Thursday, February 11, 2010


Seriously, crazy Texas weather.

I thought the sky was so lovely & brilliant & blue yesterday, so I took a picture:

Day 1

Then I wake up the next morning -- just like a fairytale, my world is *transformed*

Day 2



It's soooo pretty! I can't wait to bundle up and go outside and play!!! Will post some pictures of the rare Texas snow upclose later!


Jessica Mai : said...

OMGOSH! Thats insane!

The winter Olympics are about to happen in Vancouver in a few days and we have no snow!!!

So, ship some over to us !! LOL

-Jess Mai

DSK Steph said...

wow! that's so cool!

Sharlene Kay said...

thats gorgeouss, like a scene right out of a movie!

Happy Valentines Day!!

<33 Sharlene

Kym said...

up until a couple months ago, i didn't even know it snows in texas! haha! can't wait to read more from your blog :)

Irene said...

@Jessica - Are you serious??? No snow in Vancouver but almost a foot in Texas! Haha please take the snow, I really don't want to dig my car out tomorrow morning!!!

@DSK Steph - You probably are up to your eyeballs in snow right now! I think it came a few months too late here...

@Sharlene - Happy early V-day to you too Hope you and bf get to go somewhere nice ;)

@Kym - When it snows in Texas, time stops! Even when it's just a light flurry, they close everything down. Also...I really love your blog as well - so inspirational! ^_^

LADYJANE said...

Damn that's so crazy! I swear everywhere is getting snow this year except for my hometown and we're hosting the winter olympics with fake snow.

audrey said...

that's a really gorgeous landscape :) you're very lucky^^ and the pictures are very pretty too of course^^