Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Review: Hard Candy Foiled Again Metallic Shadow Stick - Celestine

If there is one part of the face I like to focus's the eyes, windows to the Soul!!!

So naturally, anything that goes on the eyes must enhance them! A lot of ladies have been blogging about how great the Hard Candy line at Wal*Mart is - I remember running into the line a little while back while searching for a pretty silver polish and being psyched that they had a whole cosmetics line now! It brought back memories of when their polishes were all the rage! Blue nailpolish??? Who would have thought!

After much deliberation, I bought the Foiled again metallic shadow stick in "Celestine" - a pretty sparkly champagne - for $6.

Hard Candy Foiled Again Metallic shade stick

Hard Candy Foiled Again Celestine

I definitely wasn't disappointed. This cream shadow stick has a smooth consistency and glides on effortlessly! The coverage is light so you have to layer to get the look you want, but it is so easy and feels nice and cool as you smooth it over your lids!


So pretty - very much like the name. It is very sparkly, but because of the formulation, it isn't messy. Lots of shimmer & glimmer and NO MESS!

You can see the pretty shimmer in this picture though the rest of my face looks like a greasy disco ball ;_;

The only bad thing is that --like any other cream eyeshadow-- it creases. So do better than I did and actually blend haha...

Celestine sparkle
Darkness lashes, Revlon colorstay eyeliner, NARS blush in deep throat, MAC highlighter in Shell Pearl, Aquaphor on lips

*big hug* to new princess Anonimous beauty, who understands the true merits of a good tube of aquaphor! :D


For The Fierce said...

That shade is so pretty.

Anonymous said...

very pretty color, and its very dewy and natural. i like!

Sharlene Kay said...

aww u look so pretty, just like sleeping beauty!! i didnt see these when i went, but i did pick up some of the eyeshadow compacts. OMG i totally remember back in the dayy when everyone went gaga over hard candy nail polish! i of course couldnt afford it but all my friends flossed the cute little rings on top of the bottles and all i can remember is *droooling* over em LOL

have u tried any of the nail polishes?

<33 Sharlene

RandomnessWithKhris said...

Irene you are so beautiful! I agree just like sleeping beauty! I LOVE it on you! you make me really wanna go out and get that and also the NARS blush! (makes me giggle thinking about the name lol) but i love that! don't know if i could pull it off as flawless as you, but it looks great!!

i gotta go to walmart and check this stuff out! i only go to target, because the walmart at my house is SO not cool (dangerous neighborhood and just not nice lol).. but anyway i'll drive the extra 20 minutes to check this stuff out!

Liana said...

that looks so pretty! i always think about trying these when i go to walmart but always end up getting something else, but now i'll definitely have to try this one!

lovelyviolet5 said...

that is such a pretty colour!!!

Kym said...

very pretty! i love how shiny and shimmery it is!! <3

sophia said...

Oooh I love that bottom photo!! Pretty!

That's really cool to hear about Jessica Simpson! She seems so cool and down to earth! I try not to judge any celebrities. The only quotes I believe (and even then, with a grain of salt) are the ones from sit-down interviews (other quotes are usually taken out of context). And photos of them...I feel so bad for them when they get candid photos taken... we have the option of photoshopping our not so nice photos, or deleting the ones we don't like of ourselves, but they don't have that option :(

StuddedLilly said...

liking those sheer shimmering lids!


Naina Sethi said...

you know what, you blog just alleviated my stress! it..great job !
i write for a fashion blog and think that you should follow

Musicalhouses said...

Wow, your post just made me want that cream shadow! It looks absolutely gorgeous on you!

eki said...

Hai~thank you for the sweet message!<3 your are so CUTE!!! love your lips super kawaii<3

your blog is so cute also nice to meet you!<3 :D

Cyd said...

omggggggggggg it looks super duper duper duper pretty. i should deff pick one of these babe up sometime but walmart is so far away from me urgggggggg Stay Gorgeous!!! I hope you'll have an amazing day. take care

Love, Cydia

sophia said...

How cool another size 5er ^_^ I was just telling another blogger that we should open our own shop for small feet girls!

I will def check Nordstrom rack - there is 1 about a mile from me!

kimber doll said...

Very pretty color, love how it matches your shirt!
Cute blog btw, I'm following now =)

Irene said...

@For the Fierce, Jessica, lovelyviolet5, Kym, Studdedlilly, Musicalhouses & Kimber doll - Thanks!!! I like the fact that it is versatile too...*love naturals* :)

@Sharlene - LOL...I totally remember how cool it was to own those gummy rings! I remember being completely stoked when I saw them at COSTCO in packs of 3!!! How did you like the eyeshadow compacts? I picked a few up the baked shadows at Wal*Mart yesterday and they didn't work out for me, so maybe the eyeshadow compacts are more pigmented?

@Khristine - I don't believe you couldn't pull off this look for a second! With the way you blend, you can do a MUCH better job that I could lol. Be careful on your trip to Wal*Mart! I used to live in Houston near a very dangerous part of town...just be careful and bring your hubby! :)

@Liana - Yes! Although not all the other products are up to par, I really liked this one. It does take some layering, but at least you can achieve the look you want with a little elbow grease hehe

@Naina - thanks ^_^ - I'm glad I could contribute a tiny-bit to de-stressing! I love your blog as well!

@Eki - Thank you so much ~ very nice to meet you too! :D

@Cydia - Thank you thank you much! hehe...I remember when Wal*Mart was at least 30-40 minutes away. :( At the rate they are growing, you might have one pop up in your neighborhood soon!!! Hope you have an amazing day too ^_^

@Sophia - YES, they have the cutest shoes and plenty for size 5!!! Stuart Weitzmans, designer shoes, all at cheaper prices! Sometimes I also fit into the child's shoes too hehe