Sunday, December 5, 2010

Winter LOTD for A Charlie Brown Christmas in ICE

Happy December to you all! :)

I thought I would share the lovely time I had at the Gaylord Texan this past week - since I am a huge fan of Snoopy & the Peanuts gang, my boyfriend took me to see the Charlie Brown Christmas in Ice exhibit.

I never miss an opportunity to get dolled up in new cute winterwear - nevermind that it was 65 degrees outside!


My outfit in layers:

Outfit of the day


With the Juicy vest on

Juicy hood on

...Purchased last year from

LOVE sweater dress heart


With the Juicy hood on!



Juicy Mittens

Juicy couture mittens


Close up of the logo button - which decided to fall off and get itself lost *grumble grumble*

Juicy Couture button


After getting ripped off with the $12 event parking, we wandered around like lost lambs for at least 20 minutes on foot. My coworker said it was off in a separate tent, I had no idea it was inside the hotel itself!

The complex is HUGE - it sits aside a decently sized lake and has a ton of different hiking/jogging trails.

View of the Lake


I wanted to model my outfit some more :)



The staff did a great job of getting the place jazzed up for the holidays - tons of decorations both inside & out

Santa in Texas

Santa & Co

My boyfriend said these were Juniper berries - I had never seen them in person. They look like mini-blueberries to me :)

Juniper berries


The Gaylord is a string of hotels that features an indoor arboretum - tons of trees, plants, and a little mini-creek that runs throughout

The Gaylord Texan - Christmas style


Finally found the exhibit - it usually is super busy but since we went on a weekday in the middle of the day, we almost had the whole place to ourselves. :)

Christmas lights

ICE movie

They shower you with snow after the film is over!

Real snow falling


I like how the entrance features yellow & black draping - just like Charlie Brown's classic shirt!

ICE entrance


It's super cold inside the exhibit tent so they make you put on these parkas that make you look 150 lbs heavier. ;_; So much for dressing cute! I begrudgingly put mine on, but turns out it was quite useful...(9 freaking degrees inside)

A Charlie Brown Christmas


Very first display was Charlie Brown & SNOOPY! I was so excited ~ Love his giant pile of bones next to the house, all in ICE!

My favorite puppy

Charlie Brown's usual chat w/ Linus on the fence - love the bright colors & the pink fence :)

Charlie Brown & Linus


Ice skating

Peek-a-boo view through an ice wreath

Peek-a-boo view

Snoopy getting ready to decorate

Snoopy setting up shop


What could be in here?

On to the auditorium

...The Auditorium where the Christmas play took place & a giant ICE SLIDE!

Ice slide

(We rode it, lots of fun - the parka came in handy)


Charlie Brown picking out his famous Christmas tree

The perfect Christmas tree


Snoopy's House - First place!

Winner winner

I thought Snoopy would be inside - no such luck :(

Snoopy's house


Singing around the Christmas Tree!

CB Christmas

Lots of amazing work and pretty neat that it was all done in ice - it went too quickly!

Time to go :(


Afterwards, we wandered around the hotel - and marveled at how ginormous it was. Lots of decorations, tons of families walking around, and at night the whole place lights up! It smelled like gingerbread everywhere too

Gingerbread house - real life


They used old gun casings for the Chrismtas lights - so very Texan :P

Gun shell lights


The carpet also has a decidedly Texan theme

Carpet at the Gaylord


So basically saved you guys $20 USD/person ticket and $12 parking lol. (plane ticket too for those outside of TX) You can thank me later, early Merry Christmas :D

Hope you guys had a great weekend!



L4pinkpetal said...

i love the yesstyle top haha, and wow everything is soo pretty!

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Aw Irene you look like a winter snowbunny in your cozy getup. I just got my first order from Yesstyle too...quite pleased. THeir models always look so freakin adorable it's kind of depressing, lol!

Grr on the juicy plate falling right off. WHat a bummer. That happened to me too...seems like a trend, hmm.

I never watched Charlie Brown et friends growing up, but the characters sure are adorable. You look like you had a lot of fun!

PS - how amazing is your can spy R&R blush on cheeks Lol!

Anonymous said...

wow it looked like a lot of fun!! so nice of you to share your charlie brown memories..:)

Susie said...

I love your sweater! ^___^ Girl, 65 is not that bad! It's been pretty cold here lately T__T like around the 40s! BURRRR! Those Juicy gloves are so freaking CUTE! Ahhh~

PrincessLisax3 said...

Aww you look cute & cozy. I want those mittens! Im celebrating my bday at the Gaylords this coming weekend at the river cantina restaurant. It looks soo lovely inside. I wonder if they do anything for Valentines. I went to the Alice in the Wonderland thing in Sept. Do you know any other good places to go thats nice like this around DFW?

s said...

Hi gorgeous! You make the CUTEST snowbunny ever! Loved the sweater, then when I saw the vest, the gloves, and then the SHOES I was like OMGGG! I want all those things :)

So fun to see xmas decorations.. it always gives me warm and fuzzy feelings hehe. Glad to see you enjoying the holidays!


Shop N' Chomp said...

Haha…thanks for saving us the dough and sharing those fun pics! Omg, if that were here I'd totally bring the hubs b/c he loves Peanuts…hee hee. You look like a cute winter bunny in that adorable outfit! Sorry to hear about the button falling off though. I hate it when that happens. Yesstyle always has so much cute stuff! I'm always tempted but I haven't made a purchase from them yet.

dblchin (double chin) said...

hey babe! u look awesome in all ur outfits!!! Snoopy land seems so fun!!!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Yes, I did try a bite of his venison! It was kinda gamey so I didn't like it very (Same reason I don't eat lamb @_@)

rae630 said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I'm a new subscriber to yours! What a COOL exhibit! Cute outfit! Thanks for sharing!

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