Sunday, April 11, 2010

SCawaii April Edition Scans

SCawaii Scans from the April edition!

Again, I did not scan these lovely pics but somebody out there (whom I thank a gazillion times over) did take the time to do this --> . If you want to view the whole magazine, you can download it here.

According to the internet, this is a magazine for "adult gyaru" which basically means gyaru that have graduated from HS. (Not saying much for me, but I still am absolutely in love with some of the cute, light, & airy-sweet outfits :D )


Some of the basic trends that are continuing into the Spring/Summer:

*~Again, more sweet floral dresses~*



*~More cowboy and All-American inspired outfits! Time to break out my own boots!~*







*~And everything in-between!~*







*~Makeup is softer but as usual, TONS of lashes!~*




*~Holy Moly, even the adverts for PADS are so adorable!!!~*


Some more of the DOLLY WINK propaganda that I am slowly giving into...check out the before & after pics!!! (with circle lens = WOW)



The beautiful Leona Lewis got a page to herself!
her new song "My Hands")



Hope everybody had a great weekend!


Thanks for visiting to Nen, Taninhah, Anita & m1zz_8eauty!


Shop N' Chomp said...

Thank you for sharing these scans Irene....yay! :D I am loving this Americana theme. Makes me wanna go out and buy a pair of fun boots! Haha...I agree that even the adverts are adorable. ;) Leona Lewis is so pretty!

Rachel said...

Thanks for showing this Irene! Some of the outfits are GORGEOUS! Esp some of the dresses, some seem a lil pricey tho X(

V pretty tho, thank you! =)

Liana said...

i love all the outfits, and their makeup! i wish i could get my hair that light color that they have! thanx for the scans!

Susie said...

I love all their clothes >___< I wish I had them all! Hahahaha. If only, right! :P I can't believe how different they can look with just lashes & circle lenses! CRAZY. I really want some circle lenses :(

dblchin said...

japanese fashion is one of my favs seriously! I'm so inspired to do these looks for my youtube videos! thanks for sharing

sophia said...

I love the song that plays on your blog ~ the Final Fantasy! It's so nice haha!

OMG whenever I read my Japanese magazines I always want to dye my hair that light caramel color >.< It looks so soft and feminine and pretty!!! Great scans thanks for sharing Irene!!

drocks said...

i love japanese magazines.. i absolutely adore their styles its super cute and it seems age appropriate nothing too crazy or out of the ordinary! thanks for sharing

Milly said...

Your blog is just too precious! :)
Pink...girlie...Hello Kitty! LOVE!! :)

Caroline :] said...

Thanks for sharing these pretty Japanese mag scans with us, Irene! ^_^ lol i love looking at Japanese fashion & beauty mags, but seriously, after flipping through the first 5 pages or so, my self esteem drops to like -200 because I feel like I would never be able to fit into such a fast paced and highly fashion-conscious society they live in! I usually get lazy and dont wear makeup...imagine doing that in Tokyo where all the girls dress in & keep up with the latest beauty and fashion trends! I'd feel like an ugly pile of poop! lol *cries*

hrmm...I've noticed a recurring trend of denim+floral print dresses/skirts+cowboy boots+any brown leather accessory=IDEAL SPRING FEMININE OUTFIT! lol :P

thanks for following & leaving me love on my blog! ^_^

<3 caroline

sunniipinky said...

Hey sweetie, thank you for your follow and your comment! I'm looking at the pad advertisements and having an urge to giggle. I've never seen pads look so...hime-like, right? Hahaha.

Yes! I'm assuming you're from HK? I'm a bit of an "foreigner" when I'm in HK though...I don't have a foreign accent but I forget a lot of vocabs and I guess the way I act (like buy a massive amount of stuff in large quantities) sort of gives it away. But you know how "fast" HK people more, sometimes it sounds like someone is fast forwarding when they're speaking! xD

But anyways, enough about my woes. Thanks for the share of magazine! I see Popteen translated in HK (TW version) the last time I was there, now I want to go back and see if there are others that are translated, it helps with the makeup tips, I find. & Jap magazines has SUCH kawaii spreads~~

For The Fierce said...

Thank you love for your support! & yes asian parents are the worse! It's all about respect, honor, & w/e bull crap. But heyyyy, we need to party & work! just as long as there is a balance.

& yes atleast I know my fam doesn't know about my blog so I can be 100%!!!


xbbkay said...

oh how i miss wearing a dress, sitting outside underneath the beautiful sunshine, drinking a nice refreshing shake.


how i wish summer was here right now!

thanks for sharing. these jap girls always make me jealous with prettiness

Irene said...

@Shopn'Chomp - Aren't the clothes so cute? :) The boots are so cute (I have a pair but it's b/c I live in TX :D) but it gets so hot in the Summer so not very practical unfortunately ;_;

@Rachel - Thanks! It seems like everything in Japan is expensive - even with the conversion from Yen!

@Liana - the light colored hair is so pretty! I'm so lazy though, I would never be able to maintain..., T_T

@Susie - You should try circle lens if you can! ;D Seems like fun!

@Dblchin - Oh please share if you do a look on YT!

@Sophia - Me too!!! But then I would miss my natural hair color after awhile and I think people wouldn't receive it well at work... T_T

@drocks & Milly - Thank you girls :)

@Caroline - girl, I know exactly how you feel! I LOVE the looks but I know it takes a long time to get myself lookin' that way, so I usually just forget it and go with an easy look haha. You are the furthest thing from poop dear, very gorgeous NATURALLY!

@Pinky - parents are actually from HK. I sometimes wish I was though since it would be nice to feel more connected to my roots! I hear Japanese fashion is big in HK though from family & cousins. :) Thanks for sharing your love on my blog as well hun, looking forwards to more of your posts!

@For the Fierce - Glad it helped, hope things are going better now!!!

@xbbkay - So poetic - and what I wish I could be doing right now toooo...*sigh*

♥TanyaMarie♥ said...


thanks for sharing the scans =)

Really love their fashion!
dang >.<


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