Thursday, February 25, 2010

Retail Therapy - Mall Haul at Sephora & Dillard's

Firstly, I want to thank all of you for showing such positivity & support over my work rant! Your kind words really helped lift me up...I feel so loved! *^_^* Further proof that you are not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well!


Today was one of my off days, so after bumming around the house for awhile, I decided to head to the local mall! I ended up spending most of my time inside of Dillard's - an 'anchor store' at the mall 5 mins from my house! It's very much like a Macy's...lots of fashion, cosmetics, homestuffs and the like. I found the most beautiful Waterford Bone China Teacups on sale for 70% with an extra 40% off!!!

Cute little Seahorse logo

This one is called "Ballet ribbons"
Ballet ribbons waterford

...and this one is called "Ballet Jewels"
Ballet jewels waterford

Kind of a random purchase - but they are so pretty, elegant & ladylike...I might just start a collection! :D

It seems like all of Dillard's is having an EXTRA 40% OFF sale this week! This includes Cosmetics!!! I kind of went crazy because I have been on the lookout for new smokey eye colors since I can't seem to find my favorite MAC smokey eye paletteanywhere ;_;.

One of the lovely lady bloggers I follow mentioned how much she adored TheBalm's Shady Lady Palette! I was thinking about buying the palette but I freaked out when I saw the individual shadows on sale at Dillard's for a fraction of the original price!!! (If you are near a Dillard's, swing by and check it out!) I swatched all the colors on my fingertips - SUPER pigmented, shimmery, soooo pretty! Plus, the darker shades can double as liners - which is a nice option. Alongside the shadows, another sweet girl (who possibly dropped by at the sight of me furiously digging through the shadow bins) suggested I try the "Hot Mama" blusher/shadow by TheBalm as well...supposedly, it's somewhere in between NARS "Orgasm" and NARS "Deep throat" ... can't wait to try it out!!!

TheBalm haul

Hard Candy Rock n Roll palette is going back to Wal*Mart. I'm holding onto the High Maintenance though.



They were sold out of the Korres Lip Saver Roller -- 3 pretty lip butters for the price of 2!!! Good deal...but all gone ;_; All the colors I want too! Eki has a nice review of the lip butters here.

However, I was able to swatch some of the blush colors from the New Tarina Tarantino line I mentioned awhile back. I reaaaallly liked the Parasol blush - so it came home with me.

Sephora haul

Tarina Tarantino compact open

The packaging is too cute!!! I love how the compact is nestled in a little pink organza pouch!

I will review ALL of these + swatches soon!

Before sleep, I want to welcome beautiful new bloggers - Summer (a beautiful girl with a beautiful attitude!), xbbkay (LOVE her nails!), Kathy (Irish beauty!), LittoMokaa (love your reviews!), Mimi, tiare, Rae, Candice, and Samantha of Saaammage (I love her reviews so much!!! Check out her Youtube vid below)


Susie said...

The teacups you got are too precious! Time for a tea party, hahaha.
I can't wait for your swatches :D

Samantha said...

Oh my thats me! O_O
The teacups are so adorable. I would love to see pictures if you decide to start a collection.

I'm super excited that you picked up a tarina tarantino blush, I've been pretty curious about her new products and the packaging is so hard to resist. I can't wait for your review and swatches of it. The color looks gorgeous! I sound like a kid in a candy store, so giddy :D

Thank you for the shoutout sweetie! Your so sweet ;) Repetitive right? lol

Zaharia said...
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Jessica Mai : said...

The teacups are darling!

& I love my Jasmin Korres lipbutter!! it smells sooo YUM!!

Im defs visiting Sephora soon for the Tarina Tarantino collection. So pink & pretty!!
Waiting for your review & swatches.

Jess Mai

Irene said...

@ Susie - haha tea party for 2!!! :) I love tea, but not late at night = caffeine overload HA! >_<

@Samantha - Yes, that is indeed you! I loved the tutorial...and if I'm in a glamourpuss mood, I might brave it sometime next week! I'll let you know my thoughts on the new TT blush ~ I'm a bit worried it's like every other blush I already the very least, it will look pretty on a vanity!

@Jessica - Nooooo you make me want Korres Lip butter even more! lol. I'll be reviewing the TT blush soon, it looks really pretty on the swatches, I just have to see how it looks on! :)

Stephanie said...

yeah, dillard's was having a crazy crazy sale! I saw those balms but most I saw were damaged! :( i almost wanted to get the nono hair remover until I tried it and it burnt my arm. I ended up getting a bunch of korres stuff.

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