Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Walgreens - additional 15% off all makeup!!!

I just wanted to share some extra loooove (this being the month of love, passion & such) -- so since everybody here is considered by me a *friend*, you will get to participate in Walgreen's Friends & Family day on Friday February 12th!

Here's the (apparently very new-fangled and high-tech) way to get an additional 15% most items at any Walgreens near you!
  • Text: "Heart" to 21525
  • You should get a message back with "Walgreens Friends & Family Day! Friday 2/12 only. 15% off eligible items, 20% off Walgreens brand. Show this text coupon @ Photo or Cosmetics...restrictions apply. :(
  • Show this message on your cell/mobile device to cashier
  • YAY - extra discount for you!
I'm pretty sure Walgreens is only in the USA/Puerto Rico...sorry to my international Princesses. :(

Some of MY favorite items found @ Walgreens include:
  • *Sinful Colors* nailpolish - lots of super pretty colors at a very reasonable price
  • *Eco-tools*
  • ALBA - organic facial products - their "pineapple face scrub" -- smells soooo good!
  • Milani - Since this line was developed for darker-skinned beauties, the pigmentation is AWESOME. Lots of pretty eyeshadows, especially the sparkly "runway eyes" series!

Alba pineapple face scrub

**Happy Shopping!!!**

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