Sunday, January 24, 2010

How I waste time on the internet

Sometimes I wonder what people did before the internet... Before the dawning of e-mail, blogs, online shopping. I think those days were slightly more wholesome -- times when families actually spent quality time with each other, where men asked women on dates via (clunky, land-line) phone and not text, where people had to look each other in the eye when having a conversation! It's easy to believe our predecessors of the internet age were more well-rounded, talented, self-sufficient, and socially adept.

**Side note** This article in the Onion made me chuckle, mainly because it is absolutely positively 100% true. (sadly)

That being said, here are the glowing rectangles -er- sites, that I frequent regularly:
  • Celebrity Gossip - I swore off the really habit forming sites like & ONTD. You could read until your eyeballs fell out and there would still be more wonderfully salacious material to feed upon, just press "refresh"! Akin to reality television, these sites were my guilty pleasures until I realized how much time I spent enraptured by the glitz of those that I--in actuality-- was really pretty revoltedby. I limit myself now only to -- mainly because the 5 posts a day keep me informed but not engulfed.
  • - it may sound like an intellectual choice but I mainly visit to get a kick out of Obama's facebook feed and read "Dear Prudence." :P She's a hoot!
  • - Ever since graduating, this has been a means of keeping abreast of the latest from old friends
  • - For anybody with any amount of nerd in them...this place never fails to make me LOL at least once. The robot apocolypse, anything gaming related, Star Wars, geeky science-y stuff. Yup.
  • Blogspot. Of course!
  • Beauty blogs: Asian beauty, the many lovelies on Blogspot, Youtube
  • Gmail. Yahoo! E-mail. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.
Total time wastage: 4+ hours/day.

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to go join a GYM! I will be checking one out shortly.

Also to come: Reveiw on a few skin care products! :D I'm experimenting with the largest organ of the body this year...sounds scary (and as the pictures go up, it will be... ;_;) but hopefully it will be somewhat useful!

Good night Moon...

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