from our past experiences alright. And yeah, I agree that we go through those things and be with different people to learn more about ourselves. :D

kimber doll said...

Those Japanese girls are so cute - such big eyes too. They are unreal!! Pink room is a little crazy :p

ko0ty said...

I think that style is gorgeous but it doesn't suit me at all. =S

Sharlene Kay said...

whaa whattt thats her rooom??? i thought it was just the set of the photoshoot=O thats a tad too much she looks like a doll i just wanna pinch her cute lil cheeks!

<33 Sharlene

Katie Ngo said...

awww Irene! "Smile" :0) No problem, I'm glad I add a little bit of sunshine to your day love! You, too are sweet/thoughful to stop by my blog and leave the sweetest comments. I also can't wait to show the hauls! Yayy.

P.S. Snoopy really does say that. :) Cute! & so true.

Katie Ngo

priincess said...


Anonymous said...

hey girl~ yes yes i did (: i just had to have it hehe i love all things girly/hello kitty~ anyway whoa i love how japan is never afraid of wearing what they want to wear...its amazing all the fashion trends they start =]

For The Fierce said...

Thank you for the sweet comment, I really appreciate it! & lol about me "being tall" I'm 5'0.... wish I was 5'7 though lol. How bout you?

sophia said...

Whoa how did I miss this post?! LOL.

So I lived in Nagoya for a semester, and they are known for "Nagoya-jo" (Nagoya-girl), and they are pretty much like the woman in the video! It's sooo crazy to go to college and see girls looking like they're basically ready to go to prom.. but nope, it's just a regular Monday, LOL. And they bust out with their battery operated curling iron in the cafe to perfect their hair O__O They're very pretty and cute tho, so no complaints from me! Beats looking at fuglies, lol!