Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow in Texas - part 2!

Snow day diversion: Falsies, Wellies & a warm winter coat!

Faux fur coat

Pink polka dot rain boots that double as snow boots!


Outside...the snow blinds you!!!


My poor car -- buried!



Snowy branch


Sleeping early so I can wake up SUPER early tomorrow to thaw my car and drive suuuuper slow to work...*sigh*

A warm & bundled up *hug* for Kym her inspirational blog! :)


yumiko said...

aww snow already?!! that means a snow day in TN?!

RandomnessWithKhris said...

Wow Snow! it's so pretty! Love those boots btw!

I tagged you on my blog!:

sophia said...

Hehe cute boots!

Carmen said...

My school cancelled yesterday and today... haha it snowed alot in Fort Worth :)

sophia said...

Aww thanks you're sweet :) I looove leggings of all kinds.. my sis just got me some from target that have a gold zipper and studs!

I love your blog - so pink and girly !

Irene said...

@Yumiko - hopefully you get a snow day - you have been working too hard!

@RandomnesswithKhris - Thanks for the blog love, you made my day - seriously! Bad day at work today :(

@Sophia - they work well for anything wet! Every girl has to have a cute pair of rainboots ;)

@Carmen - Lucky lucky lucky! I wish we could cancel work but no such luck :(

@Sophia - Thank you so much - I loved your photoshoot! I need to buy more leggings, they go so well with sweater dresses :)

Kate Gene said...

You live in such an nice looking neighborhood!

That picture of you with your hoodie up is SO cute! I love your boots, too! I need to get a pair. I live in Seattle for heaven's sake! LOL!


Irene said...

@ Kate Gene - Thank you so much! The boots are just an old pair I had from college, but they held up incredibly well. I can totally see you rocking a cute pair of boots though, you always look so put-together!

Is Seattle's rainy season coming up? I hear you guys do get crazy amounts of rain x_x Hope your move was rain-free and smooth!