Monday, March 8, 2010

Review - Maybelline Moisture Extreme (Sugar plum Ice A12) and Another award!

I am going to preface this review with a fact. I am NOT a lipstick user. I rarely EVER use it because it feels uncomfortable to have stuff that isn't either aquaphor/chapstick/vaseline slathered atop my pucker. (am I weird?)

Also, I suffer from chronically dry lips. (insert Death Valley/Alligator picture) Yes, I probably need to drink more! But in the meantime, I have never worn lipstick before because of this issue. Ugh. Plus my lips are kind of weirdly shaped *embarrassed*

KoreanSushi piqued my interest in Maybelline Moisture Extreme lipstick when she posted about it being the only one she actually held onto after a mini-haul. It being BOGO (buy-one-get-one-50%-off) at Walgreens this week and at only about $5.50 a pop, I thought - why not? (2 for about $8 after tax)

Maybelline Moisture Extreme Sugar Plum Ice A12
It looks so pretty in the tube!

Maybelline moisture extreme A12 swatch
Swatched w/ flash!

Maybelline Moisture Extreme A12 on
On my fuzzy weird-shaped lips

Active power of a lip balm provides deep moisturization for voluptuous lips drenched in color. Non-feathering and non-bleeding. SPF 15 protection. (bonus!)

I this lipstick!!!!!! I have never said that about ANY lipstick before. It doesn't feel like lipstick at all - more like a light, non-sticky, hydrating gloss. No weird smell/taste (it is actually quite pleasant and a little sweet) Definitely my new HG lipstick. I'm going to check out the other colors now before this sale is up!

3/9 Update - Still love this lipstick although it doesn't really last very long. Reapply often for best results!!! :)


Thank you to the HILARIOUS, spunky and gorgeous Jessica Mai for this award! :) I feel so spoiled this week!

7 random facts time!

1. I love to paint.

"Two Bulbs" or "Bulbous"
Acrylic on Canvas 9/08

2. I was born with two uvula (sounds kind of dirty but it's actually the little dangly things in the back of your throat lol) My bf affectionately calls me "TWOvula"!

3. I still want to move to Hawaii one day! :)

hawaii waikiki beach

4. I speak English, a little bit of Chinese, enough Spanish to have a decent conversation, and am learning some Japanese! I love languages - so interesting!

5. I am a sandwich child -- 3 other sisters! (2nd eldest!)

6. I love all types of music. My all time favorite band is RADIOHEAD -- my dream to see them in concert came true a few years ago!

Radiohead In Rainbows

7. I am a dreamer! I would like to believe that we all have something big to contribute to the world!

I tag:
Sohpia aka Kechiko


Hello to Diana & Happy1234 (sweet name lol)!


To end, I just had to post this picture of the sky today. It had just finished raining heavily and a short while before sunset, the clouds parted and graced the people of Dallas, Texas with this:

Stormy sky

*happy sigh*


RandomnessWithKhris said...

i absolutely love you! haha i have dry lips too! will definitely check this baby out! :)

and i'm going to work on these tags :) thanks! it gives me something to do so my blog doesn't look so empty! :)

For The Fierce said...

you don't have weird lips hun... lol
The lippie looks great on you!

Jessica Mai : said...

I'm a fellow dry lips too :(
I also tend to stay away from lipstick because it makes my already dry lips look even drier. oy! not attractive.
This lipstick seems quite perfect. A must try!

& you loon! Your lips are shaped so pretty.

Thanks for the sweet compliments Irene! I adore you & Radiohead (so jellin' you attended their concert) =)
Jess Mai

Susie said...

Omg, yes! Don't you just love that lipstick? It really is what it says--moisturizing! & I think the color suits you well! :) Hahaha "sandwich child!" That's cute :P

Serena said...

I'm the exact same! I'm not a lipstick user and my lips are constantly dry. Like you, I think it's because I don't drink enough water. These lipsticks sounds great and it definitely looks moisturizing.

You're learning Japanese? Is it hard? I was thinking about learning a new language.

The sky looks so beautiful in the photo. Great shot.

- I think Konad is pretty easy to get a hang of. It took maybe 3-4 tries for me to figure how it worked.

Kate Gene said...

I love that lipstick! How pretty! I'm adding this to my wish list.

That picture of the sky is gorgeous. My family and I call it a "popsicle sky" when it changes colors like that. :)

sophia said...

Ahahaha that nickname from your bf made me LOL!!

That l/s looks so pretty on you Irene!! It even looks moisturizing on the swatch on your arm haha! You know, I used to hate lipstick, I think b/c I thought it was for old people and only came in hideous colors? But I learned that there are so many pretty shades, and it can drastically change your look my making a pink or peach lip!

Hehe I noticed the gradient on your photo! I loove it and I think you should put it back on your banner, hehe ^_^

And thanks for award!! I actually got that one before, and one of my facts was my arms bend backwards hehe and I even posted a pic of it :p

Stephanie said...

ooh, that makes me want to try the lipstick! I've only tried the pink please from maybelline so far. I'm not sure what you mean about the weird lip shape.. they look fine to me! but my lips are really dry too. I'm always picking at them for peeling.
p.s. the sky really WAS pretty today after the rain. I'm not from big D but nearby...

Carmen said...

I have horribly dry skin and dry lips not to mention ugly cuticles because my skin's so dry. meh.. anyways weather's been sort of weird lately but Dallas weather can be so nice. I love learning languages too. I speak fluent English and Korean, American Sign Language, and some Spanish.

Samantha said...

Hey hey hey... Your lips are not weird!
Mine are! But yours? Definitely not!

The review was lovely and amazing as all of your post are hun :)

anonimous beauty said...

oh boy looks like i'm gonna be buying this one too lol. i've been experimenting with lipsticks lately even though i never wear lipsticks like you. i guess it's the shoppaholic in me that likes to have it around JUST in case! and i have dry lips as well and hate them. they're weirdly shaped but yours is not!

sophia said...

Aww you played make-believe too huh? Yah... boy do I miss those carefree days ^_^

LittoMokaa said...

Yay! I have the maybelline moisture extreme too but in nude blush ^_^ It's my favorite everyday nude lipstick :D

jimin choe said...

Aw, happy sigh! I love those moments where you're just taken aback by nature's beauty... that picture is absolutely gorgeous :)

and you love to paint?! I do too, but I'm not majoring in it because there aren't too many fields I could get into... I'm trying graphic design now :/ but show me some more paintings! Maybe I could show you mine, though they're mediocre compared to yours!!!

and I just took a picture of my lips close up for the first time for a swatch... I never realized how awkward my lips look, ya know? it fits on my face I guess... but not alone?


yumiko said...

the lipstick look great on you. i also didnt know you like radiohead! they're awesome! my favorite song is creep

Irene said...

@Khristine - Yay for blog love! Can't wait to see all your facts ;)

@Forthefierce - Thank you! :)

@Jessica Mai - A fellow Radiohead fan? :D I can't wait until they tour again - the In Rainbows tour was just amazing b/c of the stage set up and well - Thom Yorke is just amazing live in general!!!

@Susie - Thanks so much for the tip!!!

@Serena - You should def. give it a try :) Japanese is hard, but if you speak another asian language fluently, it might be easier. The order they say things in (Subject object verb) gets some getting used to. The written language is -I'd imagine since I don't read/write Chinese- is easier since they have an alphabet. Plus if you can read/write Chinese BONUS b/c Kanji will really help. Ahhh...I am just starting, but it is really such a fun & pretty language!

@Sophia - LOL, your comments always make me smile! And yes, I DO remember your tag now, especially the picture of your arm hehe. :)

@Stephanie - Ooooh it's storming again today! I live around Dallas but not in it too, we just were driving around to shop that day!

@Carmen - WOW, that's a lot of languages!!!! So much talent :)

@Samantha - Thank you dear! And what are you talking about with your lips, they are always so perfect :)

@Anonimous Beauty - I actually really do highly recommend this one since it is not only super hydrating but pretty affordable!

@LittleMokaa - Oooh I will have to try that one too lol O_O

@Jimin - I will eventually post a few more paintings hehe - I'm not especially proud of all of them. :) I would LOVE to see yours though as I highly doubt they are mediocre in the least. I would've loved to major in graphic design had my parents allowed it - it would be cool to see your work in general actually!

@Yumi - Aaah I love it! Fellow Radiohead Fans Unite hehe - I love Creep but my favorite is "Let Down" off of OK Computer. :)j