Sunday, February 7, 2010

I ♥ Beaches & Bikinis!

Just thinking about how nice it would feel right now to be soaking up some rays in the warm, toasty, sun...I don't understand how some people "don't like the beach." Crazies. :D

Now would probably be a good time to start motivating myself to get into better shape so I can enjoy all the sand & sun comfortably this Summer.

Jarah Mariano is a big inspiration -- I may not be able to rock her C-cups, but at least I can get super tanned and toned! Photos from Sports
Koda Kumi looks like she is having such a blast on the beach + I love her bikinis!

The Spring/Summer fashion forecast for bikinis this year doesn't really interest me in the faintest. I'm not digging the one-shouldered bikinis/MONOKINIS??? The cutaway bikinis look like Bondage-cum-Lady-Gaga and:

(1) Don't look comfortable (2) Can you say WEIRD tan lines!!! (3) Can't imagine wearing at beach in front of the kiddies & families

Photos from

Maybe it's all just too futuristic and fashion-forward for me! Maybe I'll stick to some of my favorite standard bikinis - Target! Lol. I the mondo selection!

You know who else makes cute bikinis? Juicy Couture.

Photo from

I am totally buying a new bikini this year. Up since last year I had still worn swimsuits from highschool days more than 8 years ago. O_O

In "summery", even if you're not at the beach to suntan, it's so relaxing to walk alongside the always makes me feel like I am standing at the very edge of the world and very much a part of nature.

Destin beach

Before good night, a very special heartfelt hello to Yumiko, MaiPhilosophy, Ezziebell, & Kechiko!

*Good night!/Good Morning!*


yumiko said...

is the gorgeous girl you? aww..i like you with longer hair better. but yes, i miss the beach dearly! but the thing is, i don't have a bikini body =(

gotta start
<3 yumi

glitteryeyesxx said...

Aww thanks. My skin isn't bad, but it definitely has those "days" (i.e. PMS).

Ohh, haha, I think I know what you're talking about. I have 2 ruffle shirts from the Miley Cyrus collection, too. Is it the one that's gray and black, and then the all-black top, right? Just like you, I'm now on the lookout for bikinis! It's so hard to go shopping for them because I hate trying them on while I'm still nasty, pasty-ass white. *shudders*

Irene said...

@Yumiko -- :) I miss my hair so much! But hair will always grow and I need to trim every now and then otherwise it goes wild on me! We all have time to still get motivated to get ready for Summer ^_~

@Glitteryeyesxx - I am totally having those 'days' right now - ugh. And yes...I LOVE those ruffle tops, in b/w. You're lucky you *can* get so pale, at least you have options to go either way :) I am permanently tan ;_;

Anonymous said...

You have a cute blog! :) And those bikini's are cute! Especially the 2nd/last one Koda Kumi is wearing :D

Irene said...

@.maitai - thankyouthankyou - you are the Hawaiian princess that I am so envious hehe! You get to wear cute bikinis year round ;)

PetiteAsianGirl said...

I also love cheap Target swimwear, but I did splurge on that Juicy bikini you have pictured. I love it...with 2 exceptions - 1. after a year the white color has already faded to a murkier shade jsut sitting in my drawer, and 2. the bottom is rather skimpy! It's brazilian bottom style so half my cheeks hang out ... the boyfriend was not happy, lol.

Sorry for all the comments! Just discovered your blog and am really enjoying it.

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