Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Weekend

Hope everybody had a great weekend!!!

Whether single or attached, Valentine's day has always been my 2nd favorite holiday, not so much for sentimental reasons, but more for the fact that pink heart-shaped objects begin popping up all over the place! Target in particular usually carries a tempting array of heart-shaped dishware and kitchen gadgetry - I picked up a heart-shaped pink glitter bowl this year and am contemplating whether to use if for popcorn or blush. x_x

Makeup took longer than expected due to some complications with attaching my new lashes...I was pleased with the results and have my new Sigma Synthetic face kit brushes to thank for covering up my temperamental skin!!! (Will review brushes soon!)

Valentines Makeup

Diamond Lash - Glamour Eyes
MAC Holiday Smokey Eye Palette
Shiseido powder foundation
NARS blush in Amour
NYX Black Label lipstick in "Princess"

*Sneak peak of NYX Black Label Lipstick Review Part 2*

NYX BLL Princess

My BF took me to The Oceanaire Seafood Restaurant - it has become our go-to place for Valentine's Day it seems!

Red pepper Calamari with Asian Vegetables

Red pepper Calamari

Fruit punch

I guess my palette isn't sophisticated enough for wine. Or champagne. Or any alcohol for that matter! I don't drink very much at all if any...I sincerely wish I did since it apparently brings cuisine to a whole new level. *sigh* Our very enthusiastic waiter did jazz things up by bringing my rated G drink in a martini glass! (upped my beverage rating to PG)


New England Clam Chowder & Blood Orange Salad with Chevre, shaved fennel, hazelnuts and Orange Vanilla Vinagrette

The soup was creamy & brimming with tasty whole clams - the salad had yummy shaved bits of radish to balance the sweetness of the dressing

Clam chowder

Blood orange salad


"Forbidden" - Seared Hawaiian Swordfish topped with Jumbo Lump Crab and Forbidden rice in ginger butter

Mmmm....jumbo lump crab. I loved the sweetness of the meat and the flakiness - *still drooling*


Seasonal Mango Sorbet

Mango sorbet

The night was great overall and punctuated with hilarious quips from our waiter...I guess I could consider tonight's dinner "dinner and a show!" :) Afterw, we walked off the dinner by wandering around the deserted mall...although I had an itch to shop, it was actually good that everything was closed - my wallet needs a good rest after this past month!

*BCBG Maxazria Dress & Clutch, I.N.C . shag cardigan, Betsey Johnson Necklace*

BCBG dress

Dress back

*Subtle hints for my bf* :)


Tiffany Love

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentines Love


Beauty meets Kawaii said...

You look so cute!! Very Valentine's Day-ish :)

Kisses, Melanie

lisa said...

your valentines makeup and outfit are SO pretty.. you look gorgeous.. love the picture of you with your back turned.. you look so sexy! haha.

you and your bf are so cute together :)

Lily. said...

Hii, dinner would be delicious, hmm makes me very hungry suddenly! Your dress is gorgeous, I love that outfit you're wearing, and also your makeup.
You and your boyfriend are so cute!
Happy Valentine's Day Kisses

MartaDesign said...

Thank you for nice comment :)
Cute pictures :)

Elle said...

What a romantic night out! You and your bf are too cute together!

I love your BCBG dress, so vday-appropriate. And you are making me SOOOO hungry with the food pics. :)

Happy Valentine's Day

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PetiteAsianGirl said...

Irene you look stunning! love the hot pink dress on you and look at those sexy heels. Lol @ that huge rock.

This seafood dinner looks so tasty. I'm glad you guys had a good time. I don't do much to celebrate V-day but I can surely see how you love it as it's everything in your namesake : )

sugar sugar said...

you look absolutely amazing! the food pictures are so wonderful! :) happy valentines day!

MeiBelle said...

Both you and the food look absolutely amazing!! Haha I love the hints you dropped.

Happy Valentine's Day Irene!

Liana said...

aw you look so pretty! i really love your outfit and your makeup looks amazing...and that food looks sooo good!
happy vday!

Beauty Bag 411

Ping said...

irene -- you look gorgeous! so pretty. i love the pink dress, the lashes and that lip color is to die for. i wanna get that lipstick, but i'm pretty sure it won't look as fabulous on me!lol

Oreleona said...

yummy food!! and u look great!!!

TaTa said...

Your dress is sooooo cute! The food looks delicious! Your bf def spoilt you! Hope you had a great Valentines :)

DSK Steph said...

Happy Valentine's Day! You look so gorgeous in pink! :) The diamond picture made me laugh <3 Great photos!

Elle said...

awww how adorable! Happy Valentine's Day. You guys look way too cute together =D

Donna said...

awww! happy valentine's day! <3 you and your bf look so cute together :D

Shop N' Chomp said...

Oh my gosh, you guys are SO cute!! Love your outfit and makeup, Irene. You look totally adorable! =D *drools at food* <3 how you celebrated Valentine's Day!

faye lu review said...

HOT HOT super HOT dress!!!
OoOh can't wait for your review on the face kit brushes- i JUST discovered sigma brushes and AM in love. happy v-day irene - hope you were spoilt rotten!!! xo

derek said...

so precious!!!! the food looks delicious!!
looks like you had a lovely time!

Michelle Chic said...

aww... seems like u had a blast! u look stunning in that dress!

Anonymous said...

you look gorgeous Irene! love that dress on you!

thanks for the comment i am much better thanks!

oh I chopped up girly lashes from the pure diamond lashes line on my lower lashes but im using mod lashes on top :)

♥ 熊貓girl ♥ said...

wah you look so beautiful and the food looks amazing!! you must have had a great time ^_^

DonnaHsueh said...

How cute! :) And the food looks delishhhh.

Charming Vanity said...

Love the look and the NYX lipstick is sooo pretty! New follower here..


Fabulous Fashion Finds said...


You are so pretty, love the pink dress on you.

heartbreaker said...

you look so pretty and cute :D the pink dress looks adorable. :D

Natasha Fazli said...

Love your blog! ck out

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