Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dolly Sunday LOTD

*LOTD from Sunday*

~*Happy Spring-time-y look*~

Sunday Dolly

Used a *suuuuper* light dusting of Tarina Tarantino's Dollskin blush in Parasol and my favorite self-composed MAC quad Also, Darkness Kma7s for a natural yet defined look and Maybelline Moisture Extreme lipstick in Born with it.

Tarina Tarantino Parasol blush

Mac palette


During my next break, I will be trying out lashes on the bottoms of my eyes - it supposedly really transforms the eye! I also (against my dear boyfriend's wishes) will be investing in one very expensive pair of Circle Lenses for my birthday. (TORIC for my football-shaped eyes, *sigh*) I am thinking about getting the Dali Extra Grey or Extra blue. (leaning towards grey)




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What do you think?


Tomorrow is my day off!!! :) Time to hit up SEPHORA (for their amazing 15% off sale!!! Online, use code: BI15 good until April 19th!) , LUSH, and the drugstore for some good lower falsies. Still lots of reviews to come!


Meal on Sunday - it looks fantastic but I have actually had MUCH better Korean food for much cheaper. A little disappointing, but still makes me drool when I look at it hahaha...

Soon dubu

Korean Seafood pancake


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Goodnight lovelies ~ À bientôt


SummerBabe said...

great look! Love that lipstick!

Im having a GOVEAWAY (Chanel Particuliere, OPI, NYX, CH, Eldora false lashes, H&M, The Body Shop, Garnier, Jill Sander,...) and youre welcome to join if you like!

All your readers are welcome too!

sophia said...

The beautymarked colors looks pretty! I'm curious to see how you apply them! The first photo in this post is gorgeous Irene! And your eye color is so pretty, and nice shaped :)

I like both lens, but if had to choose one I would choose blue! I think it's more fun, and I don't like subtle or barely there type looks when it comes to the circle lens hahaha. The girl with the grey lens has pretty eye shadow hahaha..

Your food pics... yuuuuummm!! I can finish one of those tofu soups by myself haha. Is the Korean food in TX pretty good? Or Asian food in general? I heard there's a large Vietnamese population, but that's about it.

Serena said...

What a pretty natural look. You look ready to sit back and relax on a nice Sunday.

Beauty Marked is such a pretty color. Is it a brown with a hint of red.. or?

I like grey! I feel like it looks more natural and it's easier to pull off with any colored makeup. I feel like if you get a blue... you'd only be able to wear it with blue,black and brown shades. IT would look kind of weird with red and pinks...

Have fun shopping tomorrow! All the sales going on and haul posts are making me want to shop. {*AHH!} I must resist. =X

<3 Serena.

Susie said...

Wow your eyes look super amazing in the first picture! Loooove it! <3 I really like the grey lenses! Ahhh, I wish I could wear circle lenses :(

Mmmmm, the Korean food looks so good<3 YUMMY :D

Angelique said...

Love the look. Very pretty & simple looking :]. I have Beauty Marked & I have to really be careful with that because it can come off so dark! That Girlie one looks really pretty too :]

The food looks yummy! Too bad you said it was disappointing.

I would so get the grey contacts! :]

ko0ty said...

Heybabe, you look gorgeous! I bought a couple pair of circle lens two years ago; they were yearly's but I only wore one pair once and never worn them again. I wish I didn't have "extremely" dry eyes. =(

The Korean food looks delicious... I love sundubu jjigae and the seafood pancake. Mmmm.

Rachel said...

You look gorgeous =) Very natural and pretty! You mac palette has the nicest colours ^.^

I'd be leaning towards the grey lenses but that's just my opinion! =P


Jimin said...

pretty look! I would recommend the gray ones because I bought the midnight blue color 3 years ago and it always made my eyes look.. sad? It definitely emphasized my eyes more but I looked like a crying anime character :(

gosh, I really want lenses but I don't think I can deal with the 1 month wait if I order online :/

i hope you're having a nice week!


lovelyviolet5 said...

I love the blue eyes and the pallete!!

Sharlene Kay said...

i missed you!

how was ur trip love?! the spa looks amazing & the skiing so much fun!!

i like the gray lenses(;

<33 Sharlene

Shop N' Chomp said...

Aw, you are soo pretty Irene! Love your eyes and kissable lips =D I like the grey contacts a wee bit more too. Though it was a little disappointing, the food does look good...hehe. Have fun shopping!!!!

Pop Champagne said...

your eyes are really pretty and your skin is flawless! I like the grey on you :D

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

i love the grey contacts! They look so mesmerizing! :)

Is that a seafood pancake? i always order that @ korean restaurants! I loved it so much once that I bought the mix and a bunch of assorted seafood only to fail miserably @ home :( I guess I don't have a big enough skillet or fire...whatever it is they have that I dont :p

I love the pretty eye shadow makeup too! Especially on the grey contacts one :)

♥ Miss Nikka said...

I like the grey will compliment you dark hair.

I love food pictures, but always makes me hungry. Looks good though :]

I already went to Sephora yesterday and took advantage of their sale. Make a post of what you got. :]

Caroline :] said...

I agree with Susie!! You look BEAUTIFUL in your first pic!! hehe yay i get to see a full frontal shot of your gorgeousness! xD btw, your eyes look AMAZING!! what lenses are you wearing in that pic?

I would suggest grey if you're going to invest in a pair of circle lens. I usually go for different shades/patterns of grey & brown because I find those two colors to be the most natural and extremely versatile!! :D Brown is just WOW pretty, like it will blend in with your natural eye color, so people will think your eyes are naturally large and can't tell that you're wearing any lens. Grey is nice for a very subtle *pop* of color--it adds mystery and a seduction to your eyes...very alluring ;P Hope my little suggestions helped! (I actually have regular Acuvue Color contacts in Sapphire, and my bf's mom said I look like a poodle one day when she noticed my blue eyes! WHATT!! A POODLE? WHY A DOG?!! -___-;;; sigh :[ haha...i won't be wearing those around her anymore! lol)

<3 caroline

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