Saturday, April 24, 2010

Review: Maybelline Colossal Mascara Review (diamonds) and Sinful Colors Purple Diamond Polish +

Happy Saturday everybody! :)

Thought I would share my thoughts on a few products that I have been meaning to review for awhile. :)


First, Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Mascara - This one in particular is Limited Edition and includes "diamond sparkle"!
With the included $1 coupon, it was about $6-7 after tax

Maybelline Colossal Diamonds

I usually prefer falsies over mascara most days, but this looked like a fun one to try out (diamonds? sparkle? I'm there!) plus Maybelline is pretty well known for their mascaras.

First, I had to use the usual tools


Revlon Colorstay eyeliner (for lining and "tightlining"), Sonia Kashuk lash brush and separator, Shiseido The Makeup eyelash primer, Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express mascara, Shiseido lash curler


Here is the brush with and without flash

You can see hints of *sparkle* without flash
Maybelline Colossal brush

And you can *definitely* see the sparkle with flash!
Maybelline Colossal Diamonds brush flash

My naked eyes w/o mascara
Naked eye

And after 1, 2, & 3 coats!

Maybelline Colossal Diamonds coats

Side profile
...You can really see the sparkle up close...
Maybelline Colossal Diamonds side view

Finally, a comparison
Maybelline Colossal Diamonds comparison

Being a volumizing mascara, the formula is quite thick. My lashes, however, are kind of thin & sparse so it's hard to build volume without getting too clumpy or spidery! I had to give my eyelash brush a workout between coats otherwise I would have ended up with a big clumpy mess! :( You can still tell it makes a difference though AND it held a curl for well over 6 hours!

Overall, I felt like the mascara was OK - definitely not HG material. The formula might have been a bit dry since my lashes felt kind of stiff. The sparkle? Well. Unless people are standing THISCLOSE to your face, it really wasn't all that noticeable. People even might think you have lash-druff if they didn't know any better LOL!

Pros: Cheap, big fat brush, holds a curl well, builds volume/length easily
Cons: Requires lots of combing/separating, a bit drying, sparkle is barely noticeable, time consuming process.

Rating: (3/5)


2nd Review is Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish in PURPLE DIAMOND. Purchased at Walgreens for $1.50!

Here it is in natural lighting
Purple diamond natural

And with/without flash
Sinful colors purple diamond

I really don't think pictures do it justice. You have to see it glimmering & shimmering in person to really appreciate how pretty the polish is! It really feels like I am wearing diamonds on my nails! The glitter is superfine and catches the light in the prettiest way - I couldn't stop admiring my nails lol!

It's pretty, princess-y and subtle enough to wear at work - or anywhere for that matter! The perfect pastel-y spring-time color!

The pigmentation in this whole line is so-so, it really depends on the color you purchase. (The Neons apparently don't have any color payoff though they look nice in the bottle) I'm a bigger fan of more subtle colors, so this line works well for me. No problems with chipping yet, usually with a good top coat, this polish will last for weeks!

Pros: Smooth application, gorgeous shimmer/sparkle, CHEAP, lasts at least a week
Cons: Pigmentation isn't like the bottle color, requires around 3 thin coats for the best results, careful with the brush (picks up a lot of polish at a time and can be goopy if you don't wipe the excess off!)

Rating: (4/5)


Katie Ngo's Giveaway(s)!!!

Finally, the lovely Katie Ngo is having an AWESOME giveaway with not only one, but TWO winners! This includes either the items below OR a $40 MAC giftcard!

Maybelline Colossal Diamonds

Also thought I would try out this headband from my aunt. Initially, I secretly thought it was kinda fug - but after trying it on, I really like it!




Had the best BEST catfish I have ever had in my life!!! This Vietnamese place in Dallas is DELICIOUS ~ their signature dish is catfish - surprisingly, not even a hint of fishiness - super fresh and sooooo tasty!

You take fresh veggies...

Fresh veggies

...Add them to DIY Spring rolls + special fish sauce...


And then pile on tender, flaky, delicious pieces of fish, green onions, and fried shallots


The Vietnamese style "Fish Taco" lol


Lots of blogger love for Marissa, luckyfinds, Surge, Edwina, Sassy J'adore, Amasiah, & Cornelio!

Have a great weekend, enjoy the fresh spring air (smells like grass and flowers outside!) & stay safe!



Winnie* said...

Hi there,

Just wondering if you have tried the regular version of the mascara? and do you think the sparkle helps the lashes look longer? Thanks for the review :D

Irene said...

@Winnie - Hi dear :) Unfortunately, I have never tried the regular version...but after trying the LE edition, I don't think I will since the formula was too thick & dry. I don't think the sparkle did almost anything! Just a marketing scheme which I fell for :(

Serenie S. said...

Holy crap! I want that!!!
I had the CG Lash Blast with the shimmers in it. I loved it but it dries out too fast.
Only thing is I don't like the smell of Colossal so my regular tube never gets used.

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Hi Irene! :)

LOL @ lash druff! I tend to stay away from sparkly mascaras because I am so afraid of getting glitter all over my face and in my eyes or whatever it is :p I

I think the headband is really cute! I don't think it's fug @ all :D I love headbands! Wish I owned more pretty ones like that :D

The "fish taco" looks super good! I love Vietnamese food and I always feel their food is fresh & tasty. The catfish looks...WOW, so good!!! I love all kinds of seafood but I never see catfish in many menus! I love the DIY rice wrap things... and the fish sauce. I actually had spring rolls today @ my local Vietnamese place :) Freakin YUM!

Mmmm..fried shallots! They are so good in soup too!

Cyd said...

OMG, something about your blog it always freeze my laptop...2 times out of 10 times your blog will let me comment you lol... i guess i got lucky today hahahaha

1. did you mean the NYX lipstick or NYC?? I've never tried NYC before but NYX is awesome its not drying my lips..kinda even better than mac sometime i think LOL...very very very pigmented!! Ive like 3 mac lipsticks, Way to love, nude rose and angel. This three its a different color but it looks the SAME on my lips!!! && NYX sometime in the tube might look very alike but its so pigmented that its sooo bringing out the real color!! crazy!! yea im kinda disappointed with way to love and angel lipstick since everyone LOVEEEES it....oh well

2. I love your pictures from last post!!! Are you a model? You should be a model :D

3. your kitkats making me real hungry ive never tried any other kit kats beside the org one lOL...

4. Im DYING to try lush!! i still havent :( i duno what to get but T for toes seems kinda cool hahahaa and how can you get dree samples from lush??

5. the colossal volume express mascara looks AMAZINGGGGGGG but you rated 3/5 i guess its JUST alright after all i hate mascara that i have to do a lot of seperating thats annoying!! I had the org before it smells SOOO bad!! kinda drying too i think it was in my proj 10 pan post hahahahahaa anyways this is gonna be a long msg hope u like to read!! take care haha

Love, cydia

PetiteAsianGirl said...

I love the format of your mascara review with the 1,2,3 coats and before and after! I might have to borrow your format for my mascara reviews : )

Your camera must be really good ... you can even see the lines of contact lens! I love the level of detail.

ANd ...that catfish..YUM. It looks so friggen good and I'm sitting here hungry now!

Adeline said...

The LE mascara looks REALLY PRETTY!!!I would get them just because its glittery LOL Not sure if they even have it here in Aus :(

and... I loveeeee Viet Rolls.=P


Susie said...

Sparkly mascara, I LOVE IT! :)
I love that headband on you too! So cute!

Ahhh, I love spring rolls! I'm super hungry right now too & your food porn is not helping, LOL! <3 YUM!

Adeline said...

Btw love, I have changed my link from seeeeethroughbeautyeyes to :)

Do you mind relinking them pls? :P Thanks love

Angelique said...

Thanks for the review on the mascara. Not too sure about the sparkle since I would probably think it's just druff or gunk stuck on them. hahaha

I recently went crazy buying a bunch of Sinful Colors polishes. They are pretty good for being pretty cheap :]. I keep forgetting that I have them haha.

You rock that headband! Love the color and it is pretty cute :]

& yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy food! I'm getting hungry :P**

Shop N' Chomp said...

I want me a Vietnamese style "Fish Taco" now!! I adore that headband on you. It's pink and super girlie. =D Wow, where have I been? I didn't even know this mascara existed nor ever seen that Sinful Colors shade. Sorry to hear the mascara only got a 3/5. I do think your lashes look pretty in the pic though! And I love pretty much anything with shimmer so I'm totally digging that polish...hee hee. =D

Irene said...

@Serenie - yes! It's too bad that the mascara is so dry otherwise it would be much higher on my favorites list!

@Rainy Days - :) YES, the horror of lash druff! The mascara luckily doesn't shed glitter everywhere...but it is almost invisible!'re right, fried shallots go good with everything

@Cyd - OMG, I wonder what is freezing it??? I wonder if it's all my widgets on my page lol. I am still trying to figure out a good format, hopefully the comments won't freeze up too much? Oooh Yes, I meant NYX - I am so interested in their pearl eyeshadows! For Lush, all you have to do is ask for free sample of the things that come in chunks - like face cleaner and stuff. Unless you are asking for like, 10 samples, they will be more than happy to help you out! I am so lucky to get such a wonderful comment from the always beautiful Cydia ;)

@Adeline - but you have all types of other lovely products in Australia that you can't get here!!! :D

@Susie - would look great in anything sparkly at anytime!

@Angelique - YES, I kind of wish I had bought the one MINUS all the sparkle lol. Which Sinful Colors polishes do you own? Any recs? :D

@Shop n' Chomp - Oh girl, you can get those any day of the week at any time of the day in Cali :) I love how diverse California is - beautiful city with beautiful people. You should def. try out the polish, it's super cheap and it's really fun to experiment with all the colors!

Caroline :] said...


I cannot get over how pretty and huge your eyes are! hehe they really ARE doe-like and such a nice brown. I adore your eyes haha.

The mascara seems to do a good job on your lashes, but I can't see any of the sparkles on them!

OMG what a coincidence! I JUST recently bought myself 3 Sinful Colors polishes too! I'm really impressed with it actually, especially for being so cheap! haha I was skeptical at first when I saw them for $1.99 @ Walgreens. I tested a few colors out and then I just left. I went home, read some reviews, and then since it got pretty good ratings, I went back to Walgreens the next day and got myself some! haha I think I saw that purple there, and I thought it was really pretty! the only thing is that it's a tad too sheer. I agree with you how the brush picks up a lot of polish...I hate how it gets so goopy!

♥ caroline

Caroline :] said...

ahh! sorry for spamming! I totally forgot I wanted to add one more thing...that FISH SPRING ROLL IS MAKING ME DROOL UP MASSIVE PUDDLES OF SALIVA right now!! It looks SOOOOOO soooo good! I'm craving for it right now actually. It's not usually a dish I crave for, but if it's there, I'll eat it bc it's so darn good! hehe I think my mom and sis especially like's one of their favorites. lol :P

Liana said...

thanks for the review! i have the original colossal mascara and i actually don't like it that much, it also has a really strong smell! i like the nail polish, i just did a post about one of their polishes too! oh and yum, that food looks so good!

Eve Gore said...

Hi baby!
You are so cute ! <3
I like your style ;D

I ADD YOU +++++

if you want, can You me add :*

Phuong said...

looks nice! You are so cute!

Carmen said...

What is the "catfish" Vietnamese restaurant called?? I would definitely drop by if I get the chance. I have the same mascara, not my favorite but I like to wear it every once in a while. Thanks for the reviews :)

Jimin said...

MMMMM! I love making summer rolls at home (the traditional with shrimp, pork(?), rice noodles etc) with those clear tortilla looking things :) sooooo goood. gosh I need to try catfish one day!

and the mascara looks nice on you! i can't wear falsies (I've never tried) but I love love love my lashblast haha. and love your nailpolish! i have this super sparkley one too but it never takes well in pictures.. boo.

i hope your doing well missy :)


sophia said...

that headband is sooo pretty! I love it! And the food pics have me drooling haha! I love Vietnamese food and the spices and lime they use :)

Nice review on mascara! I stopped using it though, b/c I line my eyes so thick that it BARELY shows up above my liner >.< Falsies show up great though! I've heard lots of good things about the Shiseido primer, I do want to try that one day :)

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