Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Angelina Jolie inspired LOTD and Peking Duck

Yesterday was a day of makeup experimentation. I always wear the same makeup to work so since this was my day off, I thought I would have a little fun for once!


So I don't think in the faintest that I look anything like Angelina Jolie, but I DO love her sexy cat eye, contoured & defined cheekbones, and of course, full, luscious lips! Also, I think she has one of the biggest hearts in Hollywood for those in need. Her philanthropic outreach is really impressive!

Cat eye = Shameless Shana from TheBalm on lids, Revlon colorstay eyeliner, NYC Eyebrow pencil. I really need to start blending my falsies with mascara...Darkness Kma6s (falsies) and my brows need a trim :P I should've used extra accents at the edges for a more 'flared' look. I probably will next try!

Cat eye

Contoured cheekbones with MAC Harmony

Angelina makeup

The color came out a bit whacky and I couldn't adjust it quite right... :( So excuse the crab-leg colored glow

Angelina makeup 2

More natural lighting...still rocking the Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Sugar Plum Ice.


Okay done with camewhoring. :)


Today was actually kind of a big day too - my boyfriend was meeting with my parents again for the first time in over 6 months. The two of us have been through enormous challenges over the past year. My parents have had a hard time accepting the fact that Darren and I are seriously together - it is mainly a mixture of race and family socioeconomic background differences. For the longest time, I was torn between feelings of guilt, obligation, and of course, love.

After today, I literally breathed a HUGE sigh of relief - I am really proud that my parents have decided to come around on him. I know parents want the very best for their children - as children age, they begin to realize what they want doesn't always coincide with their parents' ideal future, thus the situation I found myself in with Darren. When I fell in love, I guess I wasn't really thinking of the things most parents would think of...perhaps it was selfish of me not to consider their wishes. I'm just happy that my parents are finally seeing him for who he is - a smart, hard-working, all around good guy that sincerely cares for me! (I really do feel like a princess sometimes...)

To celebrate, we feasted like Kings! Peking duck + spring onions & plum sauce

Peking duck


spring onions and plum sauce

Not pictured: Sea bass & King Oyster mushrooms, Sizzling beef and onions, Duck bone soup, Salted garlic chicken


The restaurant (Joy Luck BBQ) was located in a little mall with an Asian grocery store & gift shop. Seriously Hello Kitty Cutesy heaven!!! I also found THE CUTEST Totoro stuffed animal here:

Front! Wide eyed & curious
Totoro front

Back! Sleepy time!
Totoro back


LOVE for new loves Cocoabee & Harlem


3 more days until the weekend!!!


yumiko said...

the food looks so yummy. it is difficult to get the family involved in a relationship. best of luck. and i liked how you did a tutorial attempt. looks cute.

sophia said...

Holy schmoley I LOOOOVE pecking duck!! You lucky girl!

Love the LOTD! So smoldering ~ hehe!

I'm glad your parents came around... there's seriously nothing worse than when your family doesn't see eye to eye with you on something, and it involves someone you love. You want to please both sides and you don't want anyone to feel hurt... so good thing it worked out!!

RandomnessWithKhris said...

you are absolutely gorgeous! LOVE the look! very seductive!

and holy toledo! i love totorO! sooo cute that i giggled when i saw that! my daughter's loved it too! :)

Susie said...

I love Angelina Jolie & I am loving your look! (: Mmm, that duck looks freaking amazing! Ahaha :P


How fun! don't u love it having day off! I get to experiment with my makeup too when I'm off duty! (giggles) :D

Fashion Meets Food said...

Hello! I am new to your blog and absolutely adore it! I will definitely be following! Love the look on you too!


Carmen said...

I love that you don't cake on a lot of make up. I like the natural look. My parents don't even know that I've been dating my boyfriend for the last 2 years, yes, it's that bad. I'm glad things are working out with your parents :)

Jessica Mai : said...

This post of your includes many of my favourite things..
-Angelina Jolie
-Cat eyes
-Peking duck!!! mmmm

I can relate to your experience. My boyfriend and I are from different race. At first, my parents were very reluctant to accept our relationship. However, with time, they realized how much he cares for me and that is what matters most.
I am extremely close to my family, so I honestly dont think our relationship would last had my parents not opened up and accepted him.

& I'm very happy that everything worked out for you as well. :)

Jess Mai

LOLanne said...

yummyyyyy... peking duck is probably one of the things i can eat everyday and not get the least bit sick of it!

im glad your parents are starting to come around :) adjusting to each other's differences is hard enough on its own, buuut when your family doesn't agree with who youre dating, it makes it doubly hard on both of you in the relationship.

i dont want to generalize and say it's an "asian" thing, buuut my parents are definitely "racist" when it comes to the guys i date as well... not so much an issue now since the guy i've been with for almost four years is the same ethnicity as my dad... buuut i do remember my parents giving me a hard time in uni cuz i dated out of the asian circle =_=


Anonymous said...

Girl I feel you about the whole parents issue, my parents are VERY STRICT and have a hard time accepting that I even go out of the home for more than 2 hours...sooooo you cant imagine how they are about the whole boyfriend thing. As if right now my mom kind of knows because its kinda obvious when I come home with presents and such, she's a parent not retarded but yeah I really hate having to keep my boyfriend in the dark because what I want to do is shout it out to everyones face LIKE BAM! hehe but yea, I'm glad your parents are at least meeting him (: I wish you all the best with that! && TOTORO!!!! I haven't been able to find cute totoro plush toys around here, they have the really crappy looking one's which I HATE still on the lookout for a nice looking totoro...hehe but seriously those totoro's are super cute (; and the food looks amazing! & nice cat eye (; I love Angelina as wel!!!

misscindee said...

you're so pretty babe. i love how nicely shaped your brows are. mine naturally grow in a weird angle so i always have to pluck a bit of the ends and redraw them. what a hassle.

Irene said...

@Yumi - Thanks & Thanks :) I love trying out new things just for fun...or out of boredom lol

@Sophia - Peking duck is THE BOMB - I am so in love with it but I'm sure it can't be good for me. :)'s an attempt to be smoldering, I am so not sex kitten normally! And you voiced my feelings exactly...I love my family so much, but also, Darren. Different types of love.

@Khristine - Glad that you and your daughters liked the pics :D

@Susie - Thanks dear :)

@Sophie Wears - Most definitely!!! :)

@Fashionmeetsfood- Thank you so much!!! *blush*

@Carmen - I hope that you can eventually open up to your parents - it's very hard at first b/c you want to protect both parties. In the end if things work out, it can be such a relief!

@Jessica Mai - I can see EXACTLY what you're saying. If my parents still objected, I don't think I could go on. It would tear me up inside though - I just got lucky. I'm so glad things worked out on your end too! :)

@LOLanne - girl, story of my life :) It definitely is an asian thing, though some families are more open than others. I'm happy to hear you and your BF are going strong 4+ years!

@Michelle - feel the wrath of asian parents as well! Girl, you still are so YOUNG! I'm 26 and my parents still don't like when I'm out with my bf for more than a few hours haha. Thank you so much for the sweet words...where is it that you live? (so curious, with this Women Appreciation Day!)

@Misscindee - Thank you so much! My brows are actually wildly out of control right now :( <3 your blog btw :)

For The Fierce said...

thanx for the comment love.

Loving the look here, Angelina is so beautiful, I envy her big eyes, slim nose, plump lips. She's just perfect.

Oh & as far as products for my basic everyday eyes I use too faced shadow insurance (loooove that shit), forgot what e/s lol... & MAC fluidline = best liner ever.

Serena said...

Your cat eye looks great and your lips look luscious. I really like your eyebrows too.

I don't think it was selfish that you didn't consider their wishes. Well, I'm pretty sure you did but the heart wants what the heart wants. Besides it is your life, and you're the one spending your time and sharing your life with him [the person you love]. I'm happy your parents came around though. =]
I always ask my parents what they would think or how they would feel if about certain scenarios. I think they are pretty understanding and just want me to be happy.

The Totoro stuffed animal is SOOOO CUTE!! I love the his back side [sounded so wrong], the one where he's sleeping.

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I love the cat eye look. It never goes out of style and is very demure and mysterious :D You did a good rendition of that look! :) Very pretty! The eyeliner looks really good :)

Ah, the food looks so delish! I'll be following your blog :)

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

you're gorgeous girl, i think you did a great job with the look! and i'm happy your parents came around and things worked out in the end! :))

OMG you like Totoro too?? i ADORE him!! was my childhood favourite character and i still have a huge plush Totoro in my room :D so cute!!

Katie Ngo said...

Love this look, your so gorgeous! I missed coming to your page. Hehe. Sorry, I've been soooo busy. Have you signed up for twitter yet? I'm active on there. Hahaha. The food looks delish btw. I'm glad your parents accepted your boyfriend. Its really tough and finally its over&done with right? I remember when I had to go through that. Had to hide him and everything. Eeek. >< But yes, I'm glad your doing well! Take care. <3

yumiko said...

irene, where have you been? miss you.

Kym said...

i'm not a huge angelina fan but i must say her eyes are killer! and you did a great job with yours too!! <3

i was sort of in the same situation as you when my bf and i just started going out a few years ago. It was the other way around though, his parents were the ones who had a hard time accepting me because of race/socioeconomic bg, etc, etc (not that we're that different in race anyway...but its a long story) anyway... through time, they saw that i wasn't like the stereotypes they had in their mind and that i truly loved their son... now they've FULLY accepted me and they're even the ones encouraging us to get married already! haha! So i know the feeling.. both in the hard times and the feeling of relief. :)

LADYJANE said...

The totoro doll is super cute! Ahhh! Makes me miss my chinchillas. Thanks for sharing.

Seygourney said...

I just wanted to say that I completely understand how you feel, well felt at this time, as far as your boyfriend and your family. I am having this struggle as well. Did your parents ever let it go and accept him?