Sunday, April 4, 2010

LUSH lust list & Vacation

Good morning and HAPPY EASTER to everybody! Wouldn't it be nice to have Easter Baskets for grown-ups? LOL...full of goodies like skincare, makeup, perfume etc. in fancy, cute, pastel-y packaging?

Out of curiousity, I checked out LUSH Japan's site - and man, is their gift wrap and such MUCH cuter!

The base packaging is the same, but this would also make a great Easter 'basket'! Love the Sakura blossoms, so pretty!

Speaking of LUSH, I have decided to take the plunge - and try out a few products. Too many gorgeous bloggers out there have already raved and raved about LUSH, so I think it is definitely time to give it a try! At the LUSH shop near home I plan on purchasing:


Image courtesy


Strawberry Feels Forever "massage bar"

Image from


And finally, T for Toes

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Of course, product reviews to follow. :) A good excuse is that it is nearing Summer time and I can already feel my skin changing - thus the need for a new skincare regimen/skincare products! I have combo skin that is oily in the Summer but with dry spots. This is my LUST list - different from my wish list because I really REALLY want these products as opposed to just kind of wish for them. So I'm actually going to do something about it ... I'll budget it in. ;)

Other things on my LUST list: Herrohachi silver girl neenja tee, handmade jewelry by beautiful bloggers in sidebar (can't get enough of the sparklies!), & Toric circle lenses in Gray & Brown.


I'll actually be off of Blogger for about 6 days for my much anticipated girl's trip this upcoming week!!! :D The plan is Skiing & Spa. I haven't had a true vacation in awhile, so I'm brimming with excitement!


Welcome to the lovely Willz, Coco, hizumiichigo, Jennifer, Bianca, Royal-beauty, LikeSamantha, miss-sugarbunny, fisiwoman, Aero Lantern, London's Beauty, Summerbabe, & Kay Lee :) Thank you for brightening my day!


Have a great holiday & will see you lovelies soon! I plan on finally getting around to reviewing LOTS of products when I return - so much to do!



LOLanne said...

have fun at your getaway!!! i cant wait for mine... i leave next week for the dominican republic! first trip with the bf too sooo im doubly excited :) hehe

i agree with you on the packaging... not just for lush, buuut all the other brands that sell products in both north america and asia, their packaging seem to be "better" and cuter in asia!!


Edna said...

Fresh Farmacy from lush is an amazing product

xbbkay said...

the strawberry massage bar looks soo cute, and YUMMI?? LOL . i want it now. Please do a review when you get back. and hAVE FUN on your GETAWAY. the spa and sking idea sounds like so much FUNN :D I Hope you have lots of fun with the girlies. ;) <3 Take care

London's-beauty said...

the wrap looks so cute!!
aww love lush, havent tried i b4, but will do!

Jen said...

Oooh, I JUST bought that strawberry massage bar last week and I have been loving it! It's the perfect texture of not too much slip that it evaporates but it's enough for a really nice shoulder massage. :D

Susie said...

Wow their packaging is WAY cuter! I love the first one, so pink & pretty! Have fun on your vacation! :)


i love sakuras too! and the strawberry massage bar looks fun to try :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

The strawberry bar looks soo cute! Have fun on your trip =D

Miss Nikka said...

Have a great trip! I'll look out for your reviews..the strawberry bar looks yummy..haha! Ive heard so many good reviews on fresh pharmacy..making me want to try it!

Happy easter!

Cyd said...

Damnnnnnnnnnn Awesome....strawberry massage bar looks cute hahahaha i haven't try Lush yet =[ maybe I shouldd

and T for Toes sounds kinda cool but what exactly is it for? put some on before u wear ur shoe?!!?

Serena said...

LUSH is the besttt!!! I was actually supposed to pick up a new moisturizer. I just finished Enzymion. I find that it works better with the tea tree toner than the breathe of fresh air toner.
I use Fresh Farmacy!! Works pretty well but some nights I feel like it's too gentle.
The strawberry massage bar looks like it would smell yummy.

Loved to hear your input on these products!! Let us know how they work for you. You made a good point about how the weather is changing which means skin regimens should be changing soon too.

Have fun on your skiing & spa trip!! Sounds like so much fun and relaxing. You're making me want to go boarding before the season is over.

<3 Serena.

Angelique said...

That strawberry massage looks so cute!!

BTW I love love love that Fresh Farmacy cleanser.

I saw that first sakura packaging at one of the stores here in CA. I was tempted to just get it for the box!! hahaha ;p

Enjoy your vacation :]

jimin choe said...

ooooooo a skiing & spa vacation with the girls?! funnnnnnnn :D I need one of those vacations lol

and I haven't bought a single item from Lush for myself, I bought my mom a gift set for christmas but nothing for me! I see alot of bloggers raving about lush but I just haven't had the irresistible urge to go out and get something- yet!

I hope you have fun on your vacation and have a great week!


sophia said...

Aww have lots of fun on your trip!! Will miss seeing your lovely posts ^_^

You know what's funny ~ the weather doesn't change too much in San Francisco, so my skin is pretty much the same year round haha. I wish we had a real summer!

Stephanie said...

i had mixed feelings on my lush stuff. I plan on doing a review later. hope you like your picks and have a great vacation! :)

*Anita* said...

i'm loving the soft pink colour of these soaps! i didn't even know they had Lush in Japan but you're right, their pkging is much cuter! i like the sakura blossoms on their wrapping <3

i'm so behind on blog-reading and commenting but about the Shell Pearl beauty powder, i have heard that its a repromotion from a previous collection.. although i'm not sure which one exactly! it really is a lovely highlighter colour :) xx

Really Petite said...

I gave you a blog award!!

Please check it out when you have a chance:

Rachel said...

I love Lush so much ^^ I actually just did a post on a few of my must-haves from Lush!! I can't go near the place without buying something XP

Can't wait to hear your reviews! I haven't tried those products yet! I have tried a different massage bar ~ a chocolate heart one ~ and thought it was amazing! Hope you get the same pleasant results with yours ♥

Alyssamae. said...

Love your lush lust list! The strawberry feels forever bar looks deelicious! i have a blog award waiting for u :)

mr. pineapple man said...

Love your blog! I bought that hello kitty mirror/hair comb in 1992, cant believe they still have it! But urs is pinky and prettier!!