Saturday, January 30, 2010

DSK order - Happy necklace!

I was so excited when I returned home from work today to a pretty package waiting for me on the counter! Straight from the loving hands of Steph of DSK jewelry!

It even had this little cute cinnabon stamp on it!

I have no patience for these things so I quickly ripped it open thus revealing the sparkling contents:

So absolutely cute! She even included a little Disney Princess Valentine complete with heart-shaped lollipop! I liked the tiffany-blue jewelry box -- nice & classy.

Of course, THE best part of the package was inside the little box. WOW. When I popped open the cover--like a junkie ready for her glittery fix--I was immediately enraptured with the sparkle and glitz beaming and glistening in my dim bedroom lighting:

You can see the beautiful assortment of colors which change in different lighting. Against the fluffy white jewelry cotton, you can see some breathtaking blues.

Against my (unfortunately dry) skin, you can see some purples and yellows. I was really impressed with the quality & workmanship of this necklace. (I purchased "Happy" on an 18" silver fine helix) Not only do the pendants have a lovely diamond-like iridescence to them, but the silver helix chain catches the light and shimmers brilliantly whenever you move.

I this necklace. And yes, it is aptly named as it most definitely makes me incredibly HAPPY!

*sigh* Now I can sleep happy. :)


DSK Steph said...

Don't the hearts look Happy together! <3

I love stamps! I'm always on the lookout for cute ones, it just sucks that the pre-inked stampers run dry so fast :(

Irene said...

They are definitely so happy together! Big heart & little heart :D

I was really thrilled by the stamp...thanks for bringing this new little piece of sunshine into my life ;)