Monday, February 22, 2010

Work RANT & Vivi Spring Fashion and makeup ♥!

Pic heavy post!

RANT Uggggh...just got back from another tough day at work...Plus no time for dinner tonight! *stomach gurgle* :(

The people you work with and surround yourself with make a HUGE difference as far as whether you have a good or bad day. Sometimes when life/work is hard, you need people who can provide positivity and help you get through the rough patches. Other people like to whine, complain and make even the smallest task seem like a huge burden because of their sour attitude. It casts a big storm cloud over the whole workplace. I worked with this particular person all day today - everything she did was met with a big sigh or annoyance or anger or attitude or all of the above. Near the end of my shift today, I noticed that it was starting to rub off on me. I was able to pull myself out of it before the days end and tried my best to ignore my super negative coworker...but it was an important reminder to keep everything in perspective. Some people just want to drag you down with's okay to have a bad day now and then, but it's really too bad that some people don't know how make the best of a situation!

*end rant*


Spring Fashion Forecast

I already mentioned how much I love RUFFLES!!! This year, there seem to be a lot of different trends - denim (not too crazy about), ruffles (LOVE), florals (LOVE), Crochet (LOVE) and some cute cartoon-y print 80s style tees (LOVE), 70s inspired (some LOVE)

Vivi March 2010 cover model Koda Kumi!!! She is so super cute & always rocks a spunky 'do! (this month, blonde and layered)


I WANT her candy-pink classic Chanel quilted handbag!!!!! *sigh*


I'm not sure why this is a Fashion Scandal (hehe) but the Pink D&G bags are bright and peppy


Apparently, Cowboy/Texas is IN for the Spring lol


I liked this spread - it reminds me of old pictures




This model has the legs to be a true "French girl" :D



Floral + Ruffles


Crochet + lace


Very 70's inspired


80s tees - looks like the one I got from F21!


(Forever21 Version)

LOVE this look - lashes, fresh skin, pretty flush & shiny pouty lips ♥ ♥ ♥


There are quite a few other MAC inspired looks too! If only I could pull off the strong lip...


I love the blending and the dark brown eyeshadow!


Pretty nude lips



I didn't scan this magazine, but one lovely lady (or fellow) out there did (Thank you much!)...if you would like to see more, click here for the full download of March 2010 Vivi!


A warm happy hello to LOLanne & babychillax!

*good night all!*


Serena said...

OoOoO. Thanks for sharing the scans you found! I'm even more tempted to check out the Japanese bookstore tomorrow and buy myself a march edition of one of the many fashion mags out there.

I totally agree with you on how the people around you impact you greatly. All that negativity around you at work must have sucked. At least you were able to catch yourself before it ruined your day/afternoon completely.

yumiko said...

hey. ppl do tend to ruin your day. but don't let them take you down. things will turn around for you and hopefully you'll have a better day.

For The Fierce said...

I feel you on the first note. Some coworkers are just retarded & can't hold their own. At least you were big enough to not let it get to you completely, it's good to come home to positive energy, fuck every1 else all you gotta worry about it yourself, not some whiny bitch. lol I really love the photos of the makeup on some of the girls, really simple & sexy!

kimber doll said...

Love Asian fashion mags, there always such a joy to simply look at. They're so colorful & cute.

Susie said...

Some people just SUCK & never change but keep your head up! :) Oh! & The Japanese mags are super cute!

anonimous beauty said...

i totally agree.. i'm the type of person that gets affected by other people's moods and energy too. if someone is really loud and energetic, i get loud and energetic too. but like you said, when people are negative.. you can't help but fall into their sand dune.

Ahleessa said...

I'm just blog hopping and saw these scans. I know you didn't scan them, but than you for posting them! :)

sophia said...

Ahhh I love Vivi! hehe that reminds me I have to go to Kinokuniya to stock up on J-mags :)

I totally feel you on the Debbie Downers! My office mate has a negative response to EVERYTHING I say!! Even when I say something super positive, she can turn it into a negative! I know it's hard to keep a positive attitude when someone near you is a downer ALL day, but when that happens, go to your blog and see all the followers and friends who support and love you ^_^ We will try to be your bright shining ball of optimism and positivity!!

adin_22 (陳亞任) said...

I know what you mean...with having negative people around you..the best way is to ignore her I guess...or make an evil plot to have her for sharing some vivi mag scans.....I so love florals & lace...

Rachel said...

Hope you feel better soon =) Just keep your head held high and remember there's a sparkling silver lining to every cloud <3

That snoopi tee is so cute! I love that model's whole outfit! Thank you for sharing the scans =)

jimin choe said...

ohhhh love the jap mags! the only ones I see are at airports and retail for like... $40 each so i pass :/ but thanks for the scans! they're so pretty :) hallelujah for being asian eh? ;)

and good thing you didn't let your coworker pull you down completely... i have a tendency to let a lot of things bring me down (like rain and snow.. AGH I HATE SNOW NOW.) but you seem much stronger than me :)

and i fixed the link, thanks!!


Samantha said...

Hey! Thanks for commenting my blog :)
I fell in love when I saw these mag scans too.
Koda Kumi looks great and the mac looks are pretty inspiring!

I love your blog and I'm definitely following :)
Hope to talk to you soon hunnie!

P.S Keep your head up! Tough days suck but there are always better days to come ;)

Mary said...

LOVE the mag scans! ...its hard to find asian mags here!..thanks!..super cute!

Jo said...

I love to look at Jap mag for inspirations too. It's pretty expensive in Singapore (my hometown) so I'll get my frenz to buy the taiwan edition in their hometown. It's exactly the jap magazine but with Chinese translation which I can understand.

I happen to read about your rant and I know what you mean coz I'm facing some terrible pple in my life rite now. The negative vibs is terrible and it affects the whole mood but I tell myself. Laugh it off. Life is too short to be upset.

I'm just blog hopping around but I think i may be coming back here again coz your blog is so cheery!