Saturday, January 23, 2010

Big Dreams

Lately, I have been having bouts of late night internet-ing -- I really should be sleeping hours earlier, but my mind is full of ideas which make it impossible to just relax. I can't wait to throw myself into projects of all kinds, namely, those involving my favorite Christmas present from the previous year:

Do I know how to use it? Yes. I've been teaching myself the basics so far. And when I say basics, I mean loading the bobbin and sewing in a straight line. ;_; It looks like a toy, but this particular sewing machine actually has claws!

Working this weekend so no time for fun yet, but SOON!!!

...Which reminds me of LOLcats...this is also adorable:

Gaaaaah!!! Love it. I wish my eyeballs didn't swell up like melons around kitties.

Good night! Off to (hopefully) draem peacefully before another full day!



Nikki said...

Thats such a cute sewing machine Irene! I actually got a sewing machine from my BF on my 22nd birthday. And since I'm taking all fashion courses, I have one sewing class. Its really fun to sew! & It's pretty easy.

just check out YT. they have every tutorial there. ^-^ good luck

let me know how it goes.

btw, I actually made a couple of dresses & pouches and posted them on my blog. --> i posted them a whilw back tho so you can look for it if you want :]


hkittygirl said...

I love your sewing machine!