Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I ♥ Sweater dresses!!!

In my blurry-eyed-completely-exhausted-from-work stupor last night, I forgot to welcome jhezza to my blog! Also, Canadian-Snowboarding-Princess wasabii.cee! You make me happy!!!!!!

For the longest time, I have been developing my own 'style.' My problem is...I lov
e almost everything. LOL. I guess my style is I'll-know-it-the-minute-I-see-it because I immediately fall in love with things the minute my eyes meet something I absolutely adore.

I have *always* loved Winter fashion! You get to be all bundled up & covered yet still comfy & warm. Sweaters themselves are nice, but my number one Winter fashion love is the SWEATER DRESS. It is my quintessential Winter must-have.

**Pictures from (probably) my next splurge**

Photos from

These cute "heart" sweater dresses define me. I want one in each color, please.

LOVE sweater dress heart

LOVE sweater dress black

I really love how they pair everything with these cute slip-dresses. It is sweet, girly, and a practical translation of HIME style! The cute ribbon top + slip dress is all sold out though *sniffs*


Princess ribbons sweater plum

Princess ribbons sweater dress

These particular sweater dresses are kind of sweet and seductive in a less-is-more kind of way. Very sexy! Sold out in this beautiful heather gray! *sniffs again*

Sexy sweater dress

Sweater dress black

I have always been crazy over Argyle. This is why:
(Doesn't the model look kind of like Yumiko?)

Argyle love 2

Argyle love

Cute argyle
Sold out in the best colors! *tissues*

ALL items are available for pocketbook has been screaming bloody murder this month so ummm...maybe I need to curb spending. But...I do LOVE everything and I honestly never have anything to wear!!! :/

I always feel like I have to "save" certain outfits for special occasions. Why can't I just have a Sweater dress for everyday? It would make life so much easier. *le sigh*

Bunny sweater dress

Maybe I can convince my boyfriend to sponsor a shopping spree in lieu of big expensive shiny V-day gift this year? *devilish grin*


Sharlene Kay said...

ur pictures arent showin up on my comp=( but i love sweater dresses too! especially paired with some great slouch boots omg heaven!..

i dont mean to be nosy, but r u from los angeles?

<33 Sharlene

kechiko said...

Hehe yes isn't F21 the best? I had to stop myself from adding like a bajillion more items to my cart!!

OMG I luuuurve yesstyle! Hehe I placed like 3 orders to them in a week! I was so happy when I found out about them when I came back from Asia b/c now we can buy kawaii clothing here in the states!

Irene said...

@Sharlene - Fixed pics :) Oh...How I would love a pair of thigh-high sexy slouch boots! *opens thinning wallet*

I would LOVE to live in LA - but no, my big sis lives in LA (Santa Monica, right by the pier...sooo jealous). I'm a Michigan girl tranplanted to Texas!

@Kechiko - It is!!! Sometimes it takes awhile to find things, but you can really put together some crazybargainoutfits there! It's nice to shop online rather than elbowing other girls in the face at the overcrowded stores hehe

How did you like the Yesstyle customer service? I've never purchased from them before!

yumiko said... kawaii!
i've been wanting those bodysweaters also, but it's so hard to find it in the south.'s funny how you think the model looks like me. ^_^


Rena said...

i would love to be able to pull off wearing sweater dresses! however, maybe it's just my body...but i hate it when the dress forms my butt after sitting down...or that it shows pantylines...but i wanna get myself a sweater dress too since they're so cute! C8

<33 rena

DSK Steph said...

such cute girls! I wish I had their body

Angie said...

Sweater dresses ftw! I LOVE the ones with the ruffles :) Forever21 and H&M do carry cute ones that I have worn for my OOTD's

They're so comfy and kawaiiii