Friday, February 26, 2010

TheBalm Shady Lady swatches

I am SO EXCITED FOR THE WEEKEND. I always am looking forward to 2 free days after 6 straight days of work. *happy relieved sigh*


Now down to business!

I bought the following Shady Lady eyeshadows listed below (at least I thought I did! I forgot that I didn't purchase Jealous Jordana - #$%^@!)***see below for update***

TheBalm shadow review

Here are the following shadow swatches on my fingertips - it just took some light pressure to get these pigment-rich shades to show up! (No primer)

TheBalm Shady Lady

Shady Lady Swatches

Thebalm Shady Lady 2

*Update* - Bought it. *guilty eyes* :( + Risque Renee (navy blue sheen)

TheBalm Shady Lady Swatches 3

If you are a MAC lover, you will notice that Curvy Cami is a lot like MAC Trax, and Kinky Katie might be a bit like "Brule." You might not want to purchase them if you have dupes already!

I haven't played around with them too much yet (that is for tomorrow's lunch date!) BUT from all the reviews and from just feeling the shadows themselves -- they are super smooth and velvety/silky to the touch. The powder easily deposits onto fingertips/brushes and apparently, blends like a dream!

The shadows alone aren't cheap - $16 a pop at Sephora, slightly cheaper in Department stores. If you aren't near a Dillard's, the palettes (in volume 1 or 2) are a good investment - although you get less than a full size pan, the convenience of having everything in one place is nice!

Will post pictures EOTD tomorrow + Blush swatches review ^_^


Much for beautyrush101 (her site is very inspired!!!), Joanna, Debbie (love the FOTDs!) & Prince Charming! (Who btw, has very cute & candy-colored nails!)


Susie said...

6 days straight of work? I don't know how you did that! Crazy, hahaha.

I really like the color Sexy Stacey! Super pretty (:

lovelyviolet5 said...

Lovely colours!!Soo pretty!!!

Serena said...

I really like Sexy Stacey and Shameless Shana. Thanks for the swatches. =]

I was wondering.. what is the Make Up For Ever product you purchased in the previous post? I keep rereading your post [maybe I'm blind] but I can't tell what it is.

Katie Ngo said...

Lovin' the colors! I so feel the same way as you. Finally only get weekends off. So lets use our weekends wisely. :)

vanillabeanlatte said...

just blogwalking here! i love the pigmentation on these eyeshadows! how do they last throughout the day??

For The Fierce said...

I usually hate sheer glittery shadows, but those look so pigmented & pretty!

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

these shadows look very pigmented. i like shameless shana the best but they're all really pretty! thanks for the swatches :) xx

fasha comeback again said...


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