Wednesday, February 17, 2010 haul & Day off!

Enjoying a day off of work today before a 6-day stretch...

Sometimes it's hard to decide whether to dress up or just be comfy on 'off' days -- today I went for comfort! Just an old pair of soft lounge pants & my favorite Peanuts t-shirt from Urban Outfitters! (my sister nabbed it for me for only $5 since she knows I love Snoopy!)

Comfy outfit
hmmm...time for spring cleaning... :(

There is nothing better than lounging around w/ Darren, cooking up a big bubbling bowl of Beef Golden Curry, and watching the Olympics/playing videogames all day long. *happy sigh* Escaping the working world feels so good!

Image from


When I returned home, got a package in the mail from! Such speedy delivery -- it was here about exactly a week from ordering!


Daybeauty package

Darkness haul
They were even kind enough to share a free sample of anti-wrinkle emulsion! I will have to see how to use it with the aid of a Korean friend :)

Ordered my staples ~ Darkness lashes:
  • Kma6 - most natural of the batch, everyday defining look
  • Kma7 - in between natural and dramatic
  • Kma8 - Pretty & dramatic - spiky look *reviewed*
  • Kma9 - Glamorous 'going out' look

Darkness Kma series

Will post more pictures of them on later!


***Super long distance hugs to Susie of Korean Sushi, For the Fierce, Jessica T, Naina of Enrapture, Dani of Let them Wear Gloss (cute name!), The One & Only Ekimura of A little bit of Eki & EkiLove, Adin_22 of Spoiled Rotten, Bunny girl, tkomulatta, Kimber-doll, & Beyond Me!***


RandomnessWithKhris said...

I Love comfy days and just relaxin! :)

nothing better than getting a package in the mail! those eyelashes look hot! :) i saw your other post about one pair - they looked amazing on you!

let me know how you like that anti wrinkle cream! :)

im gonna have to check out that website and see those lashes - they look awesome!

Liana said...

aw, i love relaxing in pj's all day...what video games do you play?

Katie Ngo said...

Hey IRENE! Thanks for entering my giveaway :] Good luck to you. <3 ohhh wow awesome package. :] I've never heard of that site. Looks like you got some goodies. & it came in a quickness! Love that t-shirt too! So cute! Don't you just love it when we have a day off from work? ughhh, I need one. :X

Katie Ngo

Susie said...

Mmm, I LOVE THAT CURRY! Hahaha. & those lashes are too cute! I need to get me a pair!

adin_22 (陳亞任) said...

I always love being comfy....and I have to visit that website cuz i so want those lashes....

awww....**hugs** to you too....

anonimous beauty said...

duuuude.. again i can't believe how much we have in common! i have that dilemma EVERY weekend when i am trying to pack clothes to go back to ny (i live in boston now b/c of work). LOL i'm always like.. i wanna dress up, but i want to be comfy and warm. haha yea that's why sweater dresses are the BEST.. stylish + comfort = problem solved!!

i never used fake lashes before but i've been looking for the right "everyday look" so i might just try those kma6 ones! thanks! =)

Irene said...

@Khristine - :) I seriously love the lashes, but just b/c I have just about ZERO lashes normally lol. From all your pics/videos it seems like you already have lush lovely lashes! Also, I'll def. post a short review on the wrinkle stuff since I am needing it more and more nowadays! :(

@Liana - I wish I had another one today!!! :( I am currently playing the Wii game "Zelda Twilight Princess" with my bf. It has been around for awhile, but we were kind of late to getting the Wii and are just now enjoying it!

@Katie - *Crosses fingers* :) I love this giveaway thing! I'm going to have to set one up soon too! Hopefully you don't have to work every other weekend like I do and get to enjoy this upcoming weekend!

@Susie - Yes!!! That curry is SO GOOD even though it could be spicier...even "very spicy" isn't that spicy. :(

@adin_22 - You should check it out! But maybe hold off until they have another sale -- occasionally they will have a 40% off all lashes sale, which is when I buy!

@anonimous beauty - lol I see you also have a love of -- yaaay! Love that site!!! I can't wait until my sweater dresses arrive - even though we don't need them as much here in Texas, I'm the type of person that likes to be too warm rather than too cold. My brother in law's family lives in Boston - it must be soooo cold there! Also in NY so you'll get more mileage out of a nice cozy sweater dress!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Hello! Just found your blog and absolutely love it! Those eyelashes look fabulous!

kimber doll said...

I'm having a nice lazy day off today too, and in my pjs I am!!!

Maickou said...

wow, i think i might just go and grab me a few pairs of darkness lashes as well... ah, so tempting

augustalolita said...

wow thats a lot of amazing lashes!!cute outfit!! very comfy looking!! and mmm curry-love japanese curry!! said...

oh i love fake lashes; i always wondered how many times your suppose to wear it for...

lovely blog<3!

Serena said...

You look really nice for someone who is just dressing comfy on her day off. And the shirt was only $5?! What a deal.

Irene said...

@fashionmeetsfood - :) I love your name! It sums up a lot of my blog too hehe...

@Kimberdoll - lol...I like how you mentioned your Pajama-d state Yoda-style! :D Enjoy your day off! ^_^

@Maickou - aaah tempting! But try to wait until they have another good sale - sometimes they are 40% off which is the perfect time to stock up!

@Augustalolita - thanks! :) And mmmmm...I am craving more, I just left a big batch with my boyfriend to enjoy. Wish I had taken a doggie bag for myself! - Thank you! Depending on how you take care of them, they actually last quite a long time. There are even videos on Youtube that tell you how to wash and re-use lashes :)

Irene said...

@Serena - *Awww...thanks* :) And if you have the chance, def. check out the sales at Urban Outfitters - normally their stuff is a little on the expensive side, but sometimes they have an extra 50% off of sale items which makes things super cheap!

Debbie said...

i see those lashes when i go to the city all the time! are they any better than other lashes?