Thursday, April 15, 2010

NorthPark Mall hauls, Shiseido, tokidoki, gelato +

*Very Pic Heavy Post!*

*~Happy Friday!~*

North Park Mall

To celebrate a day off after and in anticipation of a busy work week, Darren and I spent some quality time together -- at the mall. :) It was actually a joint trip since we were also on the hunt for a pair of good frames for his much needed eyewear update...(unsuccessful T_T)

NorthPark is a higher-end mall in Dallas. Lots of new shops opened up in the past few years to attract a younger crowd so basically it has something for everybody now!


~ Food court has a nice airy feel ~

North Park Food Court

I don't understand why they have CACTUS Gardens everywhere. Seems so dangerous!!! Darren thinks they are real. :(

Cactus garden

I actually like this cactus - pretty & pink!

Pink petite cactus


Paciugo gelato

I like Fruity flavors more than milky flavors ♥

Paciugo gelato flavors

Flavors: Papaya (Creamy & Smooth), Pineapple (Refreshing & Tart), Orange Grand Marnier (YUM)

Paciugo gelato sorbet




I started off my journey at the Shiseido counter at Macy's they were advertising for their bi-annual gift with purchase (GWP)! With the purchase of 2 items (one being a skin care treatment product) you get a free bag with 5 additional skincare samples tailored to your specific skin type!

Free skincare gift

The lady at the counter, Yujin, was super sweet - unlike many other sales ladies, she WASN'T pushy and was attentive & super thorough. She even took out this crazy machine to test my "skin-type" -- which surprisingly was healthy and not super dehydrated as I had suspected it to be -- I just have some redness in my cheeks that has been present since I was young:

Skin machine

Here she is with the skin-scanner pretending to Kareoke lol!

Shiseido MUA Yujin

After talking about skincare for awhile, she mentioned that she had worked for SK-II for a a few years, but has worked for Shiseido for more than 14 years - she really trusts their products as the line has been around since it was started by a Japanese Pharmacist in 1872! :D

Total haul: 2 items + Free Gift with Purchase
  • White Lucent Brightening & Moisturizing gel (for nighttime use)
  • My STAPLE - 34 Sun Compact Protection Foundation refill
Shiseido haul




I wanted the Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar, but decided against it last minute. I'm going to try to use up some of my regular lotions before trying out the solid type. Also, I was disappointed in being able to select things in person while inside of the store -- if you're ever trying to decide on products here based on smell, GOOD LUCK as the store is overwhelmingly saturated in one big scent! (they need more coffee beans)

Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar

Still went with the two other purchases, but was able to get one as a free sample!

T for Toes

Total haul: 1 item + Free Sample
  • T for Toes - Dusting powder
  • Free sample of Fresh Farmacy Cleanser




I remember tokidoki did a special collaboration with Smashbox awhile ago...didn't know they came back recently with a NEW LINE altogether until I heard a few other blogettes raving about it!

Tokidoki display header

Everything comes in a dizzying array of colors & of course, *adorable* packaging

Tokidoki display

Tokidoki display angle

I especially the design of the lipglosses. Very unique, sturdy & CUTE. This one is called "Strawberry Latte" and smells of strawberry syrup.

Tokidoki lipgloss

The top of each lipgloss comes with a cute character topper suspended in liquid and showered in sparkly cutout confetti

Tokidoki snowglobe lipgloss

The applicator wand is unconventional - a flexible silicone paddle-wand replaces the standard brush or sponge applicator

Tokidoki lipgloss applicator wand

The packaging was so darn cute but all the gloss colors are designed to be sheer - since I'm not a gloss person to begin with, it can go on hold for awhile. :) I regret not at least testing it out, but I already was making a big enough dent in my wallet...

Instead, I opted for something I would use more often. The Tokidoki Luminosa Powder in "Kabuki" was calling my name! Kabuki is a pretty, buildable, subtle highlighter. It was very much an impulse buy and probably a product that is easily 'dupable' - but alas, it was on sale!

Tokidoki luminosa powder in Kabuki
Anybody notice that the design in stores is slightly different than one featured on the website?

Sephora Brand

Sephora ColorPlay sign

One thing I wasn't expecting to purchase was the Sephora Collection Color Play 5-in-1 palette - a large sign caught my eye in the front of the store and the display looked so pretty - the color selection was ginormous!

Image from

What got me though was the POP OUT PALETTE design...unlike the Coastal Scents 88 palette (which I own but would never dream of traveling with) - the individual 'sets' of shadows/blush/liner pop out of the case and fit snuggly in a travel-sized case with mirror:

I love the fact that each set of 10 eyeshadows, blush & 2 lippies has a "story"

- Dinner in Paris: Grays and blacks
-Coffee in New York: Browns
-Shopping in Milan: Purples and pinks
-Tango in Buenos Aires: Blues and greens
-Clubbing in Tokyo: Baby blues, pinks, and yellows

Novelty aside, when the MUA applied some of the shadows to my skin, the results were actually impressive! The trick to these shadows is using a good primer - we used Urban Decay Primer Potion! The shadows she applied were pigmented, buttery smooth, and all around gorgeous! I know people have complained about the quality of the Sephora palettes in the past - but I was thoroughly impressed with the eyeshadow quality! (The blushes are more sheer and kind of hit-or-miss)

Sephora Colorplay sample

Sephora Collection Color Play palette

Total haul: 4 items @ 15% off
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion (I know it's 30% off F&F, but instant gratification + no shipping)
  • Korres Lip Saver - 3 for the price of 2! (Guava, Mango, Pomegranate)
  • Tokidoki Luminosa Powder in Kabuki
  • Sephora Color Play 5-in-1
Sephora haul

Maul haul 2


I am officially putting a hold on any further self-indulgent purchases (on behalf of myself and my super selfless boyfriend) until May!!! XD


More to Lisa Cristina & Wendycakes!


For some reason I am craving gummy bears. :P Have a great Friday! :)


Susie said...

Wow your mall looks so nice! I wish the malls here sold gelato! Haha. We're just stuck with frozen yogurt for now.

Tokidoki! Ahh<3 So colorful & cute. I need to go to Sephora ASAP! Wow that palette has such nice colors!

Nikki said...

Oh dang~ that cactus garden is crazy, what if a kid trip & falls on it? *OUCH!* hehe!

Anyways, lovely mega haulage right there? I really like the palette from sephora that you got. How much ws it? I have the CS 88 Shimmer palette as well & I agree, definitely not travel friendly. lol! I like the tokidoki packaging, looks soo cute & it's sooo funny cause everytime im at sephora my eyes wander everywhere, it almost gives me a headache because theres so much stuff I wanna get, I don't know where to start. lol!

Those gellato looks soo yummy! never tried them. looks good tho!

As for the lenses, I'd say, Blue if you normally wear neutral eye makeup & want your eyes to pop up more, definitely go with blue. But if you usually do dramatic eyes, then i'd say go with the grey lenses.

Heheh! ahhh its almost 2am, got school in a few hours. Ok, ttyl!


Rachel said...

Wow that mall has like everything! I love tokidoki ^.^ Such cute characters!! And obviously Lush is always a good buy ^.^ he he

miss-sugarbunny said...

ahhh im so jealous of your hauls! the tokidoki is supppper cute!!! i think im gonna get it online !! =))

sophia said...

Ohmygosh Irene you did some major shopping!! And that mall looks really nice! I love when they're bright and airy inside.

Have you tried SKII? I tried some samples, and it's really nice stuff, but so $$$$$! I almost got sucked into buying their $200 foundation... but I was strong and said no! HAhahaha.

I really like the TokiDoki stuff, and the Sephora palettes! I've never bought any tokidoki items, but I think their designs are very cute! I saw a TokiDoki hello kitty tank the other day, that I loved, but it was a tad bit childish for me to wear >.<

Shop N' Chomp said...

What a fun day at the mall! It's gorgeous there. Hope to visit one day. :) You scored some really great stuff! I really like the look of the Sephora Color Play 5-in-1!!

LittoMokaa said...

Omg Irene!! What a coincidence! I almost bought the same stuff as you during my retail therapy at sephora last night xD The 5 in 1 palette WAS calling my name I had to grab it LOLL! and the pigmentations are really amazing :) I did my first Lush purchase and I bough angel on bare skin and I <33 it! I wanted to try fresh pharmacy too but I'll wait until I finish the first one. The tokidoki luminizer is really tempting tho.. I've been looking for one lately.. =P Tell what you think of Shisheido's cleanser. I loved it and wanted to get it but it wasn't in stock :(

Nice haul :D

Liana said...

wow great haul! so i want to go shopping! that highlighter looks so pretty!

Caroline :] said...

Wow, that is one MAJOR haul, Irene! haha you weren't kidding when you warned us!! xD lol, it's okay though, you deserve to splurge and indulge every now and then! xD

you have such a nice mall there! I really like how there is so much natural light flowing through the food court area! It's so bright and airy, just like you said!

Yujin looks super nice, and that's so cool that she just let you take a pic of her! haha wow, I totally want to get my skin analyzed! that skin tester machine looks crazy! intense stuff right there lol xD do they let you take pictures at your mall? that's so cool because in most of the malls here in CA, as soon as I pull out my camera, a freaking security guard would come by and like warn me and be all pissy tell me i'm not allowed to photograph anything in the mall (and this is just the general area) & especially not in stores!! wtf!! :/

I've never tried any products from LUSH, but I really don't know what all the hype/rage is about. I went into a store before and sampled some stuff but I wasn't too impressed and yeah...the smells were REALLY overwhelming, esp. for someone like me who has a really sensitive nose (allergies) :[

That Sephora palette looks freaking awesome! I can't wait to see looks from you with it and swatches! lol >:D

Have a good weekend, Gorgeous! hehe i've been lazy/tired/busy, but will post soon! ;)

<3 caroline

Margaret said...

loved this post :D
love your blog too
great posts
stop by some time xx

SummerBabe said...

Lovely post and you got some very nice things. the ice cream look yummi!

I`m having a GIVEAWAY (Chanel Particuliere nailpolish, OPI, NYX, CG, H&M, Eldora false lashes, The Body Shop, Ciate,....) join if you like, all your readers are welcome too!

RandomnessWithKhris said...

wow that mall looks amazing! we don't have anything near me that looks anything like that (i guess i live in the ghetto LOL!)

i want to try shiseido products! tell me how you like your creams you got! :)

tokidoki so so cutesie! after seeing that picture of the pop out palettes.. i'm really thinkging about getting something like that! i dont even use my 120 palette lol!

ive never used lush products but sooo many people are raving about it im gonna have to try it! :)

enjoy your goodies!

Iyah said...

Hello lady! =) I'm now a follower since I see a lot of things we have in common = hello kitty! ahahah! I love that banner of yours. Cute cute =)

Ohhh the cactus is pink! I want! ahahaha :P Yay for tokidoki luminosa powder in kabuki! i love it! how do you like it? =) I wanna get the bronzer too =) I can't wait for your review on it :D looking forward to your next post :D

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Love the crazy haulage! lol :p The Sephora palette is pretty awesome! I like how all the colors are wearable and not all neon or some strange shade :) I didn't use primer in my picture but it would be smart to from looking @ your swatches. So awesome!

Northpark Mall seems like a super cool place to go shopping. I like the white lighting. I hate malls that are dim! The mall near my place is kind of dim or orange-y and it really takes away the shopping mood :p lol.

Did you ever use the White Lucent Brightening & Moisturizing gel before that purchase? I really want to try it but it seems a little pricey to just splurge o_o I currently use their eye cream which is pretty good. I don't notice any major difference but i guess it's doing what it should do :D

Tokidoki is so cute! haha At first when I saw their eyeshadows, I was thinking why is it so large?! The inside bottom is hollow and it seemed like a waste of space :p But now I see they have charms and all that stuff inside of it :) I agree the gloss is unique. Never seen silicone applicators before!

Sharlene Kay said...

beautiful mall && haul!! gelato? yummmm! oh man the toki doki stuff looks too cute i would prolly pick something up just to stare at the packaging LOL you got some really great deals=) i cant wait to see ur fotd using the 5 in 1!!

<33 Sharlene

Thu Hien Nguyen said...

I have the same Shiseido products. Unfotunately it seems like I'm a bit allergic to it.

Serena said...

Hello Miss Irene!!

I was looking all over your blog to see if you had an email but you don't so I'll just respond to your questions about matcha right here.

I've actually never made it the traditional way. I don't have a mini whisk. Sometimes I try shaking it up in a mixer. It's kind of foamy. {*LOL}
I love drinking iced Matcha tea. {*YUM} That's actually how I got hook. I got a cup from this Japanese supermarket and it was so good.

Email me your address! I'll send you some stuff after I stock up. I actually used all of my matcha mixes recently so I'm matcha-less at the moment. =(

<3 Serena.

Serena said...

Whoa! I just noticed my comment for this post never showed up. How weird... I totally remember reading this post and typing up a long comment. {*GRRR} at my internet. It must have been the day my internet was going bonkers...

Anyways... I remember reading this post really really REALLY made me want to go to the mall. Sadly I still haven't gone. The food court at your mall is so pretty. The ones at my local malls are... *thumbs down.
So sweet of your bf to go with you. I usually have to break my bf's arm to make him go to the mall with me. {*LOL} He never cares to go to the malls. Is it me or do guys rarely ever try on the clothes they buy? They just look at it, put it ontop to see if it fits and then purchase it. Maybe that's just my bf... idk.

I totally agree with you on those cactus. What if someone one accidentally trip and fall on them?! {*Ouch} That's going to hurt.

I had gelato last night!! But none of the flavors you got. Papaya and Pineapple sounds sooooo good. I love the fruity flavors the most.

Looks like you did MAJOR damage at the Shiseido stand, LUSH and Sephora.
That machine she took out looks so cool! I wish an SA would test my skin out for me. I feel like all the SAs at the mall closest to me are horrible. They don't even help you. They just stand there and stare. Horrible customer service.
The Sephora palette is so cool. I think that's nifty how you can pop out part of the palette and put it into a to go one. I wish Coastal Scents had something like that. {*LOL} the 88 palette is freaking huge.

PS. I've always loved the music on your blog. Very soothing and relaxing. =]

<3 Serena.

Kym said...

pink cactus?!? i've never seen one before but its kinda cute... looks so harmless. hahaha! how deceiving eh?

and ahhh... gelato... i love love love it! i have it at least 2 or 3 times a week! haha! But that gelato place looks so posh! I think its the lights and the blue walls. gorgeous!

Gotta love tokidoki too! the splashes of color everywhere is awesome! i've been wanting a tokidoki iphone cover but the shipping to canada costs more than the item itself. haha!

Pop Champagne said...

omg I didn't know tokidoki has make up in sephora now!? That's awesome! I'm so going down there this weekend! And I've been waiting for Shiseido's gift here but they haven't had a promotion for like ever... ehhhh. love the post!

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